Bareboat Charter in the Cyclades – Best Spots & Tips!

There are plenty of beautiful areas to bareboat charter in the Cyclades, which can make it harder to choose a route! Also, it would be great to know useful tips before you plan your next sailing adventure in this fantastic gem of Greece. In this article, you will find many helpful information about sailing in the Cyclades!

When is the Best time to Sail in the Cyclades?

The best time to sail in the Cyclades is in Spring, from May to Jun, and in Autumn, from September to October, the weather is relatively pleasant, and the places aren’t crowded. July and August are overcrowded, and the Meltemi winds are blowing strongly during these months. Sailors prefer to sail early in the morning to avoid the winds as it usually blows stronger during the day. However, it is not uncommon to meet the Meltemi winds even in Spring and Autumn, so take your precaution and pay attention very carefully to the weather! (

How to Provision the Boat?

There are two options available for provisioning the boat. First, you get delivered from the charter company. The second, you are the one who provisions the yacht. Be aware that it is cheaper to provision the boat yourself!

For example, you could end up paying around 25$ to 45$ a day per person only for the food via a charter company and just 15$ if you stock up yourself. If it’s your first bareboat charter, then it would be better to use the charter company delivery services because you’ll be so busy on the day of the departure that you won’t have the time to care about the provisions. I personally prefer the first option because when I go on a sailing holiday, I like to relax and enjoy!

Where to Sail and What to Do?

Day 1 – Alimos

Alimos is a charming village located in South Athens in Greece, which is where your sailing trip will start. On the first day you will have a short sail as the departure is usually around the afternoon.

Arriving earlier will allow you to enjoy a healthy lunch in one of the restaurants along the beach, have fun at the wet park Akti Iliou, or do some shopping, but don’t be late! Now it’s time to set sail to Poros!

Coats of Alimos Islands in the Cyclades


Day 2 – Poros

Poros is a small Greek Island-pair located in the Saronic southern part consisting of two islands that were built over two hills.

Where to Stop and What to Visit

Love Bay
Love Bay, as it sounds, is a romantic and relaxing, delightful cove with a small beach bar and some sunbeds to hire. This Bay is small, so you may not find a place in the afternoon.

It is recommended to come early in the morning, around 9 AM. The beach at Love Bay is clean, with shallow and clear water surrounded by pine trees providing shade. This Bay is absolutely fantastic for couples and families.

Boats in Poros in the Cyclades


Day – 3 Kithnos

The next stop is at Kythnos a lovely village situated between Kea and Serifos in the Western Cyclades.

Where to Stop and What to Do

Kolona Beach

Kolona Beach is a real beauty. It is truly one of the finest beaches of Kythnos. Fikiada and Kolona bays are separated by isthmus sand, which makes this place extremely unique.

You could go ashore, swim in the clear blue water, and climb the hill to explore the beautiful views. It’s a fantastic place to enjoy watching the sun goes down slowly.

Beach in Kythnos in the Cyclades


Day – 4 Serifos

After enjoying kithnos island, heading south, you’ll get to Serifos, a beautiful place to visit with fantastic beaches, a scuba diver center, monasteries, and charming villages.

Where to Visit and What to Do

Kastro Village

Kastro is situated in the eastern part of Sifnos and has a small church, a few bars, and a little souvenir shop. The view from the little church is absolutely incredible and offers a superb atmosphere. Strolling in Kastro village around the narrow streets and among all the lovely cafes is a real dream. So don’t miss it!

View from the Cathedral in the Cyclades


Day – 5 Paros

Paros is well known for its beautiful beaches and traditional villages, there are so many things to do on this island.

Where to Visit And What to Do


Parikia is a must to see with all the taverns, shops, small narrow streets, and a fantastic bay surrounded by magnificent beaches. Once you leave, you will always want to come back for more!

Panayia Ekatondapiliani Cathedral

If you are a church lover, Panayia Ekatondapiliani Cathedral is a splendid monument of history built in the 4 century; the inside and out are very impressive. The museum of Byzantine icons is lovely, and there is also a balcony area from where you can enjoy spectacular views of the Altar.

Old Port of Naoussa

If you feel like dining ashore, the Old Port of Naoussa will meet all your needs with bars, taverns, and shops around the port that create a unique ambiance.

Church in Paros


Day 6 – Mykonos

One of the most attractive and charming Greek islands is, Mykonos! This heaven is Well known for its dynamic and never-ending party atmosphere.

Where to Visit and What to Do?

Elia Beach

About 20 minutes of Mykonos old port, you’ll find an incredible sunbathers paradise called “Elia beach” a private beach with lots of watersports activities such as jet ski, snorkeling, scuba, and more.

Paradise Beach

If you are a party lover who only wants to enjoy music, good food, in other words, have fun, Paradise Beach will fulfill all your requirements.

Matoyianni Street

Matoyianni Street situated in Mykonos town offers a taste for everyone, it is blessed with shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, churches, designer stores, jewelry, and many other excellent attractions. Getting lost in this beautiful town will amuse you as there are plenty of great spots to spend times with friends or family.

Windmills a 16th-Century Monument

Don’t leave Mykonos before taking any memorable pictures of windmills a 16th-century monument, particularly in the sunset. The view is stunning!
Oh, when you finish taking some good photos you can stroll down to one of the exquisite restaurants to enjoy a Mykonian tasty meal.

Town in Mykonos


Day 7 – Kea to Poros to Aegina

As you leave Mykonos, on the way back to Poros after a few hours sailing, making a stop at Kea will help you relax and recharge the batteries.

Where to Stop and What to Do?

Koundouros Beach

Koundouros Beach is definitely the best beach on the island. There are a small bar and a restaurant offering excellent food as well as sun beds and parasols.

Water Sports

Water sports are very popular on Kea such as Jet Ski, Banana trip for children, and water skiing. The high season in Greece is in the summer, so expect the beach to be crowded, particularly in August!
Temple of Aphaia

Visiting the Temple of Aphaia on Aegina will be a perfect ending to your wonderful sailing trip. It will take about 20 minutes to climb the mountain, and as you’ll get up there, you will enjoy seeing the beautiful temple and stunning views of the sea. Don’t forget to take some pictures!

Boat on the water in Aegina in the Cyclades


How to Get There?

You need to take a flight to Athens
Athens is only 22 miles away from Alimos Marina. From Athens airport, you can get a taxi or a bus to the Marina. Some charter companies will include the transfer from the airport or vice versa into the charter rates while some won’t.

Where to Stay Prior Departure?

After a long flight, it often happens to want to rest and spend few hours somewhere before the sailing trip start. There are lovely hotels along Alimos Marina where you can book a room for the night. Prices are relatively cheap from 35$ a night per person. Great deal!



  1. As mentioned above the Meltemi often blow in the Cyclades especially in July and August. You need good sailing abilities to sail these areas.
    So, if you feel, you need the help of another experimented sailor, don’t hesitate to hire a skipper. They know the regions well, also, and they will bring you to the most beautiful destinations.

2. If for some reasons you anchor in Santorini, don’t leave your boat as the weather is unpredictable and may change quickly! You might find your vessel on the rocks:(
3. Check what islands are off limit in your charter contract so you can sail in complete tranquillity. If something happens to the boat and you didn’t exceed the limited zone, then chances are you’ll get your security deposit back if no other damages have been done during the trip of course!

 In Conclusion

There are many beautiful islands with a lot of bars, cafes, and restaurants that serve delicious local food and you will always find a great way to spend your time in the Cyclades. But before you sail in these areas you really need to know what kind of sailing trip and what period of the year you wish to navigate as it is more agitated there, thus, it is preferable to have good sailing skills!

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  1. I am somewhat familiar with the Cyclades and what beautiful pictures. I can see how wonderful it would be to do a charter boat. How amazing to sail into areas that are so breathtaking. I think that Kolona Beach would be a must for me, since I love beaches. What kind of expense would I be looking at for a charter similar to what you have listed?

    • Hi there,

      It is a big plus if you are familiar with the Cyclades, it helps a lot when going on vacation:)

      Yes, Kolona Beach is a wonderful place to relax and the view is absolutely fantastic!

      A bareboat charter is less expensive than any other type of charter as you are the one who navigate the boat unless you add a skipper or a crew.

      The price depends on many factors such as the destination, the duration of the trip, the type the length and the year of the boat. The only way to know the initial price is to contact the charter company you chose to sail with.

      I hope it helped and if you need more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time, we’ll be glad to assist!

  2. I have read other articles about tourist attractions in Greece, but you have offered a myriad of different and unique places that I’ve never heard of before. These places are beautiful.

    It would be troublesome for someone who comes from outside of Greece, to be stocking their own food on the yacht isn’t it? I personally do not mind paying the extra for a piece of mind. I am on holiday after all!

    Thanks and great article!

    • Hi Farhan,

      I agree with you. I would definitely have chosen to pay an extra just to have the merchandise delivered to the boat. There are a few advantages to doing it by yourself, but when it is the first time it is not so easy as you don’t know well the areas and the right places to buy goods for the boat, then it is better to use the service of the company.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!


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