Bareboat Yacht Charter In Croatia – Where To Start?

Croatia is situated on the East side of the Adriatic Sea in southeast Europe and surrounded by Slovenia, Hungary, Bosnia, Italy, Herzegovina, Serbia, and Montenegro. This country is just amazing with more than thousand of beautiful islands, tiny islets, and deep caves, lakes with different colors which vary from green to turquoise, gray and blue.

Obviously, this is the reason why Croatia attracts more than 10 million of travelers each year, and it is also one of the most popular destinations in the world. Sailing is a wonderful way to discover Croatia coastline, islands, and its incredible chain of small archipelagos.


Why Bareboating is So Fun?

If you ever have considered bareboating in Croatia, then, start to do it, because with a bareboat you can explore much more beautiful spots than you would have done, if you would have spent your vacation in a hotel.

Don’t take me wrong, hotel is great, it is just another way to enjoy a vacation, but instead of taking a bus or a car, you’ll be taking your floating hotel, which will give you the possibility to access to plenty of caves, inlets, uninhabited islands, and you’ll be able to anchor where you wish, in one of the marinas of your choice.

Book From Home!

In my opinion, the best way to book your boat, is from home, that way you won’t have to bother when you get in Croatia, everything will be organized in advance, isn’t great? Do some search on the internet to find a yacht charter company. They are very good ones to choose, so make your choice!

From Where to Start?

From my personal experience, Split is the best place to start your trip as it is situated between the North and the South, and it will be easier for you to choose a way to set sail. Either to the North or the South, but if you have planned to sail more than a week, with a good itinerary, you will be able to explore both of them!

SPLIT Take Some Extra Time!

There are about 1180 islands to visit in Croatia, so, for sure, you’ll find yourself a little bit busy and also will depend on your time and your priorities.

Trogir is a beautiful place to stop, and while you are there, you can visit the old fishing port, and the roman ruins, then you can continue to Hvar, which is a stunning little place to visit with its beautiful slopes colored by purple blooms.

Your next step could be in Korcula, and enjoy the spectacular views, after sail up to Vis, and unwind on its dazzling silver shoreline, if you have some extra time, make a stop in Dubrovnik, which is one of the most famous destinations in the Mediterranean. Don’t miss Mljet the most beautiful harbor in the world, and visit its famous Monastery located in the St Velika Jezera lake.dubovnik 8

When It’s the Best Time to Sail?

If you like the heat and the crowds, then, the months of July and August will be just fine for you, but if you prefer to have a mild climate and more privacy, then I recommend you to sail in May, June, or September, November, which is relatively mild, and much less crowded.

Bareboat yacht charter in Croatia is an experience to not miss whether if it’s with friends, family or alone as long as your trip and your itinerary is well organized! So book in advance, check your schedule, make a list of what you’ll bring, and have a good fleet!

Have you already bareboat charter in Croatia? Let me know just below the comments.

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