Honeymoon Sailing Vacations in the Virgin Island – How To Have A Unforgettable Honeymoon

The British Virgin Islands is a beautiful exotic destination offering excellent weather throughout the year. It is by far the best spot to enjoy and relax! Not to mention, it is also a very romantic place to be! So if you are looking for honeymoon sailing vacations in the Virgin Islands, this is the perfect place for it!

Most Romantic Spots to Visit

Sail to wonderful beaches on the north end of Tortola in the British Virgin Islands. Must-see romantic spots for fun include Smuggler’s Cove, Cane Garden Bay, and Sandy Lambert Beach.

A visit to Trunk Bay on the southern coast of St. Johns in the U. S. Virgin Islands also appeals to people in search of scenic beaches.

Saint-Thomas islandExclusive Activities For Your Honeymoon

A brief camping trip to Cinnamon Bay in St. Johns in the U. S. Virgin Islands offers a great opportunity to share one another’s company in a beautiful setting.

Take some time to go snorkeling in the warm Caribbean waters and spend your evenings strolling along the sandy beaches. Two-thirds of the island consists of a National Park; visitors can enjoy hiking in the scenic area, admiring the many colorful birds and interesting natural sites.

A pleasant side trip for honeymooners visiting the British Virgin Islands involves taking a ferry or airplane charter to the sparsely populated island of Anegada. Unlike the other islands, it was not formed by volcanic activity.

The flat, secluded atoll is surrounded by miles of coral reef, so boating activity in the vicinity is restricted. However, tourism is a mainstay of the island’s roughly 300 inhabitants, and there are many vacation activities that can be accessed via chartered tours.

Beach in Anegada islandBest Places For Fun and Entertainment

A visit to Virgin Gorda would be incomplete without spending some happy hours exploring the grottos at the southern end of the island. Called “the Baths,” this area contains an area of fascinating rock formations framing many scenic waterside spots.

On St. Thomas, the old city of Charlotte Amalie holds many attractions, including Blackbeard’s Castle.

If you arrive during the winter, you may be able to attend the dances and festivities surrounding the huge annual Carnival on St. Johns. It affords a great opportunity to savor the local Creole culture of the Virgin Islands, meet local people and sample the foods of the Virgin Islands in a convivial atmosphere.

Boats in the port of St- ThomasRestaurants

Many visitors extol the excellent cuisine at the Casino at the Divi in Carina Bay on St. Croix. Many people participate in gaming, but quite a few are reportedly going there mainly for the excellent food. On nearby St. Thomas, French Town is another popular local eatery. Foods in the Virgin Islands include many fruits, fresh vegetables, seafood, and quite a few hot, spicy dishes.

In Conclusion

With so many interesting things to see and do and such a variety of romantic locations, your honeymoon sailing together through the lovely Virgin Islands will bring you a lifetime of pleasant shared memories.

Have you already experienced a honeymoon sailing trip in the Virgin Islands? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

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