Best Boat Shoes For Women – Top Stylish Shoes!

Looking for good quality, stylish pair of shoes for your next sailing trip? If so, Great; in this article, you will find all about the 17 best boat shoes for women in 2023.

Not all shoes can be worn on a boat, and to be honest, It would be a waste of money and time if you pick the wrong pair!

So before you read any further, you must know the important features you should look for in boat shoes. You want to choose boat shoes that are non-marking to prevent leaving marks on the deck. You also want them to be slip-resistant to prevent you from slipping. And lastly, you want them to be easy to put on and off so that you don’t have to stress out with your shoes.

Post Updated: 16 January 2023

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1. Hey Dude, Wendy Shoes for Women

Intended for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts, Hey Dude Wendy women’s shoes specializes in style, fit, and comfort. Moreover, the shoes are lightweight and allow your feet to breathe. Also, they feature a memory foam insole that adds another layer of comfort. Made from canvas material, these shoes are machine washable.

People who have bought these shoes are satisfied with their lightweight design that comfortably supports your feet. If you love attention, it’s time to make your presence known with Wendy’s shoes. With the Flex & Fold technology, you can walk in confidence without pains or aches.

The rounded toe design supports your feet and gives you complete freedom of movement. There is no question why this specific shoe has been a favorite item for many women. Moreover, the removable foam that is cushioned inside provides comfort. If you are an on-the-go type of person, you will love this shoe to its core.

These shoes are designed to mold to your feet that give you the best barefoot feeling. Because the shoe is made from 100% cotton, you can wash them to retain the new look. You can wear this shoe all day long, and your feet won’t be sore or feel discomfort.

Average Rank: 4.7 out of 5


  • Comfortable
  • High-quality Material
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to Wash
  • Easy to put on and off


  • Some users said they run a little large
  • Several customers wished they came in half size

2. Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Bluefish 

You can not go wrong with Sperry Top-Sider boat shoes, as they were designed with comfort and fashion in mind. These shoes are not just comfortable but also flexible, soft, high quality, and stylish!

Once you get them on, it will be hard to wear another pair of shoes. These are perfect to wear on a boat as well as ashore for an extended period without feeling you have shoes on, thanks to their flexible full-grain leather and rubber outsole.

Average Rank: 4.5 out of 5




  • Comfortable
  • Flexible
  • Durable
  • High-quality shoes
  • Good looking
  • Match any outfit
  • Easy to slip on/off
  • These are washable


  • They may stretch out a bit after wearing them for a while
  • There is not a wide choice of colors available.

3. Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Angelfish 

The Sperry Top-Sider Angelfish is just the perfect shoe to wear everywhere and match the

latest fashion outfit! The padded insole will support and keep your feet comfortable the whole day.

Customers greatly appreciate these because they are of excellent quality, look very cute, last for a long time, and are comfortable. What more can you ask for?

 Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5


  • Fit well
  • Comfortable
  • Good looking shoes
  • High quality
  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Great price
  • They are durable


Some will love the sparkle on the top of the shoes, while some won’t; it is a question of taste.

4. Sperry Women’s A/O 2-Eye Boat Shoe

If you often go boating, the Sperry Woman 2 Eye boat shoes will please you because they provide excellent traction on wet decks and surfaces. Thanks to their non-marking rubber outsole with razor-cut Waze sipping technology, you can be sure your feet will remain well stable on the deck.

These shoes are available in leather or canvas, so be aware of that when buying them _ some people got a little confused about this.

However, the leather is stain-resistant and water-resistant, making it the perfect pair of shoes to get around water.

Know that leather dries a little slower than canvas material. This is something you might consider when getting those shoes.

Both leather and canvas shoes have a genuine handsewn true mocassin construction, making them durable. 

Also, they feature rust-proof eyelets with lovely rawhide lace for a secure fit.

Another thing worth mentioning is that these have a soft suede insole, providing extra cushion and comfort when walking. 

Without exaggerating, people found them so comfortable that they ordered them in different colors right after putting them on.

All in all great pair of boat shoes. They fit nicely, look beautiful, and slide on without effort!

 Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5


  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Provide excellent traction
  • Don’t leave any marks on the deck
  • They are stylish


  • Some reviewers said they are stiff and uncomfortable.
  • Several customers reported they don’t seem like real Sperry Topsiders. 
  • A few users found them hard to break in.

5. Adidas Outdoor Women’s Climacool 

Adidas Climacool Boat shoes are made especially for boating and water sports. These are ultra-ventilated and will keep your feet cool all the time in the summer. One of the most annoying things in many shoes is the soles. They usually come out easily when taking the footwear off.

With the Adidas Clima Cool Boat, you won’t have to worry about this, as the sole is sewn in. These are lightweight, and the holes in the bottom of the shoes are made mainly to drain the water out, making them very comfortable in the water. Not to mention, they are cute and grippy, and they dry fast!

 Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5


  • Washable
  • Very cute
  • Non-marking sole
  • Fit well
  • Comfortable
  • Dry quickly
  • Wide choice of colors
  • Water shoes
  • Easy to get on and off


  • These shoes are not built for endurance sports or long-distance walking.
  • The tongue is made of plastic; not everyone will find this comfortable.

6. Sebago Women’s Boat Shoes

Sebago shoes did flatter not only Princess Kate Middleton but also many others due to their beautiful design. These high-quality boating shoes are made of thick, sturdy leather with dual eyelets and sporty lacing, allowing you to wear them for any occasion, everywhere, and in any weather.

If you are looking for stylish, comfortable, and non-slipping shoes, look no further than the Sebago!

Average Rank: 4.1 out of 5


  • Slip on and off easily
  • Beautiful classic design
  • High quality
  • Suit to any outfit
  • Grip extremely well
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Wide range of color choices
  • Great deck shoes


  • Need to be stretched out because the leather is a bit stiff at first.
  • Like many loafers, they don’t have much arch support.

7. Sperry Top-Sider Women’s Boat Shoes

No wonder the Sperry Top-Sider is one of the top notches boat shoes on the market due to its stylish look and its construction of high quality.

These unique women’s footwear features the moc-toe, a shock-absorbing EVA, and a slotted collar, making them very comfortable shoes to wear all day long without feeling any back pain or foot pain.
These lovely leather footwear match any casual outfit and come in different colors. These shoes allow you to grip any wet surface like a real Spiderman!

Average Rank: 4.2 out of 5


  • Easy to slip on and off
  • Match to any casual outfit
  • Comfortable
  • Available in many colors
  • Grip wonderfully wet surfaces
  • Durable
  • Good looking shoes
  • High-quality leather


  • These shoes should be worn for at least a few days to break them in because the leather is pretty hard at first.
  • As with many moccasins, there is not much arch support.

8. VenusCelia Women’s Natural Comfort Walking Flat Loafers

This shoe is made with leather, which makes it look chic and sleek. In addition to being durable, the outsole also adequately provides traction to keep you from slipping. The rubber sole is comfortable and adds to the lightweight quality of the shoe. The memory foam insole allows you to stay on your feet for extended periods of time. The moccasin design allows versatility since it can work as slippers and casual loafers.

Average Rank: 4.3 out of 5

  • They come in a wide variety of colors.
  • They are comfortable
  • They adequately provide arch support
  • The fit may be a little too snug


9. SPERRY Women’s Crest Vibe Linen Sneaker

This sneaker is made with 100% textile or fabric that is breathable and lightweight. The rubber sole provides enough traction and greatly reduces the chances of slipping. The construction of the shoe is durable; hence it won’t fall apart easily. It also features an elastic back so that you can slip on the shoe without a hassle. The eyelets are rustproof to keep the shoe looking stylish for longer.

Average Rank: 4.4 out of 5

  • They are fashion-forward and come in a variety of trendy colors.
  • They are sturdy yet comfortable
  • The slip-on design of the shoe is very convenient
  • The shoe laces may stain when they come in contact with water
  • Some customers have complained about the fit being too tight

10. Eastland Women’s Solstice Boat Shoe

These shoes are made with 100% leather, making them look sleek and stylish. The padded insole in the shoe makes it comfortable, and the soft fabric knit prevents moisture from building up, in addition to cushioning your steps. The nylon mesh panels incorporated in the design make it breathable. The outsole is made with rubber in order to provide slip resistance as well as to provide durability.

Average Rank: 4.2 out of 5

  • They are comfortable
  • They are adequate in keeping your feet dry
  • Many customers praised the fit of the shoe
  • They may be too narrow for some.
  • You may notice a strong chemical smell when you first purchase it.

11. Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-on Flat

This shoe is made with breathable and lightweight fabric, making it easy to wear. The sole is synthetic; hence, it cannot be easily damaged by water. It also features an ortho-lite sock liner that creates a dampness management system by keeping moisture from the foot along with odor control. The inside of the shoe is designed with a memory foam collar and a cushioned arch for added comfort. The shoe comes in a wide selection of colors so that you can find one that suits your taste. The removable insoles provide arch support.

Average Rank: 4.5 out of 5

  • They are comfortable to wear
  • They keep your feet dry
  • The insoles can be removed so that you can add your own if necessary
  • The fitting may be an issue for some

12. Clark’s Women’s Jocolin Vista Boat Shoe

This type of boat shoe is fully made with textile, a very breathable material. The rubber sole means that the shoe is durable and lightweight, and the Cushion Soft technology used to design the footbed makes it comfortable to wear.

Average Rank: 4.6 out of 5

  • They are comfortable and lightweight to wear.
  • They provide adequate support to the arches.
  • They come in a variety of colors allowing you to mix and match with different outfits.
  • You may have some difficulty when it comes to cleaning the shoe

13. Women’s Loafers Leather Oxford Slip-On Walking Flats Anti-Skid Boat Shoes

This shoe is made with genuine flexible soft leather that is both stylish and durable. The soft, anti-slip rubber sole provides traction and keeps you from slipping, and the shoe’s inner lining keeps your feet dry and comfortable. The shoe also features a slip-on design that makes it easy to put on and take it off. The footbed of the shoe is thick, soft, and padded for added comfort when you are on your feet.

Average Rank: 4.1 out of 5

  • They are comfortable
  • The shoe comes in a variety of colors; hence, you can wear it with a variety of outfits.
  • They are easy to slip on
  • They may not be too comfortable if you are on your feet for a major part of your day.
  • The fit proved to be too snug for some customers

14. Twisted Women& Bonnie Casual Fashion Boat Shoe

The rubber sole of this boat shoe makes it long-lasting. It also features a soft canvas material that is easy to clean and metal eyelets that allow for breathability. It comes in a wide range of colors and designs, allowing you to match it with a variety of outfits. The material is lightweight, so you don’t have to worry about the shoe feeling heavy on your feet.

Average Rank: 4.0 out of 5

  • They are lightweight and comfortable to walk in
  • They are fashion-forward since they come in a variety of styles.
  • The material is soft and doesn’t rub against your foot
  • They don’t provide enough arch support for all-day wear
  • The fit might be slightly big for some, so you may be forced to order a smaller size

15. Jabasic Women& Slip-on Loafers Flat Casual Driving Shoes

The shoe is made with a synthetic material that makes it durable. The round-toe design of the front part of the shoe keeps your toes comfortable, and the slip-on style ensures that you have an easy time wearing and taking them off. The anti-slip rubber material used for the outsole provides solid support and traction when you are walking. The soft memory foam footbed allows for comfort when you are on your feet.

Average Rank: 3.9 out of 5

  • The design of the shoe is lightweight
  • They are comfortable to wear
  • They are durable
  • The inside of the shoe does not provide adequate support
  • Some customers complained about the fit of the shoe.

16. SODA Women& Perforated Slip-On Sneakers

This shoe features perforated detailing to allow for breathability, effectively keeping your feet dry. It has a rubber sole that ensures it is lightweight and easy to walk on. These shoes are made with synthetic material, making them water-resistant and easy to dry. The padded collar incorporated in the shoe provides protection and support to the ankle and the inner sole of the foot. The slip-on design of the shoe allows you to put it on with ease. Since it comes in a wide range of colors, you can wear it with a variety of outfits.

Average Rank: 4.1 out of 5

  • They are comfortable
  • They manage to stay dry despite the perforated design
  • Some customers complained about the shoe falling apart a few weeks after purchase.
  • The sizing of the shoe is off

17. Skechers Women& Go Walk Lite Boat Shoe

This boat shoe is made from 100% textile, allowing for breathability when worn. The material is also great for temperature control, keeping your feet comfortable regardless of the weather. The synthetic sole of the shoe makes it light and easy to walk in. The shoe also has a rebound insole to ensure that you are fully comfortable on your feet. The fabric lining is soft to make the shoe cushion the entire foot. This shoe comes in navy and brown, allowing you to match it with a wide range of outfits.

Average Rank: 4.8 out of 5

  • They are comfortable and lightweight
  • The insoles provide adequate support to the feet
  • The colors available match well with a variety of outfits
  • Some customers raised an issue with the fit of the shoe
  • They don’t have high arch support


A. What to consider when buying boat shoes

1. Material

Opt to go for a boat shoe that is made of leather. This material is generally more durable than the canvas varieties, and it also looks much sleeker and more stylish. Leather that is soft is preferable since it will be easier to break in the shoes due to the greases and oils it is made with.

2. Comfort

Comfort is key, especially if you are going to spend most of your day on your feet. When it comes to boat shoes, you want to go for ones that provide adequate support to your arch and ankle. It should also have some moisture-prevention mechanisms to keep your feet dry and comfortable. You want boat shoes with padded insoles and well-cushioned arch support. A good shoe should also feature Ortholite insoles in order to keep moisture from accumulating and maintain a dry, healthy, and generally comfortable environment.

3. Grip

High-quality boat shoes should provide maximum grip when you are on a wet deck/surface. How well they do on a wet surface determines their comfort when worn in a potentially wet environment. Therefore, the sole should be non-slip, incorporating non-marking rubber so that there are no skid marks left on the deck.

4. Traction

Traction is important to keep you from slipping as you walk. A good boat shoe should incorporate an anti-slip rubber outsole that provides traction when you are walking. This is especially important when you are walking on extra smooth and often slippery surfaces such as boat decks.

5. Design

A good-quality boat shoe is designed with breathability in mind so that your feet do not get too stuffy and sweaty after being worn for extended periods of time. There is a wide range of styles as well, from formal boat shoes to loafers and sneakers. Whatever you choose entirely depends on your style; just ensure it possesses all the desirable qualities of boat shoes.

6. Color

Boat shoes usually come in a wide range of colors, so you have a lot of options. Consider going for darker brown boat shoes rather than tan ones since they are more versatile and will go with most of your outfits. Navy is a close runner-up when it comes it comes to versatility, although you’ll want to avoid wearing this color with denim.

7. Water resistant

You want your boat shoe to be water-resistant, especially if you are going to be spending a lot of your time on a boat. Consequently, the material should be fast drying.


B. When to Wear Boat Shoes

On a Boat/ to the Beach

Boat shoes were designed to be worn for maritime activities. Therefore, it is always a good idea to wear them during a luxurious cruise (unless shoes are not allowed onboard) or during a day at the beach.

On a Date

Choose a pair of boat shoes that perfectly matches your outfit for a laid-back date. They are a great way to show off your personality in addition to being a great conservation starter.

When You Travel

Boat shoes are some of the most comfortable shoes once you have broken them in. Traveling means that you will often be on your feet, so you want a comfortable pair, such as boat shoes, that offer you the support you need and are easy to slip off.


C. How to Wear Boat Shoes

Wear them With Shorts

Boat shoes can be worn with a polo shirt or a button-down shirt and shorts on the bottom.
They go best with well-tailored non-cargo shorts, making for a great summer combo.

Jeans are a Great Option

Pair basic blue jeans with neutral-colored boat shoes. For a more casual look, cuff the bottom of your jeans. Straight-leg/skinny-fit jeans also look stylish when paired with dark-colored boat shoes.

With Chinos

Mix things up by wearing colorful chinos with neutral-colored boat shoes. This is slightly risky, so ensure that the color of your boat shoes contrasts with that of your pants so that everything is balanced out.


D. How to Break in Boat Shoes

Breaking in boat shoes is a process that can sometimes last a week or even a month, depending on how frequently you wear them. You might initially feel some pain at first, but this is only short-term since they will eventually adapt to your foot and become comfortable.

Start by wearing the shoes slowly and putting them on with a slow rocking motion. Walk around your home at first, and then proceed to run short errands while wearing them. If you develop blisters, cover them over, but don’t stop wearing the shoes. Some suggest completely soaking the shoes in water in water in order to speed up the process
of breaking them in.

Put the shoes on while they are still wet, and wear them until they dry. Water saturates the leather and causes the fibers and then shrink to conform to your foot. Keep in mind that this method is proven, so it may not work for you.

E. Should You Wear Boat Shoes With or Without Socks?

Given that they were designed to be worn for maritime activities, you shouldn’t wear your boat shoes with socks. However, if you must wear them with socks, ensure they are not visible. There are plenty of no-show socks that won’t interfere with your style, so you don’t have to worry about availability. A good way to conceal socks is by wearing them with pants instead of shorts, and even then, they should be dark.

F. How to Care for Boat Shoes

Just like any other shoe. Boat shoes need proper care in order for them to be durable:

  • Treat them with a water-based cream regularly so as to protect the sleek leather finish.
  • Do not leave them exposed to direct sunlight for extended periods since it will lead to the eventual cracking of the leather.
  • Repair the soles as soon as you notice significant indications of wear and tear.
  • Brush your boat shoes regularly to get rid of debris, salt deposits, and dirt.
  • Do not use liquid polishes that contain silicone and alcohol since this will damage the material of the boat shoe.

Final Words

As you can see, boat shoes can be stylish yet versatile shoe options that come in handy in a variety of situations. With the ability to match any kind of personal style and offer real
comfort in any situation, every woman must have at least a pair of these wonderful shoes in their closet.

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  2. I personally own a pair of mens Sebago boat shoes. Its difficult to find a more comfortable pair of shoes. Obviously their craftsmenship will be applied to womens shoes as well. Of all your reviewed shoes, I would personally recommend this brand. However I think people will arch problems should steer clear. They are very flat and the sole is a bit on the hard side.
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  3. I enjoyed browsing the sailing shoes, it was great to have the top shoes on one site. I was wondering if you have feet problems witch shoes would you recommend for a middle age woman? Your information was good to have pros and cons, i suffer with fluid on my ankle and it can be painful in some footwear .

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