Lagoon 380 Catamaran Review – Know All the Aspects !

Lagoon 380 sailing yacht

The Lagoon 380 catamaran has been designed to cater to the comfort of the passengers in a convenient and economical layout.

The proceeding Lagoon 380 catamaran review will cover each aspect of the vessel, but most especially the pros and cons of the boat via design, performance, and construction.

It should be noted, however, that each sailor’s experience can differ, and depending on the expectations, wants, and standards of an individual, not all positives or negatives may be viewed in the same light.

The review below is more of a helpful guide to the Lagoon 380 for any new or prospective sailors of this model.


The most consistently lauded characteristic of the Lagoon 380 is the comfortable accommodations. The design of the interior of the boat has been kept simple and straightforward.

The galley-up design makes the preparation of meals more convenient, the distribution of meals and clean-up easier, and the position of the stove allows the boat to remain cool.

The comfortable seats allow passengers to lounge in comfort while enjoying incredible views through the windows of the salon. Overhead clearance is ample, so feeling cramped is not a concern. Even the cabins and staterooms are blessed with a sense of open space that is usually lacking in a catamaran.

Under Sail

Power and speed are not what the Lagoon 380 is known for the most, but it gets the job done. The engine performs well and can handle even choppy waters with ease. Docking is a cinch, and the boat is not difficult to control, even in poor weather conditions.

The Lagoon 380 Most Popular Sailing Spots.

Europe is a catamaran sailing hot spot for many proficient sailors. Greece often takes top honors for dream sailing destinations with brilliant blue water and gorgeous weather.

Croatia is another hot spot that is not widely known to novice sailors. Croatia is abundant in coastal towns that welcome visitors, so stretching your sea legs on solid ground for a day excursion is almost as much fun as sailing the Lagoon.

Another hot spot worthy of the journey is the British Virgin Islands. The islands are eye candy to a sailor, with pristine beaches and mysterious coves and inlets to explore. The islands are also fascinating to visit on foot!

Why Sail the Lagoon 380

  • Passenger Friendly: the interior accommodations and cockpit set-up are designed with comfort in mind.
  • Deck Layout is composed of clean lines that make navigating the deck, walkways, and equipment easier and more efficient.
  • Engine Performance: power and speed are respectable for pleasure sailing and cruising.
  • The engine is quiet and will not disrupt the peace of sailing.
  • Safety Considerations: The equipment was purposed for withstanding any situation with sturdy, durable construction and reinforced designs.

In Conclusion

Though bothersome, a sailor can adjust to the majority of the cons listed. The Lagoon 380 was intended as a moderately priced vessel. Therefore, the expense was a consideration when this model was designed, so cost-cutting measures were taken to keep the overall price down.

Sailors chartering the Lagoon 380 can overlook the shortcomings and focus on the good points of the boat instead.

For its purpose, the Lagoon 380 is high quality in safety and comfort, performs well for weekend jaunts or longer voyages, and adheres to a simplistic layout and design that makes getting to know the vessel effortless.

Spending time sailing this catamaran as a couple or with a group of friends or family can be one of the most pleasurable experiences of a lifetime.


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Length over all: 11,55m / 37’11”
  • Beam: 6,53 m / 21’5”
  • Draft: 1,15 m / 3’9”
  • Sail area: 77 m2 / 829 sq.ft
  • Full-batten mainsail: 47 m2 / 506 sq.ft
  • Furling genoa: 30 m2 / 323 sq.ft
  • Engine (std): 2 x 21 CV / 2 x 21 HP
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 100 l / 2 x 26 US gal
  • Fresh water capacity: 300 l / 79 US gal
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 10

Have you sailed the Lagoon 380? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

Lagoon 440 Review – Smooth Sailing!

A popular charter sailing vessel is the Lagoon 440 catamaran, used for small parties or couples. The Lagoon division, part of the Beneteau Group, was originally designed by the nautical architectural team of Vincent Lauriot Prevost and Marc Van Peteghem.

Today, the CNB builders, also of the Beneteau Group, are taking the lead in supplying this beautifully designed and easy-to-sail catamaran.


The Lagoon 440 is designed to accommodate six guests in the sleeping quarters. The vessel is also equipped with an additional cabin for the crew.

A private bath is included in each of the cabins. Each suite’s bathroom has a nice size shower/faucet, sink with medicine cabinet, vanity, and toilet.

Designed with port holes and a top hatch in each cabin allows for the natural flow of air during sailing.


The salon seats six comfortably on bench-style seating and also includes peak chairs as well. For recreation, the catamaran is equipped with two trampolines which can be found in the salons’ forward area.

The wide deck area of the Lagoon 440 invites entertaining. The unique design of the flybridge allows guests panoramic views sitting above the captain’s cockpit while chartering to a destination and when anchored.

Breathtaking views are also enjoyed while gazing out the windows designed to wrap around the cockpit in the rear and living area.


The galley on the Lagoon 440 is L-shaped and includes a stove with an oven, sinks constructed of stainless steel, and generous counter space.

A pass-through sliding window allows to make meal serving easier and can provide a breath of fresh air when the galley becomes warm.

The galley is also equipped with a freezer which is located in the forward nav station corner and also includes an under-counter fridge to accommodate groceries for a voyage.

Under Sail

There is plenty of speeds available when sailing this catamaran. The engine on the Lagoon 440 is fed from dual tanks of 86 gallons, with a total tank capacity of 172 gallons running to the stern of each hull.

The pair of Volvo Penta 40-horsepower diesel sail drive engines are located in separate aft compartments in the berth area. If needed, access can easily be gained to the transmissions and engines by removing the floorboards.

The engines are high efficiency allowing approximately .6 gallons of fuel used per hour of sailing either manually or with the remote control. The Lagoon 440 can travel 8 knots and up to 10 with the right wind conditions.

The navigation controls are perfect for the inexperienced captain as well as the controls operating the sails and rigging.

The aid of computerized navigational equipment and automatic rigging and masts, makes sailing the catamaran is less of a chore and more of a delight.

Why Sail the LAgoon 440

  • Despite these issues, this is a superior catamaran with a rich past.
  • Sleek design.
  • Ample stylish interior.
  • Easy, smooth ride.
  • The Lagoon 440 is a desirable catamaran to charter for sailing holidays

In Conclusion

With the option of motor sailing or unfurling the masts, the seasoned sailor and the newcomer will enjoy sailing on board the Lagoon 440. So don’t waste any time, and book your charter today!


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Length Overall: 13.61 m
  • Beam: 5.00 m
  • Draft Min: 1.30 m
  • Water Capacity: 300 – 900 L
  • Fuel Capacity: 250 – 650 L
  • Bathrooms: 4
  • Number of engines: 1 – 2
  • Power: 50 – 55 Hp
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 12

Have you sailed the Lagoon 440? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

Lagoon 420 Review – The Taste of Sailing!

A catamaran for experienced and new sailors alike is the Lagoon 420. This two-hulled, approximately 42-foot sailboat-propelled charter yacht is perfect for a small family sailing vacation or if you want to take off sailing all alone. With its ease of maneuvering across the water, you will find true enjoyment chartering on a Lagoon 420.

Build your Sailing Confidence!

As your first charter yacht, the Lagoon 420 is a good choice to build up your sailing confidence. When traveling by sails, the two-hull design resists heeling.

If you choose to use the twin engines, this will allow the vessel to make tighter turns. With the sail and stout beam layout, you will have the ability to pick up and begin your voyage without fuss.

The Lagoon 420 handles easily with 1 person controlling the lines at the helm, so there is no need for a crew.

Sailing In comfort

However, the catamaran is not only easy to sail but is also a luxurious yacht to enjoy comfort while you sail. The Lagoon 420 has dual hulls with symmetrical cabins housing 2 cabins each and provides sleeping accommodations for 8 guests.

Designed with oversize hull windows for scenic viewing and a comfortably sized shower with a separate washroom to use after sunbathing. This catamaran is also designed with substantial lockers to store your gear and personal items.

The spacious galley and dining /lounge area are amply lit for nighttime dining and entertainment. And you will experience quiet sailing during overnight traveling with the Lagoon 420 design with the engines away from the sleeping quarters.

Designed for Pleasure

Designed with not only your comfort but also your entertaining pleasure in mind, the Lagoon 420 has a deck table surrounded by a U-shaped bench-style seating and columns of stainless steel to support a shelter from the beams of the sun.

For your convenience while entertaining, the yacht is supplied with a BBQ, stereo system with a CD player, and FM/AM stations and speakers built into the cockpit.

The vessel is also equipped with a large generator allowing you to keep all of your electrical devices well-charged while you enjoy your sailing holidays.

Unfortunately, the generator is a bit loud, but compared to the sound of running engines during the night, it is tolerable.

How Easy is it for the Sailor?

The deckhouse for the captain on the vessel is built on the bulkhead, and the platform is raised for clear viewing.

Upon entering the cockpit, you will find a GPS, chartering destination screens, and other systems designed to make nautical driving effortless.

Seventeen-inch propellers combined with an 8-kilowatt motor provide thrust allowing for steady travel across water.

The propeller system has an added feature, so its job is not only propelling the boat across the water. They are also used to charge the vessels’ batteries generating electricity while they spin.

All systems and controls are electronically activated, allowing the captain of the Lagoon 420 to work the controls for the sails with ease and little effort.

Keeping in mind the comfort of all on board, the captain can also enjoy the trip by selecting the option available to control the vessel with a remote control autopilot system for worry-free travel.

With the sails connected to electronic heeling, the Lagoon 420 can sail across the water, allowing for smooth and fast travel to your island destination.

Perfect for a Family holiday

The vessel is perfect for a family holiday of sailing relaxation. When at a port or your favorite beach, the catamaran is also equipped with a dinghy for going ashore.

The electronic controls make navigation simple and as well as furling and unfurling the masts, making hiring a crew unnecessary for even the first-time sailor.

Choosing to charter the Lagoon 420 is, without a doubt, one of the best options to fulfill all of the sailing adventures!


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Boat type: Catamaran
  • Length Overall:12.61 m
  • Beam:7.50 m
  • Draft Min:1.26 m
  • Water Capacity:350 L
  • Fuel Capacity: 300 L
  • Number of engines: 2
  • Power:40 hp
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 10

Have you sailed the Lagoon 420? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below