Birkenstock Gizeh Review – The Durable Thong!

There are many flip-flops out on the market today, and finding the ones that meet your needs is not always as simple as it seems. They are often cute and have zero arch support, or they could be quite the opposite: not attractive but extremely comfortable to wear all day long.

But it’s unusual to find the perfect sandals. What I like about the Gizeh is that they have all the features required to make your feet happy while looking pretty! They provide excellent support and comfort, and they are very appealing.

So if you want the best for your feet, then you should check out the Birkenstock Gizeh Review.


The Birkenstock Gizeh flip-flops may be a bit stiff right out of the box, but after wearing them a few times, not only do they become super comfy, but they also make you walk properly, thanks to its fantastic latex footbed.

No doubt about it: the more you wear them, the more they will become comfortable to the point you might not want to take them off.

If you are used to wearing shoes with no arch support, you may feel some discomfort in the arch of the foot, but it will subside after a brief breaking-in period.

Sandals with good arch support typically have the look of orthopedic shoes, but the Birkenstock Gizeh is objectively beautiful and suits several different types of outfits.

Toe Post

The toe post is made of a hard plastic material and according to many reviewers on Amazon, it took them a few wearings before getting used to it.

The customers didn’t give up on them, and after the break-in period, their toes felt comfortable, making for very happy customers.

You may also experience the same, but with a bit of perseverance, the discomfort will go away faster than you think, and once broken in, you will fall in love with them!


Like all footwear, choosing the right size is critical, and the Gizeh embraces the shape of the foot exceptionally well.

If you don’t get the right size, then the sandals won’t sit correctly, and you may experience less comfort than you would with a good fit.

If you feel the Gizeh is too overwhelming for you, then you may want to consider other flip-flops that do not require so much attention, such as the Olukai Ohana. These are also comfortable, and they require no break-in period for most people.


Since the contoured footbed of the Gizeh provides excellent arch support, they make you feel almost like you are wearing comfortable and supportive enclosed shoes. The post-toe helps keep your feet in place and allows your toes to move more freely, which stimulates circulation and provides better foot positioning.

The Gizeh sandals are designed to distribute the weight of your body and to hold the heel bone (calcaneus) in its most natural position, giving your toes a natural rolling motion and optimal support when walking.

The sole is flexible, lightweight, and absorbs shocks incredibly well. Additionally, the raised footbed edges, with the front being shorter, keep your toes secured as you roll your foot forward.

The Birkenstock Gizeh will do exactly what they are meant to do. They will allow your feet to be comfortable even after standing all day or walking for long distances.


Another great feature of the Gizeh is its wide and adjustable straps, which not only make the sandals feel secure on the feet but also easy to adjust to the size needed.

The straps tend to cover a big part of the feet, and some people may find them a bit too hot in the summer.

But since the straps are made of two layers, one that absorbs moisture and the second that adds durability, there are almost no complaints from the reviewers about sweating problems.


It is really hard not to fall in love with the Gizeh after wearing them for a while, and there are many good reasons for this. They have been and still are today one of the most loved sandals by people from all over the world.

Just by looking at them, it is easy to see that Birkenstocks has invested time and precision in Gizeh’s design. They can be worn almost everywhere; whether you’re walking on flat terrain, around town, or on the beach, they will always be faithful to your feet all along the way.

Aside from that, the straps and the post toes are replaceable so that you can enjoy wearing them for a very long time. While the Gizeh is an incredibly durable sandal, it is recommended not to expose them in high temperatures as well as use them as your main accessory for outdoor recreation.



The sole is made of synthetic ( polyurethane) material, providing exceptional traction on wet surfaces. The excellent footbed, along with the sole, will make you feel confident wherever you walk.

The traction of the Gizeh shoe is quite impressive, but don’t expect it to perform as well on steep terrain as the Merrell does. The only downside of the Gizeh is that its toe separator can be uncomfortable while walking. Many people don’t feel this discomfort after a break-in period, though.



According to women reviewers, most of them found the Gizeh to be stylish and easy to match with any type of outfit. Of course, there was a small minority who didn’t find it attractive; not everyone has the same taste, after all. Anyway, the Gizeh comes in many different colors, and they go with all sorts of clothing styles, from casual and semi-formal to activewear.

Who is the Birkenstock for?

Regardless of the fact that the Gizeh is supportive and comfortable to wear for long hours, it isn’t the type of model that can handle all sorts of abuses like the Merrell or Keen sandals can. It is more like a shoe for walking around the house, strolling around in town, or for everyday use. In other words, the Gizeh will meet your expectations if you are looking for supportive, stylish, comfortable, and durable sandals, no doubt about it!


Is the Gizeh Worth It?

The Gizeh is not cheap, but it is well worth the investment because it is made of high-quality material and lasts for decades. If you take care of your sandals, they will serve you for years to come. One thing is certain: once you buy the Gizeh, you won’t need to invest in any more cheap flip-flops every few months. In the long run, you could save a lot of money!



  • Super comfortable
  • Great arch support
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable straps



  • Requires break-in period
  • Run large


The Gizeh sandals are a bit stiff in the very beginning, but after a small break-in period, they mold your feet and become super comfortable. There is no doubt that the Birkenstock Gizeh will allow you to stand and walk comfortably. So if you are looking for a well-made, stylish shoe that will make your feet feel good all day, then look no further than the Gizeh!

Did you try the Birkenstock Gizeh? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comment below.

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8 thoughts on “Birkenstock Gizeh Review – The Durable Thong!”

  1. Hi, this is an excellent sandal, my wife wears sandals a lot in the summertime. She has always bought sandals that do not last long, and this is something she has to look at, it’s better for her to buy Gizeh where they last long, rather than purchased them each month:) thank you for this I will share this article with my wife.

    • Hi Salomon,

      Yes, the Gizeh is an excellent sandal, it supports the feet extremely well and it’s durable! I am sure your wife will love it.  

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  2. Thanks for the thorough review of the Gizeh Birkenstock. Both my wife and I wear Birkenstocks…although my wife fell in love with a similar sandal she found in Thailand for $3/pair. Regardless, I’m reluctant to buy shoes online as the fit is very important to me. Do you know of anywhere that offers easy/free returns if the shoe doesn’t fit well?

    • Hi Justin,

      You are very welcome! 
      3 dollars for a pair of sandals, this is quite cheap:) If she is happy with it, that’s what matters! I don’t know about the free returns, but what I am sure about is that most of the online stores will return the shoes if something is wrong with them. 

      I hope it helps. Let me know if you need to know more info, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  3. Thanks for this informative article. I have always been curious about the Birkenstock but never took the plunge and bought a pair. Now that I am in my 40’s I definitely value comfort over fashion. Arch support is a must otherwise you end up damaging your feet and your back. A good pair of shoes is worth spending a bit more.

    • Hi there,

      You are very welcome! Yes, it’s crucial to wear supportive shoes if we want our feet to be in good health:) The Birkenstock provide excellent arch support, it takes a bit time to get used to them. But once you do, they are super comfy! These sandals are definitely worth the price!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  4. I have been looking on the web for just this type of sandal. It is perfect! I have heel pain and it is important for me to have a good summer sandal or flip flop. I love this shoe! I love the look, the price, everything. I think I will be treating myself to a great new pair of sandals! Do you know if the size is pretty true to fit? If I wear a U.S. size 9, would that be what I should order?

    • Hi Matt,

      The Birkenstock sandals run big, and they stretch out with time. So would highly recommend you to choose a smaller size. If you wear 9, then 8 – 39 EU will be fine for you. They may be a bit snug on the feet when wearing them in the beginning, but they will stretch out and will mold the shape of your feet.

      I hope it helped! Please, don’t hesitate to contact me with any question. I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!


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