10 Best Restaurants In Hvar-The Real Taste Of Croatia!

Among the Croatian Dalmatian islands, the island of Hvar has been famous since the antique because of its natural monuments, literature and culture, its important nautical and strategic position, and the richness of the various historical periods. Nowadays, Hvar is visited by many travelers thanks to its mild climate with pleasant summers and warm winters.

Tourists are attracted there especially by the island’s rich architecture and tradition, the Mediterranean nature and the animated nightlife.

Even celebrities from across the world started lately to visit Hvar. Among the rich historic and cultural heritage of Hvar is also included its unique gastronomy. You can taste the delicious plates in many luxurious restaurants on the island. So without further ado here are the best restaurants in Hvar.

1#. Dalmatino

The Dalmatino restaurant is dubbed a “steak and fish house”. Among the locals and visitorsDalmatino restaurant in Hvar alike, the place has earned an excellent reputation, being on top of the TripAdvisor restaurant list for Hvar.

Among its standout dishes are included the shrimp risotto, the octopus carpaccio, the excellent chateaubriand, and pasta with truffles.

At Dalmatino tourists will be impressed by the professional and friendly staff. Either before or after your ordered meal, they will bring you to the house a small glass of potent local spirit called rakija.

Dalmatino’s interior design is modern and stylish. Under white awnings, you can also enjoy an outside seating area that is candlelit. The place is very popular and crowded most of the time, so it is highly recommended to reserve your table in advance.

  • Sv. Marak 1, 21450 Hvar, Croatia
  • Monday – Saturday: 11.00 – 00.00

2#. Fig Cafe Bar

The Fig Café Bar is located in downtown Hvar, on a charming side street. The place offers a Fig Cafe Bar in Hvarfun and relaxed atmosphere where you can enjoy some interesting drinks and food.

The café bar was opened just recently, in the year 2015, with the aim to create a unique and fun café where customers could get inspired, lounge around and enjoy great drinks and food.

The place is creative and different. Everyone feels relaxed and welcome at Fig Café Bar.

Among the specialties on their menu you can enjoy a vegetarian breakfast burrito, fig & ricotta flatbread, pear & gorgonzola flatbread, apple and smoked goat cheese salad, vegetarian curry, chipotle chicken and avocado tacos, Mexican pulled pork with pico de gallo, or honey roasted root vegetables with hummus.

  • Tel: +385 99 267 9890
  • Everyday 10pm-10pm

3#. Black Pepper

The Black Pepper restaurant in Hvar offers Croatian specialties and a very MediterraneanBlack Pepper restaurant in Hvar menu. The place comes with a lot of recommendations and is rated very highly in Hvar.

The restaurant has been opened recently but has already become so popular that there is a nightly waiting list if you want to experience eating there.

For this reason, it is recommended to either has an early dinner or to reserve your table at Black Pepper in Hvar well in advance. The restaurant has an intimate atmosphere, featuring some little rustic tables outside. The food is based on local dishes and local ingredients with a modern and creative twist. Among their specialties are included meat with the truffle sauce and a “Seabass” dish.

  • Tel: +385 95 750 9790

4#. Lungo Mare

Lungo Mare is a little family restaurant in Hvar only at 10 minutes away from the city Lungo Mare Restaurant in Hvarcenter. The place features a pleasant terrace and offers great meals at very affordable prices.

The cuisine manager is appreciated as a very creative Dalmatian chef. In recent years, he was the winner of a few cuisine prizes.

The restaurant offers fish specialties, vegetables from its own garden, and fantastic meat meals cooked on a grill at the terrace.

  • Tel: +385 98 361 543
  • Veljka Kovachevica 20‬ | Hvar

5#. Alviz

Alviz is situated next to a parking lot by the bus depot. Despite its location far from the Alviz restaurant in Hvarharbor, what the place lacks in views it makes up in the quality of the plates served.

Among its specialties is included the best Bosnian grilled meat called cevapi. At the back of the restaurant, you can find a partially open air garden terrace where you can get a view of the wood burning grill.

Alviz also offers a delicious pizza with spicy salami and hot vinegar and a crisp crust.

  • Tel: +385 21 742 797
  • Mon-Fri: 6pm – 12pm / Sat-Sun: 6pm – 1am

6#. Konoba Menego

This is a traditional wine bar in downtown Hvar. The great atmosphere is created by the Konoba Menego restaurant in Hvarropes, oars, nets, farm implements, and goatskins.

The specialties on the menus include dry red wine from the family vineyard accompanied by various tapas such as Dalmatian pršut, Hvar anchovy pie, and marinated anchovies.

  • Tel: +385 21 717 411
  • Konoba Menego, Kroz Grodu 26, 21450 Hvar
  • Opens at 18:00

7#. Zori Restaurant

Restaurant Zori has already 60 years of tradition in delivering an exceptional guestZori Restaurant experience and creating great food. The place not only offers delicious food but also a unique ambiance, a great location and a professional and friendly service.

Among the specialties on its menu are included organic meat sourced from an organic farm in the UK.

Other Dalmatian specialties served are based on quality fish and seafood from the Adriatic sea.

  • Tel: +385 21 744 904
  • PALMIZANA 19, HVAR, 21450
  • HOURS: 11:00 – 23:00

8#. Hula Hula Beach Bar

The Hula Hula beach bar is named similar to the best beach dance floor, which will makeHula Hula Beach Bar the visitors have a breathtaking experience. It is merely a short walk around the coast from one of the hotels that are with history in the resort industry, Hotel Amfora.

The Hula Hula beach bar has also some unforgettable views of the sunset, amazing people, as well as the best solid music. Aside from these, it offers good drinks, good food, and good atmosphere.

The prices of the food are pretty much like the other places in Croatia, with specialties like Toranj snack, seafood tower, Toranj Morskih Plodova and snack tower. For the locals that are in-the-know, this is the best place to have a daytime party as well as just to go there simply for the reason of relaxing by the beach.

  • Tel: +385 95 911 1871
  • Open every day until 2 pm

9#. Giaxa

Giaxa restaurant is located in Stari Grad. It is recognized as a gastronomic place in Croatia.Giaxa restaurant in Hvar It offers local cuisine like the fish and seafood that are caught in the local sea, as well as vegetables that are cultivated locally.

The menu varies from cold or hot starters and categorized from sea or land, salads, and side dishes, desserts and snacks with prices that range from two to three digits.

As for the drinks, the restaurant has over a hundred of different brands from the country and Europe. A lot of these are served by the glass, though. Moreover, the restaurant’s staff is knowledgeable and energetic.

  • Tel: +385 21 741 073
  • ‪Ulica Petra Hektorovica 11‬, ‪Hvar Island‬ 21450‎

10. Restaurant Park Hvar

Park Restaurant offers total fine dining experience. It is one of the best in Hvar. It is located Restaurant Park Hvaron Bankete with a terrace surrounded by jasmines and flower gardens.

Its food is innovative and well-balanced, prepared from high-quality ingredients.

It caters special occasions as well like a cocktail party and family gathering.

  • Tel: +385 21 718 337
  • Bankete Bb, 21450, Hvar, 21450, Hvar

In Conclusion

These best places in Hvar are where locals and tourists enjoy whether to simply relax or go partying. The prices range from cheap to expensive (two to three digits, that is), depending on the place. However, the experience in trying these places is both enriching and memorable for each one.


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    • Hi there,

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  2. A very interesting and informative post for all the foodies out there who want to visit Hvar in Croatia. The restaurants listed along with the signature dishes of each and also the description of the ambience that one can expect gives adequate information to us as what to order and what to expect when we are visiting the place. The phone nos. given along with the address as well will help the travellers greatly.

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