Boat Excursion to Capri Island: Small Group from Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento and want to explore the beauty of Capri too? If so, it’s a fantastic idea because both islands are very close to each other. There are several options to visit Capri. You can take a ferry, but know that it’s often crowded with trippers in the summer. You could also rent a private boat, which is an experience not to miss, of course, but it’s relatively expensive. Another great alternative would be to take the Boat Excursion to Capri Island: Small Group from Sorrento. This boat tour will make you discover the most beautiful gems of the island in the most fun and relaxing way without spending a fortune.

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Duration of the tourDuration of the tour: 8 hours

LanguageThe tour is offered in four languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish


Maximum Passengers: 12

What to Expect

You’ll cruise along the Sorrento peninsula and explore the beauty of Capri island on a boat with a small group of a maximum of 12 people. You don’t need to take any public transportation to get to the departure point, a comfortable shuttle will pick you up from your hotel and bring you to the Massa Lubrense port. 

There, you’ll meet your skipper and get on board the boat, and you’ll set sail to Capri. Your first stop will be at the famous Marciano natural waterfall, where you get the opportunity to take marvelous pictures. So, make sure to pack your camera! 

After that, you’ll continue sailing through Sorrento Peninsula, and once you get to Capri, you’ll pass by the Salto Di Tiberio, a cliff overlooking the ocean, as well as Villa Jovis Grotta del Corallo and Grotta Bianca.

Your sailing adventure has just begun. You’ll cruise to the Villa Malaparte and Faraglioni Rocks, Capri’s Natural Arch. While boating the island, the guide will serve you delicious vegetarian sandwiches and refreshing drinks. Your next stop will be at the Marina Piccola beach for a swim and snorkeling escapade.

Then you’ll have four hours of free time to visit the island on your own. At the end of your excursion, it’s time to say goodby to Capri and get back to the port while enjoying the beautiful landscapes. Once you arrive, a shuttle will bring you back to your hotel.

Itinerary Capri islandBoat Ride Route

Boat ride from Sorrento to Capri

Stop 1 – Sorrento

No matter where your hotel is situated in Sorrento, a comfortable shuttle will pick you and drive you to the port to get onboard your boat.


Stop 2 – Area Marina Protetta Punta Campanella

While sailing along the coast of Sorrento, you’ll get the chance to pass by and admire the beautiful waterfall in Marciano as well as the famous Cala di Mitigliano beach and Punta Campanella, where Ulysses met the Sirens.


Stop 3 – White Grotta

Once you arrive in Capri at the White Grotta, your boat tour around the island begins.


Stop 4 – Natural Arch

Your kipper will bring you to the famous Natural Arch, an elegant paleolithic rock formation of 12 meters wide and 20 meters high, which was formed due to geological erosion. This beautiful Natural Arch hangs over the ocean, offering stunning panoramic views over Naples Gulf. A real peaceful paradise!


Stop 5 -I Faraglioni

You’ll cruise through the dramatic I Faraglioni, three towering rocks rising right out of the ocean. Those rocks’ names come from the geological term ” Faraglioni,” which means in Italian, oceanic rock formation eroded by waves. The smallest of the three rock formations is the Faraglioni di Mezzo, also called the arch of love. The legend says that if you kiss your loved one while sailing under the arch, you’ll spend your whole life together. The middle rock is the Faraglioni di Terra, and the biggest is the Faraglioni di Fuori, which is also called “Scopolo.”

Stop 6 – Marina Piccola

It’s in Marina Piccola, one of the most popular beaches of Capri, that you’ll get off the boat to enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal blue water of the island. There are some great restaurants where you can get a refreshing cocktail and relax.

After a nice swim in the sea, it’s time to get on board your boat to sail to the famous Green Grotta. This is one of the most beautiful caves in Capri. The sunlight reflects between the rocks and the seabed at certain hours of the day, making this place unique and incredibly beautiful. The water is so clear that you can even see through the bottom. A WOW experience!


Stop 7 – Green Grotta

Your boat tour wouldn’t be complete without exploring the famous Punta Carena Lighthouse, the second most important lighthouse in Italy. Get ready to take pictures because this little ancient harbor is just stunning, and the views are spectacular.

Stop 8 – Punta Carena Lighthouse

Although Punta Carena lighthouse is small and there is not much to do there apart from walking and relaxing, the views are spectaculars, especially at sunset. It’s a must-do when you are in Capri.

Stop 9 – Marina Grande

After visiting the lighthouse, you’ll sail to Marina Grande Beach, where you’ll have four hours of free time to stroll around Capri island. You would be amazed at what you can do in four hours. For instance, You can walk through Capri town down the Via Tragara and then go back to explore the beautiful Augustus Gardens. 

Have a nice lunch somewhere you can relax and enjoy beautiful views. You can do some shopping or eat delicious ice cream in a homemade waffle cone at the famous Buonocore or have a coffee at the Piazza Umberto, a lovely small square surrounded by ancient buildings.

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When is The Best Time to Do the Boat Tour?

This will depend on your preferences. If you want to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and sunbathing, the best time would be in the summer, either in June, July, or August. Just know that the island is crowded with tourists during those months and everything is more expensive.

May is a great time; just be aware that there is always more wind at sea than onshore, and the water is not as warm as in the summer. However, the weather is super agreeable to stroll around the island, and the place is still not crowded. But if you plan on swimming, I would suggest you bring long sleeve t-shirts to cover you after the swim.

In September, the temperatures begin to drop, and the weather becomes more agreeable. The water is still warm, and the crowds thin out, so it’s a fantastic time to get the best out of Capri. October, November, and December are excellent times for walking through the island, but not for swimming as it’s pretty cold.

Capri boat tour from Sorrento

Where to Eat in Capri

If you don’t care about the price, the Terrazza Brunella serves delicious Italian food, and the views are spectacular. Just make sure to reserve your place in advance as it’s most of the time busy.

Another great restaurant with beautiful views of the island is the Da Giorgio near the bus and taxi station. The food is excellent, and the prices too.

Who is the Tour For?   

Everyone can participate in this boat ride, parents, children, pregnant women, and lovers! It’s safe, relaxing, fascinating, fun, and romantic. Most of your time, you’ll spend either on the boat, in the water swimming, or strolling around the island at your own pace. So all participants are welcome!

Why Do This Tour?

Without a doubt, there are many reasons to do this tour. 

  • It’s a fantastic way to explore Capri island in one day.
  • A comfortable shuttle picks you up from your hotel and drops you off at your hotel after the boat ride.
  • You’ll sail along the Sorrento peninsula and around Capri island.
  • You’ll explore the beautiful Grottos and impressive Faraglioni rock stacks.
  • You get plenty of time to enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and strolling around the island.

What’s Included in the Tour

  • Delicious vegetarian sandwiches 
  • Refreshing drinks
  • Free transfer from your hotel to the meeting point.
  • Internet connection (WI-FI)
  • Four hours of free time in Capri and stops for swimming and snorkeling.


  1. Bring a towel with you, as there aren’t any onboard.
  2. Wear a hat and sunglasses to protect you from the sun.
  3. You often get wet on a boat, and if you want to keep all your content dry, you should consider using a dry bag.
  4. Not everyone gets seasick on the water, but I would highly recommend you bring some sea bands. You never know.
  5. Bear in mind that there are many mosquitos near the water, so take a mosquito repellent. Try to opt for natural repellents like citronella or lavender oils. They work perfectly!
  6. And the last thing, drink a lot of water and if you have children, make them drink. The wind, saltwater, and sun cause dehydration.
  7.  You might also need a comfortable pair of water shoes to wear in the water and on land.


  • Snacks and beverages onboard
  • Hotel pick up and drop off included
  • Friendly and helpful crew
  • Exceptionally well organized
  • Four hours of free time to visit Capri at your own pace.


  • There is no access to wheelchairs on the boat
  • Some users found the boat ride a little expensive but really worth the price.

Final Words

If you are in Sorrento, don’t miss this trip, you love it! It’s fun, relaxing and you get to see all the beauty of Capri in one day. People had a wonderful time on this tour, take a look at these reviews, they are pretty compelling.

Have you been on this boat ride? If so, what was your experience? I would love to know.

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12 thoughts on “Boat Excursion to Capri Island: Small Group from Sorrento”

  1. This boat excursion to Capri seems to be a really great idea, I am excited about everything you experience and see on this boat excursion, thank you for a great presentation.
    I see we have four hours off in Capri. I wonder if this is enough time to visit Capri? To take a walk, see something, go to lunch and maybe to some beach?
    After reading this article, I really want to experience this adventure with a boat excursion!
    Friendly greeting,

    • Hi Nina,

      There are good reasons to be excited about this boat tour because it’s just amazing.

      Capri is relatively small, but there are plenty of things to do there. 4 hours will be enough for a good lunch and visit a few sites. But you won’t be able to visit the whole islands and explore everything. However, you’ll also discover a lot by boat:)

      Let me know if you need more info. I’ll be glad to assist.

      Thank you for the comment, and I wish you to sail to Capri soon.

  2. WoW! Very interesting review and so full of details. As someone who lives in Italy I am always happy to read something about my country and I always appreciate when there are visitors who want to visit Italy. 

    It seems that you’ve already been there – maybe for a while? Tell me more about your experience and also if you have visited also other places in Italy. 

    • Hi Maja,

      I love Italy. I think it’s one of the most fascinating and beautiful countries in the world. Well, so far I’ve been to Portofino, Positano, Sorrento, Capri, Venice and soon I am planning another trip to Elba:)

      If you don’t mind me asking, from which town are you in Italy? I would love to know:)

      However, if you need help with something, I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for your comment, and I wish you a lovely day.

  3. Your article brought back a lot of memories of my time staying in Sorrento and exploring Capri. Glad to see there are more options to visiting Capri. When I went a long time ago there was one very small ferry that never arrived and never left on time either. Water would splash into the boat and the captain would smile and tell you not to worry. But now decades later, there are many options to visit Capri. From renting a private boat, sailing over to jumping on the Boat Excursion, Capri is more accessible than ever before.

    The itinerary of stops you suggest sounds very romantic and a trip my wife would enjoy as well. Thanks for the great review. You opened up some wonderful memories for me when I went to Capri with my wife on our honeymoon. I think it’s time to go back.

    • Hi Terry,

      I am glad this article has inspired you to go back to Capri:) Capri is romantic, so this is the perfect tour for lovely couples:)

      Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need some info. I’ll be more than happy to help.

      Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a fantastic day.

  4. Now we are talking. I have visited Sorrento a few years ago and was amazed by its beauty. I haven’t been to Capri though and here is a nice chance to visit. This Summer could be a great opportunity to spend some time on this beautiful island. I heard for the boat tours too. Thanks for sharing, I will have a closer look into offers. 

    • Hi Sunny,

      I hope next time you travel to Sorrento, you’ll get the chance to visit Capri:) Beautiful place!

      Let me know if you need to know ow some info. I’ll be glad to help.

      Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a lovely day.

  5. Boat excursion to Capri island looks absolutely amazing. There is a few beautiful looking stops along the way that I would most definitely be interested in. I have always wanted to visit Italy and I will for sure take this tour as soon as we are allowed to fly again. Thanks for this awesome site.

    • Hi Lennie,

      Yes, this is definitely an awesome boat tour around Capri:) You’ll navigate through beautiful places, and you’ll get four hours of free time in Capri. Please let me know if you need to know some info; I am always happy to help.

      Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a lovely day.

  6. The boat tour seems like an excellent way to visit Capri without spending a bundle. But if you wanted to stay there for a night or two and see more, is that also possible? You also mentioned drinking lots of water to stay hydrated, which is a good idea, but what are the bathroom facilities like? Especially on the boat for the trip over to Capri?

    • Hi Stella,

      Thank you for asking those questions:)

      You certainly can stay in Capri for a few days, but this will be at your own expense, and you will have to go back to Sorrento by yourself. If you want to stay in Capri, it would be best to take a ferry or a private boat. This boat tour lasts several hours. It’s more for a fun day around Capri island. Let’s put it that way, it’s not a sailing holiday, but a day tour:)

      There are no toilets onboard this boat, but you’ll have the opportunity to go to the bathroom at the marina before you get on the boat and when you get to Capri. The trip on the water is only 1 hour, so try not to drink too much on the boat, although you’ll get many beverages:). As long as you drink before and after the boat trip, you’ll be fine. It’s just that people tend to forget to drink and after the whole day in the sun and wind, the body loses lots of water.

      However, stay hydrated even if you are strolling around Capri on foot. The sun is intense and even more at sea. As I mentioned in the article, make sure to wear a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect your skin.

      I hope it helped.

      Please let me know if you need more info; I’ll be more than happy to assist.

      Thank you for the comment, and I wish you a fantastic day.


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