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This lovely country is the jewel of the Mediterranean and possesses nine geographic regions. Greece is an extremely well-known vacationer destination and without a doubt, attracts a wide amount of people from all over the world due to its beautiful country’s shorelines, sunny summer, historical sites, active nightlife, and its spectacular nature. Eighty percent of Greece is made up of mountains and the Mount Olympus is the higher. Its coastlines are extremely long and some of them are the longest in the world.



The beaches are made up of white sand and shingle stones, which some of them are crowded and others are isolated. It is a standout among the most delightful Islands in Greece and extremely renowned for its transparent blue oceans, awesome sandy shorelines, rough mountains, active cities, and peaceful villages. You can enjoy its staggering beautiful architecture and ancient Minoan ruins. Crete is renowned for is cooking “the Cretan eating methodology” named the Mediterranean Diet. This Healthy Mediterranean Diet contains new vegetables, season foods grown from the ground. Usually, people in Crete eat after 10 PM outside during the summer and for dinner have a delicious local dishes.

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The Dodecanese are a group of twelve Islands that is a part of the Southern Sporades. Many small Islands are inhabited and contain dozens of pastoral churches and beautiful castles. It’s a wonderful place to go on a family vacation. The Dodecanese is home to many attractions and activities, coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, museums, and more. Dodecanese’s food is different from other Islands, it is a mix of spicy and exotic dishes with delicious flavors.View on Houses in the DODECANESE


Kythera and Antikythera situated south of the Peloponnese are a part of an Island chain named the Heptanese “The Seven Islands”. Those Islands are particularly renowned for its lovely sandy shorelines, light blue water, spectacular architecture, astonishing green nature, and extraordinary views.View on the Ionian island


The Sporades is an archipelago situated along the east coast of Greece in the Aegean Sea and most of the islands are inhabited. The Sporades have a different atmosphere from all the Islands of Greece. Mountains slope down into many beautiful beaches in the Aegean. The architecture is unique; the colors of the houses vary slightly from white to gray and the roofs are made up of stones.Boats in SPORADE marina


Athens is the Capital of Greece, this big city is home to many attractions. Athens has one of the best urban walks in Europe, the famous zone of Kerameikos is exceptionally popular due to its bars, restaurants, and clubs. You can likewise visit in Plaka area in the National Garden. Athens has an extremely active nightlife, the habitats of Athens love to party and they usually go out every night. There are a lot of choices that appeal to everyone tastes. Generally, the citizen of Athen eats around 10 PM and begin the party late, after midnight.Ancient monument in Athens


The Cyclades are situated in the south of the Aegean Sea. The archipelago has two thousand and two hundred of beautiful islands made up of islets and rocks, which some of them are inhabited. It is an exceptionally outstanding place, particularly in the late spring. The Cyclades are extremely popular due to its wind called Meltemi that can achieve force seven and makes the high temperature supportable.View on the Cyclades town at night


The Saronic Islands is an archipelago in Greece, called the Sardonic Gulf. Sailing is very popular in the Saronic Gulf, the wind can reach force seven and sometimes even more in the east of Aegean Islands. The Saronic possess two archaeological sites, the theater at Apparatus and the temple of Aphaia on Aegina.

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