Royalty Yachts Review – The Leading Charter Company!

Website: RoyaltyYachts.comRoyaltyYachts Logo

Yacht Type: Motor Yachts, Catamarans, Sailing Yachts, Gulets, Luxury Yachts.

Charter Type: Crewed, Bareboat

Sailing Regions: Caribbean, Mediterranean, Bahamas, South Pacific, Florida, BVI.

If you are searching for a detailed Royalty Yachts review, look no further. Royalty Yachts is a luxury motor and sailing Yacht Charter Company. The yacht broker operates using the Lalyon Ltd Trading name, a UK-based private limited company that has been in business since 2010.

Royalty Yachts is a CYBA, British Marine, British Sailing and British Marine Federation member. The company’s membership to these associations is a testament to the strict code of ethics observed by Royalty Yachts while offering its services.

Royalty Yacht Review

Yacht Type

When you choose Royalty Yachts, you get access to four main yacht types namely; motor yachts, motor sailor/gullets, catamarans, and sailing yachts.


1. Motor yachts: Royalty Yachts has luxurious motor yachts equipped with the latest technology and amenities offering unmatched luxury, comfort, and speed.

The Yachts have notable features like sophisticated navigation and communication systems as well as staterooms offering large guest and master rooms with en-suite facilities.

What’s more- the motor yachts offer extra speed and more flexibility than most sailboats. Royalty Yachts has 20+ featured motor yachts for you to choose from.


2. Motor sailor/gullets: If you are interested in a luxurious “James Bond-style” charter powered by sail and wind power, Royalty Yachts’ motor sailor/gullets come highly recommendable.

The motor sailors are known for their exceptional comfort, luxury, spacious cabins/entertainment areas as well as their energy efficiency. Royalty Yachts offers 20 featured gullet charters across Europe (Greece, Italy, Croatia, and Turkey).


3. Catamarans: Royalty Yachts also has multi-hulled yachts (catamarans) that offer unmatched luxury charters while consuming less power than sails or motors. Royalty Yachts has sailing and power catamarans that provide fast and stable cruising.


4. Sailing yachts: If you want the most luxurious adventure cruising or sailing, Royalty Yachts has sailing yachts with a variety of configurations (sloop, cutter, schooner, and ketch). Sailing yacht experiences are available in some of the best destinations globally – Caribbean Windward Islands and Seychelles.

Sailing Destinations

Royalty Yachts covers the world’s most popular yacht charter destinations which include, but aren’t limited to; the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the Bahamas, Florida Keys and Whitsunday Islands (in Australia).

Besides covering these destinations and more, Royalty Yachts has access to the most luxurious charter boats in Thailand, Seychelles, and the South Pacific just to mention a few exotic locations.

With exclusive events taking place across the Mediterranean every year, you can visit Cannes, Portofino and St Tropez or watch Grand Prix in Monaco from the upper deck of your yacht all courtesy of Royalty Yachts.

Here’s a more conclusive list of some of the destinations covered by Royalty Yachts: Balearic Islands (in Spain), French Riviera, Corsica (France), Naples, Sicily and Sardinia in Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Turkey, Greece, British Virgin Islands, American Virgin Islands, Bahamas, the Caribbean (windward and leeward islands), Florida, Seychelles and Tahiti.

Royalty Yacht Yacht type

Type of Charters

Royalty Yachts offers two main types of charters namely crewed and bareboat. Crewed charters come with a crew (chef, hostess and a captain). More crew can be provided on request. You decide the itinerary during the charter as well as all your preferred meals, beverages, etc.

Royalty Yachts’ hostesses attend to all your needs ensuring you have the most luxurious journey imaginable. Bareboat charters are available to independent sailors who love to control their own boat while sailing their own route at their own pace. Royalty Yacht offers over 4000 bareboat yachts worldwide offering unmatched freedom of choice and independence.

Bareboat charters allow you the freedom to choose a preferred luxurious vessel, pace, and route. You need experience to take a bareboat charter. However, Royalty Yachts can offer professional skippers if you don’t have sailing qualifications for chartering a vessel on your own.

Who is Royalty for?

Royalty Yachts is for anyone looking for one of the best, if not the best yacht broker in Europe capable of delivering the best, most luxurious yacht sailing experience globally.

Royalty Yacht Services

Why Charter With Royalty Yachts?

There are many reasons for choosing Royalty Yachts over other yacht brokers in Europe. Here are the main reasons.

Main Pros


1. Conformity to a strict code of ethics

Royalty Yachts is a member of the most reputable yacht broker associations. The company’s membership with associations like; CYBA (Charter Yacht Broker Association), British Marine and British Sailing is a testament that the company upholds the highest global standards as far as yacht broker code of ethics is concerned.

Besides prioritizing on luxury, Royalty Yachts also prioritizes on safety and privacy. In fact, Royalty Yachts is renowned as one of the few professional yacht brokers with a wealth of global experience and standards.

The company reviews yachts in its selection every year to ensure it offers services that comply with the most stringent global quality standards.


2. Variety of Yachts

Royalty Yachts offers over 20 featured yacht charters for every yacht type (motor yachts, motor sailor/gullets, catamarans, and sailing yachts). The company also has access to many other vessels around the world. When you choose Royalty Yachts, you are assured of getting the best of yacht charter experiences.


3. Custom Services

Royalty Yachts offers yachting experiences where you want, when you want, how you want! The company can source the yacht of your dreams and adhere to every single requirement you may have including your level of preferred comfort and budget. You can also choose to charter a vessel with/without a crew with no limitations whatsoever.


4. Highly Recommendable

Royalty Yachts also boasts of having countless positive reviews. The company has a special section on their website that shows what past clients think about the company. Almost all customers who have used the yacht broker in the past are happy.



It’s not easy finding negative reviews about Royalty Yachts due to their excellent service and knowledgeable advice.



Royalty Yachts offers everything you would expect in a world-class yacht broker and more. First and foremost, you are assured of global standards of luxury, an unmatched variety of yachts and yachting experiences, customizable services around the globe and supporting services like flight and accommodation booking.

Royalty Yachts also comes highly recommended. The company has been tested and proven for almost a decade and most customers agree they offer one-of-a-kind experiences. It’s also easy to make inquiries and search for the perfect yacht by location, no. of guests, date, etc. online.

You couldn’t ask for a better yacht broker (in every regard) when you can have Royalty Yachts offer you services that match your expectations and budget.

For more information contact:


Have you already chartered a yacht with Royalty Yachts? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

HopaYacht Review – Your Best Option?

Website: HopaYAcht

Yacht Type: Catamarans, Sailboats, Motorboats, Gulets.

Charter Type: Skippered, Crewed, Bareboat, 5 Stars Flotilla, Cabin Carter.

Cruising Destinations: Croatia, Greece, Caribbean, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Thailand.

About Hopayacht is an online-based boutique-cruise booking site. The platform boasts of a steadily growing base of clientele and agents where you can book private cabins charter and medium-sized vessels. The platform serves a wide range of destinations at varying competitive prices with all services delivered by a professional crew.

Whether you plan to book a cabin for a small family/couple or an entire family for a group vacation, the platform promises to deliver this with a touch professionalism and individuality. The idea is to allow you and your loved ones to bond and have fun as you enjoy an extraordinary sailing atmosphere of your choice.

In essence, with platform, you get access to thousands of unique boutique cruises around the world where you get to charter a cabin or vessel of different features and sizes with professional captains/skippers, chefs/cooks to various destinations at competitive custom prices.

As you will see in this HopaYacht review, the cruising experience is more flexible because you’re allowed to create your own sailing vacation.

Type of Yachts

When it comes to yacht offerings, will leave you spoiled for choice. Here is a quick look at the types of yachts you can charter on this platform.

5 Stars Flotilla: This option is an unforgettable experience, whether you’re a group, a solo-adventurer, a couple or a yacht owner looking for new experience. Some of the benefits of cruising in a Flotilla include delicious food, marvelous sites, and no cleaning, just to name but a few.

5 stars flotilla - HopaYacht

Bareboat Yacht Charter: those looking for a little more freedom will totally love this option. Chartering a bareboat yacht allows you to decide who you’re coming with, where you will sail and stay, and pretty much whatever you desire to do.

Bareboat - HopaYacht

Cabin Charter: If you would rather not organize your own group for sailing, simply show up solo or with a couple of friends/family members and enjoy the sailing experience Cabin charter–just sit back and relax.

Cabin Charter - HopaYacht-min

Full Vessel Charter: If you have a larger group of friends, family members or even employees, you can literarily charter an entire vessel and personalize it to suit your desired sailing experience. This can be the same ship as for cabin charter, and most details such as itinerary, activities, menu need to be planned in advance. If you’re looking to enjoy a marvelous boutique sailing experience on your own terms, then probably this is your best option.

Hopayacht Sailing Regions

When you ask about destinations and yacht chartering services that offer unforgettable and diverse sailing vacation experience, all fingers seem to be pointing towards And one of the reasons for that is their rich selection of exciting destinations. Here is a look at some of the top destinations you can choose from;

Spain (Cabin and Yacht charter) –there’s no other exciting and fun way to discover Spain than with a Cabin or Yacht charter. Gorgeous archipelagos, a vast coastline of over 8,000 kilometers and lots of fun are what awaits you on this route.

Saigon (2 Days river cruise) –you can decide to begin or finish your cruising adventure in Saigon, a fun-filled and exciting Vietnamese city. Here, you get to enjoy delicious food, experience a new culture and learn a little about their history.

Canary Islands (Cabin and Yacht charter) –This is a Spanish sailing experience made of a tropical archipelago of islands to explore. This picture-perfect destination is located off the Moroccan coast in the North Atlantic Ocean with wonderful beaches, national parks and aquamarine water waiting to be explored.

The Caribbean (Cabin and Yacht charter) –The Caribbean Sea has always been a dream sailing vacation destination for many sailing enthusiasts. The dream island destinations of the Caribbean are located between North and South America.

Croatia (Cabin, Yacht, and Gulet charter) –Croatia is a great destination and vacation country with over 1,000 islands and lots of sites to explore. Rich cultural and historic heritage, clear waters, wonderful beaches, and marvelous coastal towns are just a few of things that will be waiting for you on this rout.

Indonesia (Cabin, Gulet and Yacht charter) –What makes Indonesia their top destination is probably the diverse mix of more than 17,000 islands open for exploration.

Greece (Cabin, Yacht, and Gulet charter) –another great destination full of unique islands and a long clear coastline for your sailing exploration. Colorful coastal towns, wonderful beaches, enjoyable cities rich in culture and history and turquoise water are just a few of the reasons to head to Greece. But perhaps what really sets this destination aside is the unique traditional preserved Greek villages

Italy (Cabin, Yacht, and Gulet charter) – You probably already know that Italy is a top-rated international vacation destination. This route allows you to discover the wonderful warm waters of the Adriatic and Mediterranean seas.

Thailand (Cabin and Yacht charter) –Thailand offers a rich mix of vibrant nightlife, cultural diversity and stunning nature. This is one of the busiest and most popular tourist destinations in the world, so definitely you won’t run out of fun and exciting activities/sites to enjoy.

Turkey (Cabin, Yacht, and Gulet charter) – Trips to Turkey are popularly indulged in a Gulet charter –they are traditionally referred to as “Blue Voyage” here.

Who Is Hopayacht For?

Hopayacht is suitable for solo traveler couples, triples, small Groups, families, co-workers, groups of friends, skippers, boat owners, and sailing enthusiasts. In short, pretty much anyone who dreams of a fun-filled, exciting and unforgettable sailing vacation.

Why Sail Through Hopayacht?

Flexibility: you can customize your cruise according to your own terms and needs.
Professional: all services come with a touch of professionalism, thanks to years of experience.
Wide variety: As you can see from above, you have a wide variety of cruises to choose from.
Individual Customer Approach: the crew is well trained and will help you to organize everything –with a personal touch.
Communication –the Hopayacht offers support in 5 languages.

Sailing with family - HopaYacht-min



• Affordable pricing
• Ability to customize the cruises to your liking
• Different yacht options to accommodate a wide range of customer needs
• Spectacular destinations for unforgettable sailing experiences



• Choices can be overwhelming for a newbie sailing adventurer, but Hopayacht’s team is always there to help you!



HopaYacht is undoubtedly the easiest way to charter a yacht and organizes your dream sailing vacation. It’s indeed a dedicated and unique boutique-cruises platform that will offer you a wide range of yachts, customizations options, and dream destinations. And owing to the rising number of positive reviews online, we won’t hesitate to recommend it too.


Have you already chartered a yacht through HopaYacht? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.


Intrepid Travel Review – Is It Your Best Option?


Yacht Type: Sailing boats, Catamarans

Trip Types: Sailing Tours and Land Tours

Cruising Areas: Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Galapagos

Land Tours Areas: Africa, Asia, Central America, Europe, Middle East, North America, Polar, South America, Australia and Oceania

Intrepid Travel Review 

Intrepid Travel is a travel tour company that offers immersive experiences in small groups to over 100 countries worldwide. The company prides itself on giving consumers a local view of each location rather than feeling like a tourist. What sets Intrepid Travel apart from other tour companies is that each tour is led by someone who was born and raised in the country. Traveling with a small group lets you experience the country in an organic way, rather than roaming the streets in a large group.

Sailing trips

Intrepid Travel offers specific sailing tours in Europe, Asia, and the Caribbean. These tours are geared to everyone from the novice sailor to the seasoned professional. Each sailing trip has experienced skippers on board, so you don’t have actually to know how to sail to enjoy the trip. If you’d like to learn, the skipper onboard will show you how. If you’re concerned about spending too much time at seas and not enough on land, you don’t need to worry since these tours make sure you get the best of both, offering plenty of opportunities to explore locations on foot.

Discover Croatia 300x250

Onshore tour styles 

On the website, tours are broken down into themes to help consumers choose what best suits them. Possible themes include family, food, polar, wildlife, overland, festivals, cycling, short breaks, walking and trekking, cultural holidays, expeditions and astronomy. Intrepid Travel knows that people want different things from their vacations, and they make sure you’re able to do what truly interests you.


Intrepid Travel has over 100 locations to choose from when picking your tour. They cover Europe, Middle East, Asia, North America, South America, Central America, Australia & Oceania, Africa and even offer tours in polar regions like Antarctica. Each destination has special trips created to highlight the best each location has to offer. With a local guide showing you their hometown, you’re guaranteed an authentic trip!

How to book

Booking a tour with Intrepid Travel is easy. You can choose to book online, by phone or with a travel agent. The online booking system shows all trips available for booking, which includes the price, a rating, how many days, trip style and a detailed itinerary. If you prefer to talk to a representative directly, you can call Intrepid Travel and have the person book the trip for you. The last option is to visit a travel agent if you prefer to discuss your options face-to-face. Travel agents can be found in any city and will be able to guide you to the perfect trip to meet your needs.

Last Minute Deals

When you visit the Intrepid Travel website, there is a page dedicated to last minute travel deals. These deals are one-time offers available for a limited time. You can search for deals based on destinations, price range, and duration. This is an excellent tool for all of the last minute travelers out there! All you have to do is choose your dates, and you have a choice from hundreds of excellent trips with a full itinerary at your fingertips.


Since the trips vary in length from 1-4 days to over 31 days, prices are varied as well. You can choose to search through trips based on your budget. Prices are separated from $1- $1000, all the way to $4000, and above. For example, they currently offer an 8 day trip in Ecuador for $595, a 17 day trip from Buenos Aires to Rio for $2280 and an Antarctic Exploration trip for 11 days priced at $9495.

Discover Italy 300x250

For Whom are these tours?

These tours are for everyone and anyone! The versatility of the trips, from the destination to duration and cost, ensures that there is a perfect trip for every kind of traveler. Peruse the site and check out the options available and you will be surprised to find detailed itineraries of places you hadn’t thought of visiting with excursions you didn’t know existed. The trips are great for travel inspiration as well so look to them not only to create some long-lasting memories but also to throw you into moments where you connect with your higher power.

Why Sail With Intrepid?

Sailing with Intrepid Travel gives you a completely new experience to traditional travel methods. There are plenty of opportunities to travel by plane or car, but very few that let you enjoy the sea element. For people who haven’t sailed previously you have the option to learn about it, or just sit back and enjoy it. For seasoned sailors, you can be involved in the sailing from place to place. Sailing provides a new perspective for travelers, rather than the monotony of a flight or long car trip, you’re setting sail to get to the next place. Feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your face and set sail to your next adventure!


The pros of traveling with Intrepid Travel are that:

  • You get a planned itinerary
  • A small and personalized group to travel with a local guide to show you around
  • Free time to do what you want during your trip
  • Hidden local trips off the beaten path.
  • Intrepid Travel takes the guesswork out of traveling so that you just get to truly enjoy your trip and immerse yourself in a new place.
  • Explore the world with a group of fellow travelers, meet new people and make memories that last a lifetime.


  • When traveling with Intrepid Travel you may find that you don’t like some of your group members, which can make a set itinerary annoying and harder to adhere to.
  • Also, traveling with tour groups tends to cost more money than if you were to travel alone or plan the trip yourself. That being said, the added cost is covering the convenience of not having to plan out an itinerary for yourself.

Final Word!

If you love to travel and want to experience something new without having to really work through the details, Intrepid Travel is an excellent solution. Do your research and find what trips appeal to you, you may even find a trip you had never thought of taking! Remember that when it comes to travels and tours, Intrepid Travel has just about something for everyone.

What about you? Have you already sailed with Intrepid Travel? If so, share your experience by leaving a comment below, I’ll be glad to hear your feedback!

Boatbookings Review – The Ultimate Choice!

Website: Boatbookings Yacht Charter

Yacht Types: Sailing yachts, Catamarans, Motor Yachts, Gullets

Cruising Areas: Worldwide

Year built: 2005

Charter Type: Crewed, Bareboat

About Boatbookings

Founded over a decade ago in 2005, Boatbookings Yacht Charter brings together the leading professionals in the sailing industry to deliver a world-class yacht chartering experience to customers worldwide.

Arguably one of the most visited yacht charter website, Boatbookings, a yacht charter broker service, also claims a number of other firsts including the most content-rich yacht charter portal as well as the largest selection of boats available.

Their website makes it explicitly clear that Boatbookings are exclusively in the business of yacht charter and do not deal with sale, purchase, or management of yachts. Their exclusive focus on yacht charter business helps them deliver a superior customer experience. In this Boatbookings review, we shall take a detailed look at their service and customer support on a number of parameters.

Boatbookings Destinations

One of the major advantages of booking your yacht through Boatbookings is their unparalleled global reach. Unlike many yacht charter companies that are limited in their geographical reach, Boatbookings have a truly global footprint, allowing customers to choose among the most celebrated sailing destinations.

For example, in the Caribbeans, Boatbookings can allow you to book a yacht to major destinations including the British Virgin Islands, Bahamas, Leeward Islands, and the Windward Islands. They also serve prominent North American destinations including Florida, Pacific Northwest, San Francisco and New England.

Aside from other prominent destinations including the Mediterranean and southeast Asia, they also allow customers to choose among destinations in Oceania, Northern Europe, and the Indian Ocean. Whether it is the exotic islands in Oceania and the Indian Ocean such as Tahiti, Fiji, Seychelles, and the Maldives or North European destinations such as Scotland and Sweden, customers are truly spoiled for choice.

Check Out Boatbookings Charter Destinations

Boat on the water

Type of Yachts

Boatbookings allow customers to choose from a variety of boats, depending on their specific needs and requirements.

For example, customers who wish to enjoy a relaxing and fully serviced sailing experience can choose from a number of crewed and skippered yachts. Boatbookings provides crewed motor yachts, multihulls, and monohulls of varying sizes, from small and simple yachts to superyachts.

Similarly, those who have a sailing experience of their own and do not require a skipper or crew can choose a bareboat charter. Just like the crewed charter, bareboat charter includes boats of all kinds and sizes, including motor yachts, catamarans, and high-performance monohulls.

Type of yachts

Who is Boatbookings For?

With their comprehensive global coverage and focus on yacht charter business, Boatbookings is ideal for everyone who intends to enjoy the thrill of sailing at exotic sailing destinations the world over.

Whether you are a family who wants to enjoy a luxurious sailing holiday while being served by a helpful crew, or an experienced sailor who wants to taste the thrill of a performance monohull, Boatbookings has something for everyone.

With over 12,000 boats in their inventory, Boatbookings have an unparalleled selection of boats, which makes them well equipped to make available exactly the type of boat their customers need and require.

Advantages of Sailing Through Boatbookings

Aside from their unrivaled global presence, there is a host of other reasons that make sailing through Boatbookings an extremely attractive proposition. To begin with, their network of professionals with deep experience in the sailing industry means that they know exactly what it takes to deliver a perfect yacht chartering experience.

Secondly, at Boatbookings you would get truly independent and unbiased reports and reviews about the right boat for you.

Thirdly, to further sweeten the deal, Boatbookings guarantee the best prices in the industry which would be better or equal to the prices charged by owners and operators.

See what customers say about Boatbookings

Pros & Cons of Boatbookings


1) A worldwide presence that allows customers to choose from any of their favorite destinations across the globe.
2) A massive selection of 12,000 boats of all types and sizes, that caters to the needs of everyone. Whether you are an experienced sailor looking for a bareboat high-performance yacht, or a family looking for an idyllic sailing experience, there is a boat for one and all.
3) Beyond the smooth yacht chartering experience, Boatbookings provide impeccable customer support if things go wrong, particularly in foreign jurisdiction owing to local customs and language.
4) Extremely competitive price means that you will not be shelling extra for your dream sailing trip.


1) Didn’t find any!

In Conclusion

Boatbookings is essentially a broker charter service that, over the last decade, has earned a name for itself on account of its professionalism. If you are someone who is looking for a charter company that allows you choose from most of the global destinations at unbeatable prices, then you should look no further than Boatbookings. With their extensive inventory of boats, you can be sure to find a yacht that perfectly meets your requirements. So do not hesitate, and get in touch with Boatbookings.

If you have any question, please feel free to leave a comment below, I’ll be more than happy to help!