Dufour 560 Grand Large Review – The New Design!

An improvement over the original Grand Large 500, the Grand Large 560 was tweaked just enough to give the new version an edge over the old.

At first glance, I failed to notice most of the differences between the 2 vessels. I think this was likely intentional, so sailors who liked the old design would be lulled into accepting the new design.

My Dufour 560 grand large Review focuses on the subtle improvements made to an already well-made sailing vessel and how successful these changes were following time spent onboard.


The Grand Large 560 can have up to 5 cabins, in addition to a small crew cabin on deck. I found that we had more than enough space for everyone onboard and a little leftover.

The head clearance is 6′ 7″ and you can practically do cartwheels in the saloon and galley, but the size of the rooms manages not to overwhelm you. The most significant difference to the cabin layouts is the positioning of the berths, heads, and showers.

As the spacious saloon and galley stay the same, the cabin configurations can change dramatically.

The berths can be a centerline island with a head and shower compartments on either side, berth /head combination located in the bow, an island berth, or a stateroom that can be converted into 2 smaller cabins.

If this still isn’t enough room, I would recommend using the crew cabin for another passenger cabin if you don’t need to hire on a skipper.


Below deck on the 560 is a surprise if you’ve ever spent time aboard yachts where space was minimal. I was instantly struck by how much room there was in the saloon and the galley.

I have rarely had the luxury of moving through a galley without running the risk of bumping into something every time I turned around, but the galley on the 560 afforded me almost as much space as I have in my kitchen at home.

The saloon is set up with a U-shaped settee, a table, and L-shaped settee, and a navigation table. We could stretch out our legs and not have to worry overmuch about invading each other’s space.

This boat is the perfect setting for a big group of people or a bunch of tall people who would normally be cramped and stooped every time they are below deck.


The Grand Large 560 has a low profile in the water and gives the impression of sleekness and modernity.

Above deck is sleek and simple in design with room for 8 people to sit at the twin settees while you skipper the boat yourself or enjoy the view while the hired crew handles everything for you.

The biggest change, I found, was the accessible crew cabin on deck, which can be repurposed for extra guests if needed. The cockpit also comes equipped with a grill, prep station, and a sink so you can perform double duty as skipper and chef.

Under Sail

Sailing comfortably at 8-10 knots, the 560 rides the surface quietly and cleanly. I was surprised to find that the size of the deck was a little disconcerting when at the wheel, but I adjusted to it quickly enough.

Overall, the vessel responds well to the wheel, tacks easily, does very little heeling, and the cockpit is in a prime position to see across the water far and wide.

For a vessel this size, I was pleased with the ease of control I had over it while under sail. I never felt that the boat was taking over at any point and I give credit to the well thought out the design of the boat for that characteristic.

Why Sail the Dufour 560 GL

  • Big and roomy
  • Easy to maneuver around on deck while performing essential tasks
  • Many cabins and layout options
  • Performs very well under sail, often averaging 8 knots
  • Ample storage
  • A lot of headroom
  • Controlling the vessel is not a difficult task
  • Can comfortably accommodate at least 10 passengers
  • Design considerations were made down to small details such as cabinet hinges
  • Crew cabin on deck
  • Quiet under sail

In Conclusion

The Dufour 560 Grand Large lives up to its name! It’s grand and large, but not cumbersome or almost plodding as some extra big vessels can feel when you’re in the water.

This is the boat I would live on if I ever gave up my home on dry land!

Charter this vessel if you need to accommodate a large party, you have an exceptionally tall family, or you just want an overabundance of space to enjoy while you sail.

I would probably save this yacht for a special occasion, though. It can certainly spoil even the most jaded sailor!


For more information on Dufourd 560 GL charter boat:

USA +1 954 892 5009
Email: charter@boatbookings.com


  • LOA: 56ft 3in LWL 49ft 9in
  • BEAM: 16ft 6inn
  • DRAFT: 7ft 2in (shoal); 8ft 2in (std)
  • SAIL AREA: 1,400ft2
  • FUEL/WATER:(GAL) 132/180
  • ENGINE: 110HP Volvo Penta with V-drive
  • Cabins: 3 to 4
  • Berths: 6 to 10

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    8 thoughts on “Dufour 560 Grand Large Review – The New Design!”

    1. Great review!

      I was blown away when I saw he size of the bedrooms, galley and showers!

      It’s funny when you see the picture of the boat (from the top) it looks very small (perhaps just the angle) and it looks like the rooms would be small and awkward but this is far from true!

      The cruise sounds fantastic!

      I’ve never been on a yacht before, does it differ from a normal boat in terms of being on the open water and how it handles over waves etc?

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      • Hi Aiden,

        Yes, you’re right, this boat looks smaller from the top, but when you get onboard you realize that the boat is much bigger than you thought.

        This boat handles perfectly on the water, it’s a real sailing machine, easy to control. I would suggest this boat to anyone who want to sail in comfort and in luxury!

        Thank you for the comment

        I wish you a great day!

    2. Hi Daniela, it is a great review. Dufour 560 is a big boat for a huge group of people. I appreciate your clear photos and sharp description of the boat. It gives a clear picture what it is about.
      I have experience with sailing Elan, Jeanneau, Beneteau, Bavaria, but not Dufour yet. I was considering it several times, but other ones always won. What about electric equipment? Has it probably full service? Colour plotters, electric windlass, bow thruster. Probably standard in this category of the boat, am I right?
      See you sometimes on the sea!
      The wind in sails!

      • Hi Vit,

        Yes, as you said, it has a full service. I would suggest you to try this boat this time:) You won’t regret it!

        Thank you for the comment and I hope to see you on the sea as well!

        Have a wonderful day!

    3. Hello Daniella,

      Wow, I really love your Passion for one, but secondly, you’re website is amazing as well.

      Full of useful, detailed information. Professional. Elegant. Love the photos and video integration as well as the blueprint layout of the sail boat.

      I would have to give both your website and your website’s content a 5-Star Rating!

      Hopefully one day soon I can book a sail boat excursion through you as it looks might fun and relaxing!

      Have a highly Blessed and Prosperous day!

      All The Best,
      Jeremy David Wilson

      • Hi Jeremy,

        I am glad you like my article and my website, I put all my heart in it, so it means a lot to me!

        Thank you very much and I wish you to sail soon!

    4. Wow !
      This is surely an ocean going vessel ! I live on one of the Great Lakes in the U.S. and I’m sure there are a few sailboats that large around, but somewhat rare to see. What you said about this being the perfect live a board sounds like a great plan. Nothing like traveling and having all your things with you and no need to pack or unpack. Now I’m thinking about sailing. I’ve always been a “stink boater ” but you can’t beat wind power for economy as a motor yacht this size would surely work on gallons per mile instead of miles per gallon. i also know that a sailboat with the large heavy keel goes through rough water much smoother and more comfortably. Hmmm. might have to give this some thought.

      • Hi Mike,

        All boats have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you really want to feel the true joy of sailing, then a sailing yacht will be the right boat for you! If you like speed, comfort and luxury, then vote for a motor yacht!

        Thanks for for passing by and for the comment:)

        Wish you a wonderful day!


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