Beneteau 38 Sailboat – A High-Performing Boat

Beneteau Oceanis 38 is a 38-foot performance cruiser that shares much of the good angular looks with the rest of the Oceanis series. But its interior design breaks new ground and presents a living space like no other. The Oceanis 38’s construction is simply one-of-a-kind. From the hard chines (flowing from well forward to aft) to the considerable beam and twin wheels through to the fiberglass arch laid over the companionway, the vessel’s physical appearance is adorable, to say the least.

Beneteau 38 Sailboat is the epitome of comfort, luxury, and unique cruising at sea. So any money spent on chartering the vessel would be worth it in the long run. But do you know what to expect in the boat in terms of exterior & exterior design, onboard amenities, and overall performance? Let’s find out!


The Beneteau 38 comes with 2 to 3 cabins that can house up to 6 guests, quite comfortably. There’s one head in the two cabin layout with the extra space from aft to board utilized as a stand-up shower. It’s a sizable room that can serve as a storage area or wet locker.

With the 3-cabin layout, the shower is in a small compartment, towards the port, otherwise appointed a hanging locker. There are Queen Size beds in these cabins, something that makes sleeping both comfortable and relaxing. All the cabins’ interior comes with a 6ft 5-inch headroom and includes a removable forward bulkhead.


Beneteau 38’s interior is not only appealing but also highly configurable, allowing you to organize the interior spaces and the woodwork ambiances to suit your needs. The boat simply offers three options when it comes to re-organizing life on board the boat: the Daysailer, the Weekender, and the Cruise.

The Daysailer does away with the interior bulkheads, leaving space for a single room. This arrangement also proffers more aft space for storage and an open cockpit. The weekender version, on the other hand, offers a sophisticated yet appealing choice of layout. It includes open or closed cabins, an in-line galley (with fridge, 2-burner stove, and oven), a separate shower, helmsman’s seats, an extra inside/outside table, and more.

The Cruiser option of the Oceanic 38 features a large galley facing the saloon plus a bathroom with a separate shower. You also have the option of choosing between 2 or 3 fitted cabins. In this layout, the bulkhead can be taken off from the fore cabin to restore that lost feeling.


The boat comes with twin helms opening up in the middle of the cockpit. There’s also convenient access from the companionway going all the way aft, where the vessel’s hinged transom connects to the swim platform. Oceanis 38 comes with side decks that are fitted with handholds, making the process of maneuvering around safe and easy.

The Cruiser and Weekender versions usually come with a mainsheet arch placed over the cockpit together with a drop-leaf cockpit table. This sets up a perfect spot for entertainment, especially if you’re much into sundowners.

Ocean 38 boasts of a Z-Spars deck-stepped mast that lies aft and is placed right at the center of the keel. This creates a slightly larger fore-triangle which ensures more sailing power. A larger part of the deck hardware, including the primary and cabin top winches, is made of Harken. And when it comes to navigation equipment, it is an all-B&G affair.


There’s never a dull moment aboard the Oceanis 38, all thanks to the saloon Stereo and LCD TV, cockpit loudspeakers, CD and DVD players, and internet Wi-Fi. With all these entertainment equipment and facilities, you can enjoy listening to soothing music, watching your favorite movies on TV, or surfing the internet, after a rather exciting day at sea.


Under sail, Beneteau can hit up to 3.8 knots when the wind blows at a steady speed of 7 knots. And with a displacement of just under 15,000 lbs, picking up its skirts and moving forward isn’t a big deal. If you can be lucky enough to come across strong winds to blow through the jib and make the mainsail batten, powering the vessel will be quite effortless and the sailing experience joyous.

When cruising under power, you can enjoy both stability and swiftness as you move along. With a 30 hp Yanmar saildrive engine, Oceanis 38 can comfortably cruise at 7.1 knots or so at 2,700 rpm. The boat’s twin rudders are also well positioned, so backing straight and turning are both swift and precise.

Where Does Beneteau 38 Sail?

The 38 is fit to sail literally anywhere in the world. But for this specific vessel, you’ll find it in the Bahamas, Florida, and Cuba, both in winter and summer. The preferred pick-up point for the boat is Miami Beach.

Sailing in the Abacos

Why Charter Beneteau Oceanis 38?

The Oceanis 38 is, first and foremost, a sailboat which means you have the option of sailing the traditional way or cruising at relatively high speed in a modern fashion.

Another exciting feature about this boat is that its interior can be customized greatly to suit your travel needs i.e. erect bulkheads to partition the sleeping space for you and the kids or get rid of the bulkheads to create more space for you and your partner.

Just like any other modern sailboat out there, the 38 proffers numerous opportunities to explore the numerous dreamy coastlines, the seemingly endless waters, and the countless adventures that come with them. So chartering this vessel sets you up for a fun, relaxing, and memorable holiday to your coveted islands.


This is much there’s to know about Beneteau 38. As you’ve seen, its exterior is gorgeous, its interior highly changeable and engrossing while its performance is top-notch. So if you’ve been scouting for a good sailboat to charter for your upcoming holiday vacation, either solo or with family or friends, this would be a recommendation for you.



  • Type: Sail
  • Beam: 13.1 Feet
  • Draft: 6.10 Feet
  • year built: 2017
  • Builder: Beneteau


Have you already sailed the Beneteau 38? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

Lagoon 50 Catamaran – The Prestigious Multihull

The Lagoon 50 is an all-new 48-foot-long catamaran from Lagoon that’s designed and built by the French expert designers VPLP. The exterior design of the vessel was done by the legendary Patrick le Quement while the classy interior was the brilliant work of Nauta Design. What’s more striking in the Lagoon 50, compared to other models, is her new sleek hull design, advanced sporty lines, and easy-to-handle rig and deck layout.

Aside from her stunning beauty on the outside, she boasts of a superbly comfortable interior, practical cabin layouts, and generous exterior deck space that can sync with every holidaymaker’s needs. Her performance at sea is also uncompromising, something that takes the sailing experience to a whole new level.

The below Lagoon 50 catamaran review takes a close-up look at the vessel’s design (both interior & exterior), onboard amenities, and what to expect when you charter it:



Lagoon 50 comes with six cabins that are capable of hosting up to 12 guests in utmost comfort and luxury. The master suite, which takes up almost all the space in the starboard hull, is equipped with a desk (with a built-in bookcase and small settee), ahead with a separate shower and walk-in closet/ dressing room.

On the port side, there are cabins fore and aft, furnished with en-suite separate head and shower. The port heads can be re-configured to create three single-stall heads with showers if need be. Instead of a walking closet, these cabins only have a cavernous storage space in-board, which can be easily transformed into another double cabin.

If you don’t want a master suite, there is a 6-cabin, 6-head layout that you can make use of in this vessel. All the aft cabins are fitted with panoramic glazing that allows a generous amount of light to pour in. The large hull portholes in the showers and bathrooms of the cabins also add to the comfort at sea, especially when sailing during bad weather.


The cat’s interior is spacious, with every design detail brought out perfectly to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Her innovative saloon incorporates two separate but cohesive areas. On one side is a large galley, which opens onto the cockpit while on the other lies a slightly elevated lounge area that provides amazing vision over the waters.

The galley comes in two sections: two refrigerator drawers on the starboard side and a three-burner Eno stove and a sink on the port side. The countertop space on the galley is vast, making it more comfortable and more convenient for cooks and bartenders to prepare food and drinks.

Just close to the L-shaped galley in the saloon is a teak table with open leaves that can seat up to 12 guests. Opposite it lies a cushioned couch alongside a sink fridge and ice maker. All these, when combined with the plush accommodations, make relaxing and resting on board a soothing experience.


Lagoon 50’s helm is on the flybridge, where there’s a long bench seat that can accommodate the captain and at least three companions.

Just below the flybridge is a cockpit area facing out to the sea with a huge modular dining area that’s furnished with a dining table, comfortable sofas, removable benches, and storage spaces.

There are two access points to the flybridge, where you can enjoy great comfort and visibility. Vast storage spaces also exist under most of the flybridge and cockpit seats, where guests can put in their extra stuff.


Lagoon 50 is furnished with all the entertainment facilities that can make your onboard experience lively, fun and interactive. Within the salon, there’s a flat screen TV, Video Cassette Recorder (VCR) and a stereo that you can use to entertain yourself and the guests.

You also have access to onboard Wi-Fi that’s available 24 Hours. That means you can easily browse the internet and share your experiences with friends and family online at any time of the day.


The 50’s twin 57-HP Yanmar diesel engines (upgradable to 80 HP) with sail drives and folding propellers can deliver up a cool 9.5 knots at 3000 rpm. If you’re looking for fuel efficiency, then you can go at 2200 rpm with 7.5 knots in speed. Lagoon 50 further has a networked plotter and autopilot, a self-tacking jib, a bow thruster, and power winches, which make her performance stunning.

Where Does Lagoon 50 Sail

Lagoon 50 is available for sailing across many places. But in a typical summer, you’ll find it in Croatia. The preferred pickup point is Marina Kastela, SPLIT. Alternatively, you can use the other pick-up area, which is ACI Dubrovnik, if you feel that’s a more convenient point for you.

Why Sailing Lagoon 50?

Sailing the vessel, first of all, presents a unique opportunity to tour and explore all the dreamy coastlines, islands, and cays you’ve ever thought of. And with a full crew on board, your coveted holiday destination to the fullest without having to worry about the responsibilities that come with operating a catamaran.

Looking at the vessel’s superb amenities from the interior saloon to the cockpit all through to the foredeck and flybridge, it is obvious that you’ll be set up for a fun holiday experience. There is also snorkel gear and a swim platform on this cat, which will serve you pretty well when at one point you decide to engage in some adrenaline-pumping activities at sea.

Both on the vessel’s interior and exterior, there is amazing
seating, dining tables and lounge areas that are designed for the ultimate vacationer. So, all you can do for your holiday on this vessel is to lazy around, eat some great food, indulge in good cocktails and soak yourself completely into the coastal scenery.



Sailing aboard the Lagoon 50 is an experience that can never be boring at any one point of the journey. With plush accommodations, great amenities, and a super spacious deck, the vessel sets a platform for a fun, engaging, and rewarding experience at sea. And so it’s a perfect catamaran with which to take your adventures to the sea alongside your friends and family.


  • Type: Cat
  • Beam: 8.10 Metres
  • Draft: 1.40 Metres
  • YearBuilt: 2019
  • Builder: Lagoon
  • Berths: 12 +2 Cabins: 6 +1 WC / Shower: 4 (4+1)


Have you already sailed the Lagoon 50? If so you are welcome to share your experiences in the comments below.

Lagoon 77 Catamaran Yacht – An Unbeatable Choice!

Launched in 2019, Lagoon Seventy7 is a refined 77-foot luxury catamaran that’s the newest and largest of its kind from the Lagoon yacht building powerhouse. Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prevost (VPLP) was behind the vessel’s charming exterior design while Nauta Design conceptualized its chic interior.

Seventy 7 features an ingenious design, incorporating free-flowing spaces from the salon to the aft deck with multiple simple yet stylish social and relaxation areas. The catamaran exudes a luxurious and graceful ambiance, both on the interior and exterior, which makes it a perfect toy for the most discerning vacationer.

A closer look at the various aspects of the Lagoon 77 Catamaran yacht will make you fall in love with it the more. Here is what the vessel has to offer:


Lagoon 77 has a total of four cabins: a Master Cabin (Owner’s Suite), 2 Double Cabins, and 1 Twin Cabin. There are 3 Double and 2 Single beds in these cabins, which can accommodate up to 8 guests in complete luxury. Each cabin is spacious and has an ample amount of natural light entering in.

Perhaps one of the most outstanding features of the vessel is the Owner’s Suite, which is located in the forward hull area. Measuring a cool 25 square meters, the cabin provides superb living space on 2 levels; on the deck and on the hull.

The cabin’s inside is furnished with a king-size bed, bookcase, storage area, desk, walk-in robe, and a sofa. There is also a sizable, well-lit, and spacious bathroom that’s at your disposal.

In addition, the Owner’s Suite is fitted with a hydraulic platform, which can be lowered to create a small private beach overlooking the sea and provides direct access to the water too.

For added convenience, the cabin has direct access to both the cockpit and foredeck as well as direct (and private) access to and from the saloon. What more can you ask for in terms of accommodation when cruising at sea?


The vessel’s interior is sublime with marble and precious wood decorations, thoughtful layouts, and extremely stylish fixtures. The saloon, which has companionways to the owner’s suite, maintains an open-plan layout and boasts neutral color palettes that create a relaxing ambiance.

Along the starboard side, there are two comfortable seating areas with the mizzen mast splitting the space and providing the much-needed
shelving. The port side, on the other hand, houses a formal dining space that is highlighted by windows and aft sliding-glass doors.

Also, within the same saloon space, lies a bar with an assortment of drinks for parties and other occasions. Below the decks are 3 impressive cabins and a fully-equipped chef’s galley. So Lagoon 77’s interior is as organized and comfortable as it is conveniently accessible.


Just directly above the saloon is a large aft cockpit featuring an al fresco dining space with amply cushioned seating and a direct access platform to the transom and flybridge.

At the flybridge, there is space where you can dine or recline; all while enjoying the stunning views of the sea and surrounding islands. The exterior also includes a forward Cockpit with informal lounge seating and an access point to the foredeck.

The cat’s extensive bow is fitted with trampolines, providing an ideal platform where you can stretch out and relax under the soothing sun. Lagoon 77 comes with a choice of 3 headsails but its striking golden mainsail is what makes it particularly enchanting even from a distance.


The seventy7 cat is equipped with a twin 180-hp engine, a 1600L (423 G) water tank, and a 2800 L (740 G) fuel tank. With that, you can hit maximum speeds with ease and sail quite consistently in all sea conditions.

While at sea, you can cruise at decent speeds of 11 knots per hour, which is sufficient enough to allow enjoy the caressing wind as you cruise on. It is also important to note that there’s a backup generator that is on standby whenever the power goes down.

Where Does It Sail?

Lagoon 77 is available for sailing in Croatia, with a variety of destinations to choose from. Sailing in summer with this vessel can particularly be convenient and fun. The preferred pick-up point for the Lagoon 77 is Marina Kastela and Split, Croatia. You can also be picked from ACI Dubrovnik if you feel that’s the most convenient point for you.

Why Charter Lagoon 77?

Chartering Lagoon 77 is, first and foremost, a golden opportunity to cruise at sea in full glamour. Just a quick run through the vessel’s features such as the cabins, saloon, and the interior & exterior layout paints a picture of utmost comfort, luxury, and convenience. That’s ideally what any holidaymaker would most certainly die for.

If you love getting the adrenaline pumping, even just a little while at sea, then there are many watersports activities you can engage in while on Seventy7. Some of the equipment you can make use of while onboard include a dinghy, water ski (for both kids and adults), snorkel gear, floating mats, and fishing gear. The vessel also has a swimming platform, for getting into and out of the waters smoothly.

Tagging along with one or two of your friends or family members as you go on a sailing tour with Lagoon Seventy7 is definitely something that will make the adventures more fun, thrilling and memorable. With the vessel’s massive size, there’s enough space for play, social activities, and relaxation for as many people as 8.

What makes sailing in Lagoon 77 more fun is that it comes with a crew of 3 hence you don’t have to worry much about the processes of running the vessel like being at the helm, preparing meals, or keeping an eye on the engines. Yours will just be to unwind, explore and create lasting memories as you cruise along.


If you’ve been thinking of going on a sailing vacation but don’t have a vessel in mind to enjoy your time on the water, then Lagoon 77 could set you up for the experience you desire to have at sea. Being among the newest and most sophisticated catamarans in the market, there is a lot you can expect in terms of comfort, swiftness, and seaworthiness. Exploring the seas certainly never gets better with this vessel.


  • Type: Cat
  • Beam: 11 Metres
  • Draft: 1.90 Metres
  • YearBuilt: 2019
  • Builder: Lagoon


Have you already sailed the Lagoon 77? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.


Orion Sailing Catamaran – A Rare Breed of Yacht

Launched in 2017, Orion is a 74-foot luxury catamaran from Sunreef with a striking design that boasts magnificent beauty, elegant styling, and spacious living areas. That, when combined with its comfortable interior and exterior plus its impressive seaworthiness, makes it one of the finest vessels to sail for a delightful summer vacation.

The catamaran is fully-crewed, which means charterers are always set up for a fun and carefree experience at sea. And given its massive design, there’s literally a lot you can expect from Orion Sailing Catamaran in terms of onboard amenities, entertainment, performance, and more.


Orion comes with four elegantly-finished staterooms, each with a double cabin and bed configuration of 1 King, 3 Queen, and 1 small single bed for a child. These staterooms are air-conditioned and are capable of accommodating up to 8 adult guests plus one kid. The vessel’s cabins are not only comfortable and sophisticated but also generously spaced, making them ideal for modern-day charter guests.

White and dark blue color palettes mostly dominate the interior of the cabins lying in the starboard hull while those touching the portside hull feature a thoughtful combination of white and turquoise. That pairs perfectly with the dark oak wood accents to create a soothing ambiance where you can relax or rest after a rather exciting day.


The interior of the Orion is designed to make the life for passengers on board both comfortable and convenient. The main deck features a fully equipped galley that seamlessly merges with a spacious saloon that’s furnished with turquoise velvet upholstery and two stylish pizza tables.

These tables can be converted to one large dining table that can accommodate eight guests. The placement of the galley, saloon and the cabins is thoughtful, and getting from one section to the next is as easy as it is seamless.

White and blue are colors that stand out on the catamaran’s interior but these color palettes extend to the exterior as well. Orion’s interior incorporates contemporary European design with sleek furnishings, plush materials, and stylish accents that paint a true picture of timeless elegance.


Orion’s exterior deck is as spacious and comfortable as ever, providing an undeniably great spot for unwinding. Guests can lounge on the cat’s forward trampolines to get the better of the refreshing ocean sprays while basking in the bliss of the soothing sun at the same time.

The vessel is also fitted with sails that stand majestically, sometimes giving you the feeling that you’re sailing on a traditional yacht. The vessel’s flybridge is lavishly equipped with a Jacuzzi and convertible al fresco dining table and provides enough space where you can relax as you enjoy vistas of the expansive sea or nearby landscapes.

The aft deck is also fitted with bright skylights, featuring a constellation of ORION, that makes it a perfect place from which to watch the setting sun while having an aperitif or enjoying a gourmet meal.


The luxury Orion has a rich selection of entertainment facilities on board, which guests can gladly take advantage of. Inside the saloon and all cabins, there is an LED-TV, stereo sound system and a DVD player. With the Wi-Fi internet onboard, you can browse the web and even share your experiences with friends and families over social media.

There is also a BBQ grill and an ice maker, for the drinks, on board, something that makes catamaran parties while at sea much more fun. When organizing a party with friends or family on board, you are free to ask the chef and stewardess to help you set up the drinks and special meals, if any.


Orion does not just come with impressive amenities and furnishings on board. Its speed is incredible too. While the weather is friendly, the vessel cruises at a speed are of 9 knots while at its maximum speed, it sails at a brisk 13 knots per hour. It is also important to note that it comes with a powerful twin 225 hp John Deere engine which ensures consistent performance throughout the journey.

Where Does Orion Sail

During winter, the Orion sails the Caribbean Virgin Islands, the Caribbean Leewards, and the Caribbean Windwards. On a typical summer, the vessel cruises the Caribbean Windwards. If you’re planning to take your sailing vacation to the Caribbean region this coming season, the Orion can be a great cat to charter for a fun-filled adventure at sea.

Why Sail the Orion

Orion’s spacious and lavishly furnished interior and exterior sets the stage for an exciting sailing holiday with friends. The accommodation and other amenities on board are also luxurious, something that
assures guests of superb comfort while at sea.

If you are a fan of water sports, there are lots of facilities on board the Orion that make it easier to get into the water for an adrenaline-packed action. Some of these facilities include water skis (for adults and kids), kneeboard, snorkel gear, tube/inflatable towable, wakeboard, kayak
(one-person) and fishing gear. A swimming platform also exists on the cat’s fore, providing a safe channel through which you can enter into and get out of the water.

Lastly, the vessel comes with a crew of four: an experienced captain, an exceptional chef, a friendly stewardess, and a dedicated deckhand. This means you’ll have a well-thought-out itinerary, enjoy an amazing culinary experience and have all your concerns attended to while traveling.


There’s never a dull moment when you choose to go out on a sailing tour with the Orion. With the cat’s superb accommodation, first-class amenities, and a fully committed crew on board, you are assured of endless adventure and having great fun, all while creating lasting memories. Thinking of going on a sailing vacation to the Caribbean soon? Why don’t you book this vessel here and get the adventure started?


  • Type: Cat
  • Beam: 34′ 5 Feet
  • Draft: 7′ 3 Feet
  • Year Built: 2017
  • Builder: Sunreef Yachts
  • cruise speed: 9 Max Speed 13
  • Engines: 2 x 225 HP John Deere engines 2 x 19 KVA generators


Have you already had the chance to sail the Orion? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below.

Douce France Catamaran – The Exquisite Yacht!

Designed by Van Peteghem Lauriot Prevost (VPLP) and built by Alumarine, Douce France catamaran is a massive 138-feet luxury multihull that is made for the most discerning coastline explorer.

Secretly referred to as the gentle giant’, the catamaran oozes a seductive sleekness, comfort, and sophistication, both on the interior and exterior. These qualities are paired with ample space, superb cleanliness and friendly crew to make life aboard this vessel truly rewarding.

The vessel was built in 1998 and refitted in 2015 and conforms to all the laid out maritime requirements. Hence it is safe and in good condition to sail anywhere at sea. Aside from her luxurious demeanor, there is more she has to offer regarding onboard amenities and general performance.


Douce France can accommodate up to a total of 12 guests in its six well-appointed staterooms. They include a master suite, one double cabin, 1 VIP stateroom, and three twin cabins. Each of the rooms
is elegantly finished with pale sycamore wood and features chic linen that makes a perfect place for rest after a somewhat tiring day. The cat is also capable of accommodating up to 7 crew members, who are in charge of the entire sailing experience at sea.

Each stateroom measures 50 square feet and offers two options: a twin single bed or queen double arrangement. Even with that, there is still enough space left for either a convertible desk or dressing table. Further, every accommodation unit boasts of an en-suite shower, complete with a separate head compartment for added convenience.


Douce France’s interior is quite simple and elegant but comes with a striking colonial ambiance as highlighted by the rosewood and mahogany furniture, particularly on the main deck.

The vessel’s main lounge is as cozy as ever, with the windows on the main deckhouse providing unobstructed 360-degree panoramic views for guests.

There’s also a 250-bottle wine cellar within the cat’s interior that comes with a vast selection of world-famous wines that can go along well with the cuisine. Living aboard Douce France can just never get boring with such beautiful furnishings and wonderful amenities on the vessel’s interior.


Furnished with cushioned seating and sunbathing mattresses, the vessel’s foredeck sets the stage for a relaxing and care-free holiday. The catamaran’s trampolines are very spacious and close to the deck edge, giving you a one-of-a-kind opportunity to sprawl out and experience firsthand the water sprays even as the vessel cruises on.

The cockpit, on the other hand, is spacious and pleasantly shaded, rendering it a perfect place to rest or dine.

Douce France’s aft teak deck makes a lovely sunbathing area whilst leaving some ample space where charter guests can enjoy dining under the stars, especially during summer. And with the folding stairway on the aft, you can enjoy convenient access into and out of the water.


The luxury Douce France cat comes with a great selection of entertainment facilities on board, which you as a guest can make good use of. There is a wet bar with an icemaker onboard, where you can request for different cocktails and alcoholic drinks to make the holiday tick as you cruise along.

Also available onboard is BBQ that provides amazing opportunities to enjoy meat bites that are delicious to the core. Both the cabin and cockpit come with music Stereo and CD player with speakers, something that provides excellent electronic entertainment on board.

The main Salon, on the other hand, is fitted with a TV and stereo while each cabin is furnished with a DVD & VCR plus a CD player. Also, the cat comes with a sailing Bimini, sun floats, cockpit cushions and 12 Table Seats for dining on the deck, all that makes life easy on the deck.

Communication while on the cat is as convenient as ever, all thanks to the superb Wi-Fi connection plus the cellular phone and Fax & Email provided onboard.


Douce France is capable of sailing at a constant speed of 19 knots when the breeze is blowing at 28 knots. In fact, the cat regularly achieves 15 knots when the wind speed is 20 knots.

Her powerful twin diesel engines can also allow her to cruise under power at up to 12 knots comfortably. If you want fuel consumption to be economical though, the ideal cruise speed would be 10 knots.

Where Does It Sail?

Douce France in its glamour can sail nearly any part of the world. However, during winter the vessel sails the Indian Ocean region and South East (SE) Asia. The catamaran also operates in the same areas in summer, so the opportunities to explore the amazing coastlines of these locations remain abundant.

Why Charter Douce France

Douce France is, first of all, a crewed catamaran, which means all the tasks on the running of the vessel are taken care of. The first-class chef onboard will delight you with such cuisines as French, Asian, Japanese and Thai dishes or even contemporary dishes; all prepared to your liking.

If you would like to explore flora and fauna lying deep down the sea but don’t have the experience to do so, there is a
qualified dive instructor onboard to help you learn some snorkeling or diving skills.

The cat also comes with superb accommodation that can host up 12 guests in a well-conditioned space. Further, it is furnished with countless onboard amenities, which can elevate the fun and entertainment aboard to a more blissful level.

If you would love to get off the cat and enjoy some adrenaline-pumping activities at sea, the opportunities are endless. You are free to windsurf, kayak, snorkel, ski or even ride on an inflatable toy. All the equipment for these sports are provided, so getting the action going isn’t a hassle.

Lastly, with a well-crafted itinerary, you’ll be able to explore the beautiful coastline of the area you’re cruising in and experience the charm of various islands and cays therein.

Tagging along with a couple of family members or friends as you cruise with Douce France is undoubtedly something that can make the journey more interactive, adventurous and memorable.


If you’re craving to sail on a vessel that offers a thoughtful combination of comfort and style plus the charm of traditional sailing, then Deuce France would be a perfect choice. The cat’s accommodation is top-notch, its amenities first-rate, and the culinary experience heavenly. What more can you ask for when going out on a sailing vacation?


  • Type: Cat
  • Beam: 15,40 Metres
  • Draft: 2,50 Metres
  • YearBuilt: 1998
  • Cruise speed: 9
  • MaxSpeed: 19
  • ENGINES: 2 x Cummins engines (305 Hp each) GENERATORS: 2 x 45 KW Northern Lights generator (plus backup generator)