7 Days Sailing Itinerary In Croatia – From Split to Dubrovnik!

Split and Dubrovnik are Croatia’s top classic destinations, and your 7 days sailing itinerary in Croatia will not be complete without visiting both cities.

What makes the itinerary so impressive is the fact that the route between the two cities is so full of fun-filled islands, islets, lagoons, and medieval towns, the sights and sounds of which are just spectacular.

While you could theoretically get from Split to Dubrovnik in one day, you will miss out on a lot of fun and incredible views along the way. You need to have an itinerary that includes the out-of-the-way tourist spots to fully enjoy the Mediterranean towns, lagoons, caves, and museums, among other things on offer.

Day 1 – Split

Croatia’s second-largest city is a good place to start your 7-day itinerary. You can conveniently get to Split by Croatia Airlines, which runs several hourly flights to and from the capital Zagreb. This is one of the best cities to experience Dalmatian life. The exuberant and always buzzing city achieves a perfect blend of modernity and tradition.

The city itself has many attractions, chief of which is the Diocletian’s Palace, one of the most awe-inspiring Roman monuments, and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Set against a perfect backdrop of dramatic coastal mountains, you can go on a ferry ride, or hop on a paddleboard, to appreciate this gorgeous city before you head to Dubrovnik.

There are numerous shops, restaurants, and bars in the old atmospheric walls where you can get to enjoy good old olive oil and wine tasting.

Center of Split city


Day 2 – Trogir

Trogir is a tiny but gorgeous city with knotted and maze-like streets set in medieval walls. It is a bustling and beautiful Venetian town fronted by a seaside promenade full of cafes and bars.

If you are a Renaissance and Romanesque architecture connoisseur, then this is a Dalmatian town with one of the largest collections.

Sailing from Split to Trogir should not take more than 2 hours, with a stopover in Slatine, where there is a Dominican monastery with a Gothic crucifixion on the island of Otok Ciovo. Ciovo also has some very good beaches and breathtaking views of almond and olive oil plantations.

The best sights in Trogir include the Town Museum, the Cipiko Palace, the Cathedral of St Lovro, and the convent of St Nicholas, which features an impressive relief of the Greek god Kairos made from orange marble. Impressive sights about an hour away that you absolutely must visit include the Blue Cave, the Blue Lagoon, and Island Brac.

View on TROGIR town

Day 3 – Hvar

You should sail for about 5 hours from Trogir to Hvar across the Lastouski Kanal and the stopover in Stari Grad to see a most impressive castle, the Tvrdalj.

Hvar has 13th-century walls surrounding beautiful Gothic palaces and marble streets free of vehicular traffic. You can explore the winding streets and see impressive sights such as the Franciscan Monastery & Museum, Fortica, St Stephen’s Square, the Benedictine Monastery, and, if you love some culture, the Renaissance Theater.

For the more active, you can sail up the southern side of the island, then hike inland to see the hidden beauties of the interior, such as scenic canyons, abandoned villages, endless fields of lavender, and ancient stone huts.

You could also go for some wine tasting, dive in coral reef caves, or rent a kayak or a mountain bike.

View on Hvar town


Days 4 – Vis

This Westernmost of the larger Dalmatian islands is also one of the most remote. Being so remote, it is relatively unspoiled, and hence it is the place to go to find authenticity, gourmet delights, nature, and peace and quiet.

Sailing for about half an hour to the south gets you to a rugged coast with several beautiful beaches, including the best beach in Europe – the Stiniva beach, caves, and gorgeous coves. While it is only two and a half hours from Split, I would suggest you sail for about 4-5 hours, counting the trip to Stiniva to truly enjoy the trip.

For some cuisine, you should sample some of Croatia’s best-known wines; the Vugava (white), and the Plavac (red) are produced from grapes grown on the island – there are miles of vineyards in the isle. A still-thriving fishing tradition provides some of the freshest fish anywhere.

View on VIS old monuments


Days 5 – Lastovo

If you thought Vis the epitome of quiet and solitude, then Lastovo is isolation come good. You should sail for about 5 hours from Vis to Lastovo, given that you have to check out the eerie Vela Spilja (Great Cave) in Vela Luka.

Modernity in Lastovo is virtually non-existent, making it the ultimate place to relax. Washed by some of the most pristine Mediterranean seas, this is one of the best diving spots on the continent in the calm Skrivena Bay. Nature walks on the island can be one of the most tranquil.

While Lastovo is a sleepy town, the island has elegant 15th- and 16th-Renaissance churches built in the Roman Catholic tradition. If you happen to be in Lastovo in the summer, be sure to attend the music festivals and the Carnival.

View on Lastovo island


Day 6 – Mljet

One of the most seductive of the Dalmatian islands, Mljet is one of Croatia’s crowning jewels. Most of the island is a forest, with the rest dotted with small hamlets, vineyards, and fields. Mljet is a tranquil oasis that had Odysseus transfixed for seven years, according to local legend, and we are sure he enjoyed it all.

The National Park has majestic pine forests and lush vegetation, ideal for the person needing to get away from it all.

Sailing to the North Western half of the island, about 3 hours away, brings you to the remarkably scenic lakes – the Veliko Jezero and the Malo Jezero in Pomona. A Benedictine monastery converted into a restaurant stands in the middle of the Veliko Jezero and is one place you just have to tick off your bucket list before leaving Croatia.

View on Mljet sea


Day 7 – Dubrovnik

You should sail for about 3 hours from Mljet to Dubrovnik, with stopovers in Saplunara for some quiet time on the beautiful beaches and sit down in Otok Sipan for some of the world-famous Sipan wine.

Whether you are in Dubrovnik as a first-timer or it is your 50th time, the city’s beauty and splendor never cease to amaze. I bet it would be hard to find anyone that would be jaded with the city’s baroque buildings, its marble streets, a walk on the ancient walls, or the endless shimmer of the Adriatic.

Ride a cable car up to Mt Srd and enjoy the views of the City Walls and Forts, some of which are the setting for the hit TV Show Game of Thrones.

Trace the rise and fall of the city by visiting the War Photo Limited gallery and the Dominican Monastery and Museum, which is full of artifacts and art; Kayak and snorkel in the deep blue sea – then take a plunge into the sea in Banje Beach.

View on Dubrovnik port



The pristine tourist destinations of Croatia make it one of the top yacht charter destinations in Europe. While most of the architectural and cultural marvels may last for a while longer, the environmental draws may not.

A yacht charter cruise from Split to Dubrovnik is one of the best vacations you can ever take, either as a professional seeking to wind down a family getaway or as a couple. This is a cruise that will guarantee nostalgic memories, not to mention the memorabilia that you could pick up along the route.

Do you know other places to sail in Croatia? If so, feel free to share them in the comments below.

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    • Hi Matt’s,

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