Dubrovnik townCroatia

Croatia is located in southeast Europe, to the east of Italy and has an agreeable Mediterranean climate. English, German, and Italian are the most spoken languages in Croatia. Sailing is extremely popular and is by far the best way to explore the fabulous Croatian coastlines of the Adriatic Sea. Croatia is home to fantastic Isolated shorelines, natural sceneries, and spectacular historical monuments. If you love history, beautiful landscapes, and dream to live like Robinson Crusoe, this is the ideal place to be!


The Elaphiti Islands are an archipelago made out of a few islands in the northwest of Dubrovnik. These islands attract many visitors during the late spring due to the delightful white sandy beaches, impressive landscapes, and evergreen plants.

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Lastovo is renowned for its delightful architectures from the fifteenth and sixteenth century, for its Catholic organizations, and for its small pastoral temples. This island is blessed with staggering protected natures, which is the reason why Lastovo attracts such a variety of travelers all year round. Lastovo has a Mediterranean climate with moist winters and long warm and dry summers.View on Lastovo ISLAND


Split is located in the center of Dalmatia and it is the second largest city in Croatia. This town is renowned for its Dalmatian mutts, jackasses, and the football club of Hajduk, which is one of the most popular clubs in Croatia. If you want to see the Campanile bell, you can climb the stairs inside the tower, and from the top, explore the exceptional views. Bacvice is one of the most crowded beaches in Split during the summer, yet there are other wonderful shorelines which are also popular, for example, Kastelet, Znjan, Kasjuni, and more. There are a lot of bistros and awesome places to have a beverage or to delight in eating refreshing ice creams.View on Split island


Vis is situated on the Dalmatian Islands in Croatia. This island is filled with fantastic shorelines and blessed with isolated places to relax. Close to Rukavac town, there is the silver shoreline made of white pebbles. Not far from the shorelines, about ten minutes by foot, you can discover numerous restaurants and bars. The principal activities to do on this phenomenal island are diving, kite surfing, windsurfing, snorkeling, and more. If you visit there don’t miss the chance to explore the famous private bays.View on VIS old monuments


Korcula is one of the most popular islands on the Croatian coast. It is home to excellent roads for cycling, lovely shorelines, and incredible views. There are no vehicles in this dazzling little town; strolling and cycling are the ideal ways to get around the city, with charming narrow streets that lead you to the ocean. There are a lot of nearby Italian restaurants offering fresh and daily local food.KARKULA island in the middle of the sea


Mljet is one of the biggest islands situated in southern Dalmatia of Croatia. A huge part of Mljet is filled with woodlands and fantastic peaks. This island is beneath the ocean level and famous for its mud and salt lakes. Two of those lakes and the monastery are located between St Velika Jezera Lake. The monastery was once utilized as a hotel, and today it has been transformed into an extremely pleasant restaurant named Melita.


Trogir is a noteworthy city located on the Adriatic drift in Croatia. It is a standout amongst the most safeguarded medieval towns in Europe. It’s truly an awesome non-developed place to explore, with ruins and surrendered houses to see. This island is simply delightful, with dazzling shorelines surrounded by lavender covered hills, awesome renaissance towns, old fishing ports, and Roman ruins.View on TROGIR town