Jeanneau 57 Sailing Boat – The Stylish Offshore Cruiser

Designed by Philippe Briand, Jeanneau 57 is an elegant offshore cruiser that offers endless possibilities both in terms of onboard living and sea exploration. The stylish interior and deck layout are the handiwork of Vittorio Garroni and offer a generous amount of accommodation and lounging space ideal for relaxation.

Once you get aboard the Jeanneau 57, you’ll discover, almost immediately, that every interior and exterior detail has been conceptualized to offer the most fun and engaging cruising experience. If you’re planning to charter the vessel for the first time, then you would most probably want to know what to expect in terms of onboard amenities, performance features, sailing destinations, and more.

So, here is a quick review of the Jeanneau 57 sailing boat that can provide valuable insight into what the vessel has to offer:


Jeanneau 57 comes with 3 cabins that can house up to 6 guests in hotel-style comfort. The master bedroom lies forwards, while the rest of the 2 identical cabins are located towards the aft and can have a configuration of either double or twin beds. In all accommodation layouts, there is a forward single bunk designed for the crew that can be accessed from the bow. The boat also comes with a total of 4 showers and 3 electric heads, which adds even more convenience to living on board.


Inside the Jeanneau 57 lies a U-shaped galley that is furnished, complete with a bench top, fridge, top-loading freezer, gimbaled stove with oven, and three burners. The galley also features a range hood plus an optional dishwasher and microwave.

Just opposite the galley is a chart table complete with an electronic nerve center. Within the boat’s large spacious saloon, there are light sofas and armchairs, plus a table where you can relax as you converse or enjoy a meal with friends. There are sleek windows and skylights that bring in generous amounts of natural light, something that increases comfort on the vessel’s interior.


The vessel’s companionway, which is flanked on both sides by leather-covered handrails, can be accessed via a clamshell hatch, and there’s generous headroom as you descend to the cabin below. Jeanneau 57’s cockpit is comfortable and well organized, with its forward section featuring a lounging area and the aft section having a large sitting area.

There is also a drop-side table within the cockpit, featuring an integrated sink and icebox, which can seat up to 8 people or be used as a center point for distributing finger foods. Throughout the yacht (including the exterior), rich materials like leather, blond teak floor finishing, and stainless steel have been perfectly utilized.

Generally, there’s just about enough on the deck for relaxation and play. You can actually laziness around the foredeck as you catch the soothing sea breeze or sit in the cockpit with family and/or friends as you enjoy some intimate or casual conversations.


Jeanneau 57 is equipped with a set of entertainment facilities that can make the cruising experience not only lively but also engaging. Within the saloon, there’s a stereo providing high-quality audio entertainment. A satellite TV, with 5GB weekly data, is also available for use, with €35 charged for each additional 5GB purchased. If you would like to surf the internet, there is onboard Wi-Fi that’s at your disposal 24/7.

In terms of water entertainment, the vessel has a number of water sports facilities onboard, including a 3.5m dinghy, water skis (for adults), windsurfer, snorkel gear, water tube, and wakeboard, all at your disposal. Jeanneau 57 further has a swim platform and boarding ladder in the transom, which makes it easier to get into and out of the water.


Jeanneau 57’s Volkswagen 140 hp/103 kW engine is powerful enough to push the boat at a decent speed of 9 knots/hour. Raising the sails, using the powered halyard and sheet winches, is also a breeze with this boat if you want to cruise with wind power. With this latter option, you can comfortably sail at speeds of 6.5 knots when the breeze is blowing at 8 to 10 knots.

Where Does Jeanneau 57 Sail?

The Jeanneau 57 boat is available in many locations for charter. But this specific one can be found in Greece during the summer. If you’ve successfully chartered the vessel, then your preferred pick-up point will be Corfu.

Why Charter The Jeanneau 57?

Setting into the sea with this vessel, first of all, promises a comfortable and luxurious experience, thanks to the stylish and well-organized deck. If you can come along with a couple of friends or family members, then your cruising experience can be both fun and engaging.

Secondly, the vessel is a sailboat, which means you can choose to either sail under power or with the help of wind. That means you have the opportunity to save more on fuel at sea or enjoy an ancient-like sailing experience when the conditions are windy.

Lastly, the 57 comes with a crew that can help not only with cruising but also with cooking. With that, you can have an easy time hopping from one island to the next, all while getting the better of the sea and the adventures that come with it. 


If you’ve been planning to charter a vessel that will offer you the most fun and memorable adventures at sea, you might just fall in love with Jeanneau 57. A quick look at its interior and exterior features reveal just how stylish and well-thought the vessel’s design is. That, when combined with a dedicated crew, a well-crafted itinerary, and a dose of adrenaline-filled activities at sea, make sailing with this vessel-either during winter or summer-worthwhile. So it is something worth giving a try.

  • Type of boat: sail
  • Beam: 5 meters
  • Draft: 2.5 meters
  • Year Built: 2016
  • Cruise Speed: 7
  • Maximum Speed: 9
  • Engine: Volkswagen 140 hp/ 103 kW

Have you already ridden the Jeanneau 57? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

Beneteau 38 Sailboat – A High-Performing Boat

Beneteau Oceanis 38 is a 38-foot performance cruiser that shares much of the good angular looks with the rest of the Oceanis series. But its interior design breaks new ground and presents a living space like no other. The Oceanis 38’s construction is simply one-of-a-kind. From the hard chines (flowing from well forward to aft) to the considerable beam and twin wheels through to the fiberglass arch laid over the companionway, the vessel’s physical appearance is adorable, to say the least.

Beneteau 38 Sailboat is the epitome of comfort, luxury, and unique cruising at sea. So any money spent on chartering the vessel would be worth it in the long run. But do you know what to expect in the boat in terms of exterior & exterior design, onboard amenities, and overall performance? Let’s find out!


The Beneteau 38 comes with 2 to 3 cabins that can house up to 6 guests, quite comfortably. There’s one head in the two cabin layout with the extra space from aft to board utilized as a stand-up shower. It’s a sizable room that can serve as a storage area or wet locker.

With the 3-cabin layout, the shower is in a small compartment, towards the port, otherwise appointed a hanging locker. There are Queen Size beds in these cabins, something that makes sleeping both comfortable and relaxing. All the cabins’ interior comes with a 6ft 5-inch headroom and includes a removable forward bulkhead.


Beneteau 38’s interior is not only appealing but also highly configurable, allowing you to organize the interior spaces and the woodwork ambiances to suit your needs. The boat simply offers three options when it comes to re-organizing life on board the boat: the Daysailer, the Weekender, and the Cruise.

The Daysailer does away with the interior bulkheads, leaving space for a single room. This arrangement also proffers more aft space for storage and an open cockpit. The weekender version, on the other hand, offers a sophisticated yet appealing choice of layout. It includes open or closed cabins, an in-line galley (with fridge, 2-burner stove, and oven), a separate shower, helmsman’s seats, an extra inside/outside table, and more.

The Cruiser option of the Oceanic 38 features a large galley facing the saloon plus a bathroom with a separate shower. You also have the option of choosing between 2 or 3 fitted cabins. In this layout, the bulkhead can be taken off from the fore cabin to restore that lost feeling.


The boat comes with twin helms opening up in the middle of the cockpit. There’s also convenient access from the companionway going all the way aft, where the vessel’s hinged transom connects to the swim platform. Oceanis 38 comes with side decks that are fitted with handholds, making the process of maneuvering around safe and easy.

The Cruiser and Weekender versions usually come with a mainsheet arch placed over the cockpit together with a drop-leaf cockpit table. This sets up a perfect spot for entertainment, especially if you’re much into sundowners.

Ocean 38 boasts of a Z-Spars deck-stepped mast that lies aft and is placed right at the center of the keel. This creates a slightly larger fore-triangle which ensures more sailing power. A larger part of the deck hardware, including the primary and cabin top winches, is made of Harken. And when it comes to navigation equipment, it is an all-B&G affair.


There’s never a dull moment aboard the Oceanis 38, all thanks to the saloon Stereo and LCD TV, cockpit loudspeakers, CD and DVD players, and internet Wi-Fi. With all these entertainment equipment and facilities, you can enjoy listening to soothing music, watching your favorite movies on TV, or surfing the internet, after a rather exciting day at sea.


Under sail, Beneteau can hit up to 3.8 knots when the wind blows at a steady speed of 7 knots. And with a displacement of just under 15,000 lbs, picking up its skirts and moving forward isn’t a big deal. If you can be lucky enough to come across strong winds to blow through the jib and make the mainsail batten, powering the vessel will be quite effortless and the sailing experience joyous.

When cruising under power, you can enjoy both stability and swiftness as you move along. With a 30 hp Yanmar saildrive engine, Oceanis 38 can comfortably cruise at 7.1 knots or so at 2,700 rpm. The boat’s twin rudders are also well positioned, so backing straight and turning are both swift and precise.

Where Does Beneteau 38 Sail?

The 38 is fit to sail literally anywhere in the world. But for this specific vessel, you’ll find it in the Bahamas, Florida, and Cuba, both in winter and summer. The preferred pick-up point for the boat is Miami Beach.

Sailing in the Abacos

Why Charter Beneteau Oceanis 38?

The Oceanis 38 is, first and foremost, a sailboat which means you have the option of sailing the traditional way or cruising at relatively high speed in a modern fashion.

Another exciting feature about this boat is that its interior can be customized greatly to suit your travel needs i.e. erect bulkheads to partition the sleeping space for you and the kids or get rid of the bulkheads to create more space for you and your partner.

Just like any other modern sailboat out there, the 38 proffers numerous opportunities to explore the numerous dreamy coastlines, the seemingly endless waters, and the countless adventures that come with them. So chartering this vessel sets you up for a fun, relaxing, and memorable holiday to your coveted islands.


This is much there’s to know about Beneteau 38. As you’ve seen, its exterior is gorgeous, its interior highly changeable and engrossing while its performance is top-notch. So if you’ve been scouting for a good sailboat to charter for your upcoming holiday vacation, either solo or with family or friends, this would be a recommendation for you.



  • Type: Sail
  • Beam: 13.1 Feet
  • Draft: 6.10 Feet
  • year built: 2017
  • Builder: Beneteau


Have you already sailed the Beneteau 38? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

Jeanneau 64 Sailing Yacht – The Sailor’s Boat!

Jeanneau 64 sailing yacht is one of those yachts guaranteed to surprise you. Latest from the company, Jeanneau 64 comes with a 64 feet 1-inch hull and a series of qualities that have been long associated with the brand. The manufacturer has cleverly married comfort, luxury and functionality to dominate in the new market.

The 64 was engineered by Philippe Briand, a French yacht designer, and Andrew Winch, a renowned British interior designer. Both the interior and exterior portray an exceptional sense of style, with a superior finish and fit.

The various accommodation arrangements available are impressive too. While a ride on this comes at a modest price, you still see a sprinkle of luxury in every aspect of the yacht. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main aspects of the Jeanneau 64.


As already mentioned, the accommodation arrangements available on the 64 are quite malleable with a touch of luxury. The yacht offers a luxurious full-width ensuite room and two more staterooms. All rooms have separate showers as well as ensuite heads. There is a cabin small cabin that you can convert into a workshop, a combination pantry, or a day head as you may like.

The forward end has a dedicated settee with a navigation station just opposite the dinette. There is another small cabin close to the dinette, which serves as a cloakroom, but you can use it to store any extras like snorkeling gear.

Overall, the 64 can accommodate up to 8 guests in its 4 cabins. There is a bunk room featuring two bunks with access to a shared bathroom. You access the crew cabin from the bow, and all cabins are fitted with air-conditioning.


The interior design in the Jeanneau 64 is quite exceptional, with a touch of luxury here and there. If you’ve seen the photos of the interior, you already know what am talking about.

Anyway, the interior finish is way above average, with several stylish touches, such as the wooden sinks and leather trim all through. Depending on which one you will find, the interior structure is either made of oak with a light modern style or traditional, darker teak.

The cockpit is well segregated with clear separate social and working spaces, which means the guests and crew can go about their business without interference from either. Most of the space is occupied by a power-lounging pit and two supper comfortable bench seats around two tables. The tables are completely adjustable –so you can adjust them to dining or lounging height.

You will find the working cockpit next to a range of Harken Rewind winches, Spinlock clutches, and deck organizers. There is also a small drinks fridge, wet–bar sink, and even a collapsible barbecue.


A quick glance at the Jeanneau 64 exterior will quickly reveal the effort and attention to detail that has gone into its design. The hull and deck are fused with a balsa polyester resin. The keel root is interposed with solid laminate, while the exterior of the hull is finished using an NG gel coat.

The hardware installations on the deck are set on plywood coring, while the high-load areas are tabbed with laminate. The subfloor of the salon is a frame in high-grade aluminum. The keel features cast iron, while the rudder is wrapped in fiberglass. Overall, the structural design of this yacht’s functionality, safety, comfort, and convenience are all taken care of.


The Jeanneau 64 is not that big on entertainment, but if you’re in for it, you will find a Salon DVD player and TV, a Stereo system, and device hookups for this, like iPod. There is also onboard Wi-Fi to keep you connected to the outside world and keep you busy when you’re chilling out.

About the Crew

The captain, Harry Cop, is such a fun person to be around; you should meet him. He is British and extremely committed and passionate about what he does. He has a wide experience in marine and aircraft engines. He has been a watercraft instructor, which allowed him to work with clients addressing issues like safety, customer care, and other key areas.

Harry also has a certificate in advanced powerboat operations and has all the skills and experience required to steer a wide range of sail and power vessels. He has taken numerous sailing roles in the Mediterranean and Caribbean, and he is very committed to what he has done since he stepped out of school. His passions include Rugby, Power Boating, Fishing, Sailing, Land Rovers, and SCUBA Diving.

Hellen, the ever-jovial service lady, is a hardworking person with a trusting and friendly demeanor that shows up all through her customer care services. She is a first learner with many qualifications in the beverage and food industry.

She has longstanding experience in whipping delicious meals and beverages. She has previously served in the 58ft catamaran across different destinations in the Mediterranean. Some of her interests and hobbies include Sailing, Dancing, Hiking, Arts and Crafts, SCUBA Diving, and Fishing.

Both Helen and Harry have a way of seamlessly blending professionalism with fun, making them completely approachable and memorable to be with.


The Jeanneau 64 hits a maximum speed of 10 knots, but you will be mostly cruising between 7-9 knots. The boat is pretty responsive, with impressive acceleration and handling at turns. In reality, the boat can hit up to 13 knots at a good wind angle, but hey, we’re not here for speed, are we?

The 64 is also highly automated, with most of the functions powered. Fuel consumption averages around 10 liters per hour, and it has a 7.5 kW generator. That’s pretty modest for the EnginesVolvo D4-180-180 HP engine. Assisted Sail Trim technology is also a clever addition considering it comes at such a modest price.

Where Does Nova Sail?

The 64 sails in Greece in both winter and summer, and the preferred pickup point is either Greece or Corfu.

Jeanneau 64 sailing regions

Why Charter Nova?

Sailing on the Jeanneau 64 yacht is just one of those sailing experiences you can’t forego for anything. The boat is spacious, luxurious, and well-designed to give the best sailing experience. The service is also great, and as you will notice, the boat is always clean and organized. The food is amazing, the sailing routes are well thought out, and the number of available water sports and fun activities makes it all worthwhile.


Jeanneau 64 is a solid choice for those planning a sailing vacation. It can accommodate up to 8 guests and comes with a captain and a full-time chef. If Greece is one of those destinations you’ve ever wanted to explore, then chartering Jeanneau 64 yacht would be a smart move.


Type: Sail Yacht
Beam: 5.4 Metres
Draft: 2.95 Metres
YearBuilt: 2014
Manufacturer: Jeanneau
Cruise speed: 8
MaxSpeed: 10
Engines: Volvo D4-180-180 HP / 132 kW ONAN 7.5 kW 220V 1500RPM
ScubaOnboard: Yacht offers Rendezvous Diving only

Have you already sailed with the Jeanneau 64? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comments below.

Beneteau Oceanis 60 Review – The Powerful Cruising Boat

Oceanis 60 Beneteau

For sailors who are big on the performance and sailing characteristics of a boat, monohulls continue to be the holy grail.

Even among monohulls, sailors are partial towards boats with a longer waterline as they translate into impressive cruising miles.

Not surprisingly, Beneteau Oceanis 60 has been one of the best-selling boats owing purely to its long-distance sailing performance.

In this Beneteau Oceanis 60 review, however, I would show that this boat packs in much more than just its high-octane cruising characteristics.

The makers have improved upon the established Berret Racoupeau hull, adding bells and whistles that are typically the preserve of custom-built boats.

Where Does the Oceanis 60 Sail?

The Oceanis 60 is a large boat capable of sailing comfortably over long distances.

It is not unusual to see this boat taking its owners over to the tropical islands near the equator during the fall season.

For those desirous of chartering this boat during the Mediterranean summer, several charter companies offer her in France, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey, and Belgium.

Whether it is the 3 or 4-cabin layout, you will discover that Oceanis 60 offers a terrific mix of luxury and performance and one of the best ways to explore the Mediterranean and beyond.


As mentioned above, the Beneteau Oceanis 60 is available in two configurations of 3 and 4 cabins, each with its own separate heads.

The latter is strictly driven by the need to cater to the demands of the yacht charter industry.

The first thing to note as you step inside the below deck area is the abundant use of Alpi wood.

It has a luxurious look and feels and is designed to last in the salty marine environment. The crew quarter can accommodate two and comes with a head.

The layout is identical in both configurations, except that the master stateroom forward gets replaced with two separate cabins, each with its own head.

While one of the staterooms on the starboard side features two separate single beds, it is also available in the double bed configuration.

To conclude, the Oceanis 60 can easily accommodate 6-8 people in the two versions, excluding the crew.


Stepping down the 5 steps staircase, lit up with courtesy lights, you would come face to face with a truly cavernous saloon.

It becomes immediately apparent that the makers have put considerable thought into design and spared no effort to ensure a truly opulent below-deck experience.

To the left of the stairs is the navigation station that can easily seat two. The navigation table itself is large to spread large maps, and there is plenty of room for all the modern gadgets and electronics.

The navigation table itself is large to spread large maps, and there is plenty of room for all the modern gadgets and electronics.

Forward to the stairs is the sofa with a cocktail table that can be converted into a bench to seat two.

While the saloon is truly cavernous in size, it still feels light and airy owing to the generously sized sunroofs placed at the back and the middle.

The galley is a moderately sized space with a sufficiently large countertop for food preparation.

On the other hand, for a boat that is designed to sail with a full complement of 10 people, the three burner stove feels inadequate.

That aside, the galley is generously equipped, featuring a large dishwasher space, rubbish disposal unit, and a Siemens washer.

In addition, there is a large refrigerator, a separate freezer, and a 100-liter icebox.


The first thing you notice on the deck is the unusually large cockpit space where no less than 14 people can be accommodated in total comfort.

What I particularly appreciate is the large double hemp seats where a couple can enjoy sailing together or a novice can pick up the nuances of sailing sitting beside the skipper.

As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, the Beneteau Oceanis 60 is designed for much more than pure sailing pleasure.

The designers of this boat have gone to extreme lengths to ensure that this boat does not disappoint casual sailors with its generous social spaces.

For example, the Oceanis 60 features an abundant aft sunning deck. This cleverly designed deck ensures that you do not run the risk of sprays and wind while being in close proximity to the helm station.

Other notable features include an extra wide side deck that makes moving to and from the forward deck a breeze, even in breezy conditions.

The placement of winches and having them electrically operated means the boat is ideal for short-handed sailing.

Below the aft deck lies a nifty garage where you can easily keep an inflatable dinghy.

Under sail

The Beneteau Oceanis 60 is powered by 150 hp diesel engine with a 600-liter fuel capacity.

Our skipper took us out on this boat in 20 knots of Mediterranean breeze, and the waters were challenging but manageable.

Initially powered by the Volkswagen engine spinning at an efficient 3300 rpm, we achieved an impressive speed of well over 9 knots.

Subsequently, we set up the sail controls and got to witness the true sailing performance ability of this boat.

With consistent speeds of 11 knots and occasionally hitting 13 knots, the boat proved itself in upwind conditions.

The boat also stayed dry, negotiating 5-foot seas without a hint of stress.

Why Sail the Oceanis 60?

1) A proven hull with an illustrious pedigree
2) Sheltered cockpit with abundant social spaces
3) A large interior that feels light, airy, and welcoming.
4) Thoughtful round-edged designs to keep people safe during turbulent passages
5) Use of quality materials, high-end appliances, and reliable gadgets

In Conclusion

Beneteau is unarguably the largest yacht maker in the world, and its domain expertise is best showcased in the Oceanis 60.

Make no mistake; the Oceanis 60 is a truly imposing vessel with all the modern comforts taken care of. And yet, it seems almost miraculous that boat of this size could be perfect for single-handed sailing.

The best part of the boat, apart from its superlative sailing performance and comfort, has to be the competitive price which is substantially less than a million.

There is no doubt that this boat is worth its price, both for private owners and the charter industry.


  • Length Overall: 62′ 3” 18.27 m
  • Beam: 16’ 4” 4.99 m
  • Draft: 8’ 10” 2.69 m
  • Shallow Draft (Shallow Keel): 7’ 3” 2.21 m
  • Hull Length: 58’ 3” 17.75 m
  • Fuel Capacity: 127 gal. 481 L
  • Water Capacity: 171 gal. 647 L
  • Mainsail Area: (Classic) 944 sq ft 87.73 m²
  • Headsail Area: (105 %) 969 sq ft 90.06 m²
  • Cabins: 5
  • Berths: 11
  • Bathroom: 5

Have you sailed the Beneteau Oceanis 60? If so, share your experience in the comment below.

Hanse 575 Yacht Review – Solid As a Rock!

For those of us who love to sail as often as possible, the Adriatic Sea affords you plenty of opportunities to do so, but the quality of your experience will largely be determined by the boat you choose.

I recently took to the waters of the Adriatic out from Porto San Rocco in Muggia, Italy, for a test sail on one of the most remarkable boats I have been on in recent memory–the Hanse 575.

Commonly billed as a stress-free distance cruiser that can offer “home-away-from-home” comfort for couples and families, the Hanse 575 is quite large both in appearance and accommodations.

While this Hanse 575 yacht review will obviously relay my personal observations, it is highly doubtful that any person who spends time aboard this very capable cruiser will walk away with anything other than a positive experience.


The Hanse 575 model that I test sailed with a local broker featured a three-cabin/three-head layout, with the master cabin lying forward.

One of the first things I took note of was the strikingly spacious master cabin; it features a centerline double berth, giving you plenty of “elbow room” for making up the bed or climbing in/out of it without being a nuisance to your mate.

The head and shower each have their own compartments to port and starboard, and I also noticed a generous amount of hanging and locker space forward, enabling occupants to store lots of clothes for sailing and living aboard the vessel on a lengthy charter.


With a stylish, modern fit and finish, generous space, and comfortable furniture, the Hanse 575 is a boat that a couple or a family of four could easily live aboard and cruise the waters in comfort and style.

The interior is open and roomy, featuring a loft-like design with a portside center-ship galley, a forward-facing navigation desk, and a spacious settee area that features a retractable table (which can be easily converted to a king-size berth).

I was impressed with the well-thought-out design of the saloon, which features a galley to port that runs the full length of the space, along with a generously sized dinette to starboard.

The galley also features a large refrigerator and freezer, as well as allotted space for a dishwasher. The all-important wine cooler (one of my personal favorite features) is neatly tucked away in the furniture aft right beside the chart table.

The intuitive design of the accommodations for the Hanse 575 makes it a prime choice when it comes to selecting a worthy boat for your next charter.


When I first saw the Hanse 575 at the marina, I was immediately struck by its distinctive look, impressive size, and voluminous presence.

Designed by the renowned studio Judel/Vrolijk, this German cruiser offers groundbreaking aesthetics, comfortable deck layouts, and fantastic open sightlines from practically anywhere aboard the boat.

In fact, when I looked straight ahead while standing at the aft end of the cockpit, I could have sworn that I was standing aboard a 70-footer.

The Hanse 575 has an expansive teak decking layout with an obvious emphasis on comfort and enjoying the view.

I took note of the exceptionally roomy cockpit, as well as the widely spaced twin composite wheels that can easily facilitate steering from either the high or low side.

The bow and stern are virtually plumb, and the topsides of the vessel are notably high off the water, which makes for generous headroom on the inside.

The design mavens at the Judel/Vrolijk studio spared no detail in terms of incorporating aesthetically pleasing features, such as flush deck hatches to “clean up” the visual appeal of the deck and eliminating any sharp edges on the hull to afford a sleek look.

In addition, the boat features a standard two-spreader Sparcraft aluminum rigging system (keel-stepped) with a self-tacking jib.

Under Sail

True to its Euro-designed pedigree, the Hanse 575 is intended to be sailed flat. The hull is quite quick and slippery and can cover significant ground even in choppy waters, which on this particular day, we had plenty of to navigate.

The semi-balanced, high-aspect rudder definitely makes its presence felt, as it is able to grab the water and turn the boat with impressive facility.

The mechanical steering system carries a nice feel, affording precise movement. The designers of the 575 have kept things simple by equipping the vessel with a traditional mainsail (including lazy jacks as well as a stack pack).

During our outing, I took note of the fact that the helm was keenly balanced, and the feel was remarkably precise.

The Hanse 575 offers a pleasant, stress-free, and non-intimidating sailing experience for couples or families who want to charter this vessel without a crew, but should you choose to hire a crew for your charter, you can enjoy the services of a cook, hostess, and skipper.

The Hanse 545 vs. the 575

Besides being a more recent model than the Hanse 545 (they were produced about 3 years apart), the Hanse 575 has nearly a full meter’s worth of extra LOA, as well as a slightly longer hull length.

The sail area of the Hanse 575 comes in at a little over 160 square meters, affording nearly 4 more square meters of space than the 545.

In addition, the 575 is equipped with 5 standard cabins compared to only 3 for the 545, although both boats feature 2 standard heads.

Why Sail the HAnse 575

* Dry and comfortable ride
* Remarkable control and an excellent feel
* Great tender garage
* Expansive and well-laid-out teak decks

In Conclusion

If I could relay some of the main takeaways from my experience aboard the 575, it would be the following:

The build quality of this vessel is rock-solid, its deck layout is spacious and clean, and its performance-oriented sailing characteristics and features make it an ideal vessel for practically any cruising adventure you may have in mind.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy some coastal cruising with family and friends or embark on a transoceanic cruising rally, the Hanse 575 is a very capable vessel that can suit your needs.

When creating your sailing charter, keep the Hanse 575 in mind as a top choice for exploring your next destination.


  • Manufacturer: Hanse
  • Length overall: 5.23 m
  • Length waterline: 4.62 m
  • Beam: 1.57 m
  • Draft: 0.86 m
  • Engine Volvo Penta: D3
  • Fuel: Diesel
  • Fuel capacity: 520L
  • Cabins:3 to 6
  • Berths: 6 to 10

Have you sailed the Hanse 575? If so, share your experience in the comment below.