Bareboat yacht charter in Ibiza – Best Spots To Anchor !

You and your friends are planning a nice sailing trip in Ibiza on a bareboat charter, but before you venture into this beautiful journey , you surely want to have some advices, which will help you to plan where to sail, where to anchor , what place to visit, and why not , where to eat!


Where to anchor?

Sometime, the wind can surprise you on the west, and if it’s the case, then you’ll have to sail on the eastern side of the island for more security.

San Miguel & San Antonio
San Miguel and San Antonio are two great places to anchor which are situated on the north coast.

La Savina
If you want to do some shopping and have a good time, then you should anchor in La Savina Port. There you will find plenty of shops, and great restaurants.

Cala Sahona
Cala Sahona is also one the best place to anchor depending on the good weather condition from the east; there is plenty of sand, which is awesome for the anchorage

One of the most popular place to anchor is on this beautiful private island named Espalmador, this island is absolutely amazing with lovely beach and plenty of sand.

Cala Blanco
Cala Blanco is a place to not miss; it’s a lovely island with only couple of houses and with no tourist activity situated on the NW of Ibiza.

Puerto San Antonio
The largest port in Ibiza is Puerto San Antonio, the holding ground is not so good but the town is beautiful.

Puerto Colom
The best port of Majorque is Puerto Colom , it is very pleasant to walk in this lovely town, but take into consideration that the harbor is filled with moorings.

Cala De La Calobra
Cala De La Calobra is a very touristy place, the beach is generally crowded, so if you like action, that’s the right place to be.

It is preferable  to stock up before you leave on your bareboat charter, you can stop at Las Illetas in the central market in Palma, which will be easier for you if you want to go out of Palma but still want to be in the area.

Where to find great restaurants in Ibiza town?

Illetas is a beautiful spot to unwind ,and to have a nice dinner while enjoying  the spectacular view in the  famous little bar on Illetas beach called Juan y Andrea.

The food is exceptional and the service is awesome! There are other great restaurants with a magical atmosphere that can be found in Ibiza town.

just below there is a list of the best restaurants in Ibiza.

  • Restaurante S’Ametller (Nice food)
  • Peter Pan Ibiza (Very friendly)
  • Le bar Ibiza (Awesome food)
  • Restaurant Sa Nansa(Excellent service)
  • La Torreta(Great food and very comfortable)
  • Es Miratge(Beautiful view and great food)
  • Sa Brisa Gastro Bar(One of the best)

If you have planned to bareboat yacht charter in Ibiza for one or two weeks, then there will be less chances for you to visit Mallorca which in my opinion is really worth to be explored. So take a few weeks in extra!

Have you already sail in Ibiza? Let me know in the comments below.

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