Best Anchorages in the Caribbean – 10 Dream Spots Not To Miss!

Planning a boating trip in the Caribbean and looking for nice anchorage spots to drop anchor and enjoy the beautiful surrounding? If so, that’s fantastic because you are in the right place!

Here you’ll find a list of the 10 best anchorages in the Caribbean.

1. Colombier Bay, St Barth

If you like to explore uncrowded islands, this may be the one you’re looking for. You can reach this anchorage with a half-day sail from the island’s capital, Gustavia. The waters are warm and shallow, and the sunsets are the kind you’ll want to photograph to remember forever. This spot is usually sparsely populated, so you can pretend it’s your personal island. You may find the island less secluded at lunchtime, as Colombier Bay is a popular destination for charter boats that offer half-day excursions. Their many groups enjoy the bay and its many pleasures for a few hours. On this very spacious island, there’s more than enough room for everyone to enjoy its peaceful setting.

St Barth Caribbean Anchorage

2. Mayreau island

Also called Saline Bay, it is a well-kept secret haven for diving and snorkeling. You can easily anchor your boat near a wooden pontoon at the end of a sparkling white sandy beach. While snorkeling in the waters near this island, you’ll see countless species of tropical fish. One of its popular dive spots is called Mayreau Hot Springs, although this site is for experienced divers only. You can clearly see the expanses of coral reefs along with all sorts of colorful marine life. You can enjoy Mayreau’s small village when you step on the shore and travel a short distance. You will find island food, hospitality, and shopping to enjoy here. Photographers will enjoy its scenic views, especially those of Tobago Cays.

Mayreau Caribbean Anchorage

3Carlisle Bay

Carlisle Bay is a haven of uninterrupted calm in the Leeward Islands of Antigua. You’ll find this anchorage between English Harbour and Falmouth Harbour. In this uncrowded hideaway, you’ll find the perfect spot for a secluded romantic getaway. You can enjoy Carlisle’s crystal-clear waters by snorkeling or just gazing at its horizon. If you’re looking for a luxury evening, sail south to Falmouth Harbour and enjoy the fare from one of its many upscale gourmet restaurants.

Carlisle Bay Caribbean Anchorage

4. Cumberland Bay, St Vincent

The bay here is popular as a beach, and it’s no wonder. The Cumberland Beach Recreational Park boasts nature trails and beautiful scenery if you want to go hiking onshore. Boats are often met by one of their native hosts. There are some small but exotic restaurants near shore where you can enjoy a delicious meal and enchanting island music. Take a step into tropical life on this beautiful bay. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into paradise.

Cumberland Bay, St Vincent Caribbean Anchorage

5. Tobago Cays

When you visit Tobago Cays, you will feel as though you’ve been swept into another world. If you sail north of Baradal Island, you’ll be treated to one of the best island turtle observation reserves. These amazing reptiles will thrill you with their charming ways. You will find coral reefs off many of its coasts, and its white sand beaches will enchant you. One frequent visitor to this area especially recommends the lobster barbecue at “Free Willys,”; where both the food and the host are not to be missed.

Tobago Cays Caribbean Anchorage

6. Sandy Ground Island, Anguilla

You can find this piece of paradise north of Carriacou Island, part of the Grenadine archipelago. This island will allow you to swim in its warm turquoise waters and see the picturesque coral reefs. There is plenty of wildlife to spot during the daytime. This relatively uncrowded lagoon is host to Tim’s restaurant, which boasts delicious crayfish dishes and a full bar. Dream under the stars and live out your “Robinson Crusoe” fantasies.

Sandy Ground Island, Anguilla Caribbean Anchorage

7. Key Bay, Peter Island

You’ll find this port between Key Cay and Key Point. It’s an ideal place for hikers to discover its lush trees and landscapes or to swim on the friendly beach. If you follow the many goat trails, you’ll be surrounded by island grasses and ultimately treated to a spectacular view. At the top of the trail, you’ll be able to see from Drake Channel to Tortola. On clearer days, you’ll also be able to see Norman Island to the south and White Bay to the east.

Key Bay, Peter Island Caribbean Anchorage

8. Saint Pierre Martinique

If you want an ideal port to snap sunset pictures, this is the place to anchor for the night. This island is found in the northern portion of Martinique. Its most dominant feature is its volcano, Mount Pele. You can enjoy strolling along the streets, viewing colonial buildings, or shopping in the colorful markets. A trip to explore Mount Pele will be one you will always remember.

Saint Pierre Martinique Caribbean Anchorage

9. Deshe, Guadeloupe

The locals call this place “Little France” ” and you’ll easily see why when you anchor your boat for a visit. The little store near the dock sells fresh croissants and baguettes every morning, and the island fruit vendors boast some of the tastiest pineapples and tomatoes. You can easily imagine you’re in Paris if you close your eyes. You’ll find a mile-long sandy beach where you can luxuriate in the tropical breezes. You can find amazing water formations and a spectacular botanical park on the hiking trails. You can also hire a dive guide and enjoy exploring the depths of the waters. Diving and snorkeling are especially ideal at Jacques Costeau Underwater Park.

Deshaie, Guadeloupe Caribbean Anchorage

10. Wallilabou, Saint Vincent

Boating to any of the anchorages on St. Vincent is a unique experience, but this one has a unique backstory. If you’re a fan of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies, Wallilabou is the place where they were filmed. Many parts of the movie’s set are still standing in this place. You’ll also be treated to a spectacular rainforest and the sensational waterfall at Trinity Falls. You may also enjoy seeing the kaleidoscopic parrots on the Vermont Nature Trails.

Wallilabou, Saint Vincent Caribbean Anchorage

Final Words!

Is the yearning to travel stirring harder now? Have the descriptions of these destinations helped you choose your next adventure? We wish you a bon voyage as you sail onward toward your chosen destination!

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4 thoughts on “Best Anchorages in the Caribbean – 10 Dream Spots Not To Miss!”

  1. One of our colleagues is getting married 2 weeks from now and instead of giving her traditional gifts such as kitchen wares and or appliances, we are thinking of giving them a honeymoon trip to the Caribbean. 

    These dream spots in the Caribbean look amazingly beautiful and anyone who visits even just one of them will surely have a great time. I am having a hard time choosing between Deshe, Guadeloupe and Carlisle Bay. I wonder if it would be possible to explore both of them within 3 days. How much would it cost? ☺

    Also, may I ask what would be the best time to go there? Is it okay to go there in the months of March to April? 

    • Hi, Alice,

      Yes, you are right. All these islands are beautiful, so you can’t go wrong.

      Honestly, three days won’t be enough to explore and enjoy the Guadeloupe and Carlisle Bays. In my opinion, it’s not even worth it to travel from far away, just for a few days. I suggest you take longer vacations to thoroughly enjoy your time on those incredible islands.

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a fantastic day!


  2. Your article on the best Anchorages in the Caribbean has certainly made me want to plan our next vacation. I loved your description of Carlisle Bay in the Leeward Islands of Antigua. That will be my first choice, and my second will be Tobago Cays. I will be sure to eat at the lobster barbecue at “Free Willys.” Thank you for the beautiful descriptions.

    • Hi Carol,

      Yes, the Tabaco Cays is also one of my favorite Caribbean islands. Great choice!

      I am glad you found this article useful, and I wish you a fantastic boating trip:)

      Thank you for the comment.


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