Beneteau Oceanis 60 Review – The Powerful Cruising Boat

For sailors who are big on the performance and sailing characteristics of a boat, monohulls continue to be the holy grail.

Even among monohulls, sailors are partial towards boats with a longer waterline as they translate into impressive cruising miles.

Not surprisingly, Beneteau Oceanis 60 has been one of the best selling boats owing purely to its long distance sailing performance.

In this Beneteau Oceanis 60 review, however, I would show that this boat packs in much more than just its high octane cruising characteristics.

The makers have improved upon the established Berret Racoupeau hull, adding bells and whistles that are typically the preserve of custom-built boats.

Where Does the Oceanis 60 Sail?

The Oceanis 60 is a large boat capable of sailing comfortably over long distances.

It is not unusual to see this boat taking her owners over to the tropical islands near the equator during the fall season.

For those desirous of chartering this boat during the Mediterranean summer, several charter companies offer her in France, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Belgium.

Whether it is the 3 or 4 cabin layout, you would discover that Oceanis 60 offers a terrific mix of luxury and performance, and one of the best ways to explore the Mediterranean and beyond.


As mentioned above, the Beneteau Oceanis 60 is available in two configurations of 3 and 4 cabins, each with their own separate heads.

The latter is strictly driven by the need to cater to the demands of the yacht charter industry.

The first thing to note, as you step inside the below deck area, is the abundant use of Alpi wood.

It has a luxurious look and feels, and designed to last in the salty marine environment. The crew quarter can accommodate two and comes with a head.

The layout is identical in both configurations, except that the master stateroom forward gets replaced with two separate cabins, each with their own heads.

While one of the staterooms on the starboard side features two separate single beds, it is also available in the double bed configuration.

To conclude, the Oceanis 60 can easily accommodate 6-8 people in the two versions, excluding the crew.


Stepping down the 5 steps staircase, lit up with courtesy lights, you would come face to face with a truly cavernous saloon.

It becomes immediately apparent that the makers have put considerable thought in design, and spared no effort to ensure a truly opulent below the deck experience.

To the left of the stairs is the navigation station that can easily seat two. The navigation table itself is large to spread large maps, and there is plenty of room for all the modern gadgets and electronics.

The navigation table itself is large to spread large maps, and there is plenty of room for all the modern gadgets and electronics.

Forward to the stairs is the sofa with a cocktail table that can be converted into a bench to seat two.

While the saloon is truly cavernous in size, it still feels light and airy owing to the generously sized sunroofs placed at the back and the middle.

The galley is a moderately sized space with a sufficiently large countertop for food preparation.

On the other hand, for a boat that is designed to sail with a full complement of 10 people, the three burner stove feels inadequate.

That aside, the galley is generously equipped, featuring a large dishwasher space, rubbish disposal unit, and a Siemens washer.

In addition, there is a large refrigerator, a separate freezer, and a 100-liter icebox.


The first thing you notice on the deck is the unusually large cockpit space where no less than 14 people can be accommodated in total comfort.

What I particularly appreciate is the large double hemp seats where a couple can enjoy sailing together, or a novice can pick up the nuances of sailing sitting beside the skipper.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Beneteau Oceanis 60 is designed for much more than pure sailing pleasure.

The designers of this boat have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that this boat does not disappoint casual sailors with its generous social spaces.

For example, the Oceanis 60 features an abundant aft sunning deck. This cleverly designed deck ensures that you do not run the risk of sprays and wind while being in close proximity to the helm station.

Other notable features include an extra wide side deck that makes moving to and from the forward deck a breeze, even in breezy conditions.

The placement of winches and having them electrically operated means the boat is ideal for short-handed sailing.

Below the aft deck lies a nifty garage where you can easily keep an inflatable dinghy.

Under sail

The Beneteau Oceanis 60 is powered by 150 hp diesel engine with a 600-liter fuel capacity.

Our skipper took us out on this boat in 20 knots of Mediterranean breeze, and the waters were challenging but manageable.

Initially, powered by the Volkswagen engine spinning at an efficient 3300 rpm, we achieved an impressive speed of well over 9 knots.

Subsequently, we set up the sail controls and got to witness the true sailing performance ability of this boat.

With consistent speeds of 11 knots, and occasionally hitting 13 knots, the boat proved itself in upwind conditions.

The boat also stayed dry, negotiating 5-foot seas without a hint of stress.

Why Sail the Oceanis 60?

1) A proven hull with an illustrious pedigree
2) Sheltered cockpit with abundant social spaces
3) A large interior that feels light, airy and welcoming.
4) Thoughtful round edged designs to keep people safe during turbulent passages
5) Use of quality materials, high-end appliances, and reliable gadgets

In Conclusion

Beneteau is unarguably the largest yacht maker in the world, and their domain expertise is best showcased in the Oceanis 60.

Make no mistake, the Oceanis 60 is a truly imposing vessel with all the modern comforts taken care of. And yet, it seems almost miraculous that boat of this size could be perfect for single-handed sailing.

The best part of the boat, apart from its superlative sailing performance and comfort, has to be the competitive price which is substantially less than a million.

There is no doubt that this boat is worth its price, both for private owners, and the charter industry.


For more information on the Beneteau Oceanis 60 contact: 
USA +1 954 892 5009


  • Length Overall: 62′ 3” 18.27 m
  • Beam: 16’ 4” 4.99 m
  • Draft: 8’ 10” 2.69 m
  • Shallow Draft (Shallow Keel): 7’ 3” 2.21 m
  • Hull Length: 58’ 3” 17.75 m
  • Fuel Capacity: 127 gal. 481 L
  • Water Capacity: 171 gal. 647 L
  • Mainsail Area: (Classic) 944 sq ft 87.73 m²
  • Headsail Area: (105 %) 969 sq ft 90.06 m²
  • Cabins: 5
  • Berths: 11
  • Bathroom: 5

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