Easy Yoga Exercises to Do on a Yacht – 5 Best Positions!

Practicing yoga is one of the healthiest activities you can do. Yoga can lengthen and tone muscles, increase balance and strength, but it is an excellent way to improve your mind and spirit while connecting with nature. Not only does yoga promote a healthy digestive system, but it is also a holistic approach to wellness.


Why do Yoga on a Yacht?

One of the best things about yoga is that it takes little space and requires only a mat and belt. Best of all, you can do it anywhere – even on a yacht!

Sailing puts a person in unison with the sea and nature. Practicing yoga is to be in the moment and to resist the distractions of everyday life.

The benefit of yoga on a yacht is that distractions are removed. Combining the love of the sea with yoga is very therapeutic.


What to Eat Before Yoga?

Before starting easy yoga exercises to do on a yacht or any other form of exercise, it is important to eat foods that Womanare easy for the body to digest. Our health and well-being are linked to our digestive system.

Avoid foods that will leave you full and bloated. At the same time, it is not a good idea to skip eating altogether. Going without food can not only decrease your metabolism, but it can also cause a drop in sugar levels which can be dangerous.



Consider a small bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, strawberries or blackberries. Berries are a great antioxidant and are excellent for improving the immune system. Oatmeal is high in protein and magnesium which can increase energy and will help prevent muscle spasms.


Banana & Yogurt

A tasty treat is a piece of fresh fruit, such as a banana and a yogurt. Bananas are loaded with B6 and potassium which are both excellent sources of energy. Yogurt, especially when it contains live cultures is very beneficial for digestion.


Fruits & Nut Bar

Another simple solution for eating before yoga is a low-calorie fruit and nut bar. Dried fruit is an excellent source of energy. Stay away from bars that have high sugar content.

Remember eating a small portion is better than not eating at all!


5 Yoga Best Exercises


1) The Dolphin

Begin in a straight-arm plank position. Wrists should be beneath shoulders with legs extended back. Keep hands fixed and move hips up, keeping tailbone toward the sky. Pull shoulder away from ears while pressing chest toward thighs. Breathe deeply and engage the core. Hold for a count of 10.



2) Warrior II

With feet slightly wider than hips, turn out the right foot, while keeping the left foot facing inward. Bend the right knee, keeping thigh parallel to the ground and left leg straight. Extend arms from shoulders. Keep core tight. Hold for 10 breaths. Repeat on another side.



3) Triangle

Begin with feet slightly wider than hips and right foot pointing outward and left foot pointing inward. Keep legs straight and shift hips toward right leg. Move body to the right while placing right hand on the knee and extending the left arm above shoulder. Turn right hip forward. Look at the floor, extend the neck and hold for a count of 10.



4) Warrior III

Start in a lunge position, knee bent and right foot forward with a straight left leg back. Move at hips and keep torso parallel to the floor. Raise left leg, making a straight line from head to toes. Move both hands to heart center and hold for a count of 10.



5) Pigeon

Begin in downward facing dog position with tailbone toward the sky and hands on the floor. Raise right leg to hip level and move it forward. Bending the right knee; lower the leg to the mat. The goal is to keep the shin parallel to the front of the mat, keeping a flexed foot. Hold for a count of 10.


Whether planning to spend a day on the water or many weeks at sea, these easy yoga exercises to do on a yacht can help you stay fit, but also increase the strength of mind and spirit. Practicing these yoga positions daily and as you increase balance and can hold them longer, incorporate new positions into your routine that will challenge you. Sailing and yoga… there is nothing better!


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Have you practiced yoga on a yacht? Please feel free to share your experience by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear your feedback

14 thoughts on “Easy Yoga Exercises to Do on a Yacht – 5 Best Positions!”

  1. Hi Daniella, I enjoyed your site. While I do like yoga, I know very little about boats. I did learn about catamarans tonight. I live in the prairies, so our large bodies of water are few and far between. The use of photos kept me captivating as I navigated through your site.

  2. Started getting into this yoga gig about two months ago as a substitute for running to lose weight ( ended up overdoing the distance and injuring myself! ) I haven’t really seen any great results yet ( compared to running ) but I’m hopeful. What are your thoughts on yoga to lose weight?

    • Hi Chris,

      Yoga is not only to lose weight, this is not really the aim of the article. But it certainly helps to relax while doing exercises, which is absolutely wonderful . I’ve tried to run , danced, bodybuilding and so many other sport activities. Yoga and swimming are the most suitable for me. It calms me down and help me to concentrated and of course , built my muscles:) What else can we ask!

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment.

      I wish you a wonderful day!

  3. Wow impressive exercises right here. I have heard about yoga but I never took interest in learning what it was all about.

    But upon reading your article, I think my interest in yoga has been aroused.

    From the pictures in your article, it looks as if only ladies perform yoga.

    if i may ask can guys perform yoga as well?

    • Hi Fidel,

      Yes, of course yoga is for everyone and you can start practicing at any age!

      Sorry, I didn’t put any man pictures for the only reason that I did not find many of man and I did not pay attention to this. I have many man’s friends that practice yoga.So don’t worry:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day

  4. Hi,

    I found this article very interesting, I know very little about yoga myself. I may have used a couple of these positions when stretching. These moves are convenient to do especially in confined places. I’m not sure if everyone will have access to a yacht (lol).

    Much success to you in the future,

    • Hi Drew,

      You can do yoga everywhere and on a yacht it is even more appropriate with the sound of the water and beautiful views. Believe me it is really worth to try:)

      What is great about yoga, is that you don’t need any gym equipment , not even shoes!.

      Today many people hire a private yoga teacher on a sailing getaway. It become really popular and it’s not so expensive!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you the best

  5. What makes the dolphin pose better than the typical downward dog pose? I imagine you’re building your arm strength differently. But do you have more balance with the dolphin pose? I’ve never been on a yacht, but imagine you can still feel the waves and rocking on the water. Thus yoga may be a bit tricky to do on a boat, but great for even more strengthening for balance.

    • Hi Sarah,

      Many sailors practice Yoga on boats today , it became really popular lately! Yoga can be practiced everywhere even on a roof:) If it’s not comfortable enough on a boat, then go ashore and do it on the beach!

      Simple as that!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day

  6. Yoga is wonderful to do anywhere, but I imagine it must be extra nice to do yoga on a yacht, out in nature. Great idea! It’s very important also to know what to eat before yoga for the best experience, so thank you for including that information.

    I think another thing that would be great to do before yoga on a yacht is some nice deep breathing. All that fresh air would really benefit the yoga practice!

    I’m definitely going to share this post – thanks for writing it!

    • Hi Samantha,

      Yes, the air of the sea is wonderful to breathe, I totally agree with you:)

      Thanks for the suggestion and for the comment!

      Have an awesome day..

  7. I consider yoga as an exercise where it is more effective to do with an empty stomach to lose weight.

    It seems that energy is needed to do yoga. I see that most of the foods contain sugar and are mostly fruits.

    I wonder if zero carb, high protein and fat food can be a replacement?

    • Hi Tar,

      So nice to see you again on my website:)

      I would never suggest eating high protein and fat food before doing any sport, you surely will not feel so good after all. It is preferable to eat a fruit or a yogurt, it is much lighter and healthier. Don’t you think so?

      I did practice many kinds of sports in my life and believe me I know what I am talking about:)

      For the zero carbs, there are many good vegetables and fruits to eat like celery, cucumber, lettuce, etc.. But, remember that the most important thing before practicing exercises is to eat very light.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!


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