9 Best Anchorages in the Bahamas – Great Places to Drop Anchor!

Being one of the premier cruising destinations in the world, the Bahamas witnesses high traffic of yachts from around the world.

Attracted by its perfect weather, stunning island coastlines, and abundant marine life, the growth in sailing tourism has resulted in a sophisticated infrastructure for yachts of all kinds.

During my recent trip to the Bahamas, I was particularly keen to note down a very important factor for sailors – well-provisioned anchorages. Knowing well-protected anchorages with general provisioning and fueling facilities nearby can go a long way in making sure your trip is an enjoyable one.

In this article, therefore, I have penned down my list of the best anchorages in the Bahamas to spend the night.

1. Mangrove Cay

Over the years, sailors have preferred to anchor off at Mangrove Cay if the weather is calm and settled.

Most of the time, sailors can discover a lee from one of the sides. While the holding is decent, sailors would need to be aware of the current coursing through and around the key.

Crucially, anchoring off at the Mangrove Cay would allow sailors to reduce their sail to Green Turtle as they would not have to take a detour around the Great Sale.

Beach in Mangrove Cay

2. Great Sale Cay

For a long while, the Great Sale Cay has been a favorite among sailors looking to make the passage from Abaco to Florida or even further up the north.

The island itself is shaped like an inverted Y, offering protection from the west, east and north winds. The south, on the other hand, is wide open.

The approach to the anchorage is wide and fairly uncomplicated, although sailors need to be mindful of the shoal that protrudes westward.

Do note, however, that while the island here is picture-perfect, it is also uninhabited. Most of the sailors anchor here to wait for a weather window.

In other words, do not expect provisioning and fueling facilities here.

Great Sale Cay Island

3. Green Turtle Cay

Also known as the New Plymouth, the anchorage at Green Turtle Cay is located between the entrances to White Sound and Black Sound.

The anchorage is relatively safe during settled weather and provides protection from the easterly winds.

It shallows gradually, and you would be anchoring in grass and sand, although there are sections where sand is coated over

the rocky substrate. In terms of facilities, there is a lot to look forward to, including fuel, provisioning, fishing, bakery, restaurants, and banking services.

Beach in Green Turtle Cay

4. Whale Cay

Whale Cay has earned itself a reputation for being one of the most unforgiving cruising passages in the whole of the Abacos group of islands.

However, sailors can check out the anchorage at Whale Point, where you can expect decent protection from the northeast and southwesterly winds.

The anchoring itself is great in clear 8 feet of sand. While there are no provisioning or fueling facilities, Whale Cay is undoubtedly of the prettiest anchorages in the region, with some great diving spots as well.

View on Whale Cay Island

5. Marsh Harbor

Also fondly known as the hub of the Abaco chain of islands, the Marsh Harbour provides a whole host of services to sailors besides anchoring.

The approach to the anchorage is wide and easy, located as it is on the south of the channel. The bottom is mostly sand and mud that provide good holding, Sailors can anchor pretty much anywhere except the channel itself.

You can look forward to a whole host of yachting facilities here, including boatyards, marinas, restaurants, provisioning, and fuel services.

Marsh Harbor beach

6. Little Harbor

The inner harbor at the Great Abaco Island has been renowned for its great protection from all sides, although it does lack the room to accommodate too many boats.

On the other hand, if the weather is nice and settled, sailors can also try the anchorage at Lynard Cay nearby.

In addition, there is also the option of dropping your anchor between the lighthouse and the north beach if the weather is fair.

The anchorages here are close to facilities such as provisioning, bars, banking, fueling, and a bakery.

View on little harbor

7. Hatchet Bay

Hatchet Bay can arguably lay claim to being the best-protected anchorage in all of the Bahamas.

On the other hand, the approach to this harbor is relatively stiff, as sailors would have to navigate through a barely 80 feet wide approach.

The sheltering, to repeat, is excellent from all sides, and the harbor is also provided with free moorings installed by the government.

Regarding facilities, the town has a couple of well-stocked groceries as well as a few restaurants.

View on Hatchet Bay island

8. Rock Sound

Part of the southwest shore of Eleuthera, Rock Sound, has mostly been skirted by sailors visiting the Bahamas.

However, this is not the case anymore, and lately, the traffic to this part of the island has picked up. Sailors mostly have two options for anchoring, either at the Anchorage S at the government dock or northeast of the church.

The bottom is mostly mud and sand, providing excellent holding in 7 feet of water. Sailors can look forward to excellent facilities and amenities, including banking, bars, restaurants, bike and car rentals, and book exchange.

Rock Sound sun set

9. Powell’s point

Powell Point stands out like a small indentation on the coastline. The bottom is mostly rocky, so holding might not be the best.

If you care to engage the local fishermen, you can get a decent hold in one of the many crevices. However, this is not a particularly sheltered anchorage, so be prepared for currents and winds from many directions.

Beach in Powell Point

Where not to anchor

It is an unfortunate fact that the best protected and sheltered anchorages in the region have, over the years, been cordoned off as private property.

However, there are still many great places to anchor, and you should take due care to avoid anchoring at places that would end in regret.

In particular, if you do not have proper anchoring gear, then avoid anchorages with challenging bottoms. Similarly, avoid crowded anchorages if possible.

If you are also in need of provisioning and fueling facilities, then, naturally, you should avoid anchorages at uninhabited islands.


  •  Make use of superior anchoring gears.
  •  Use enough scope after careful calculation, including factors such as the tide.
  •  Take care to lay the rode in an even manner.

My Conclusion

As a cruising destination, the attractions in the Bahamas speak for themselves. However, sailing is as much about skill, equipment, and favorable natural elements as it is about exploring the expansive oceans.

Knowing where the safe harbors and anchorages are located in the Bahamas would make you confident about your sailing trip across this region.

The anchorages listed above are some of the best-known and are located on famous sailing routes. However, the list is by no means exhaustive.

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