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The question of how much does it cost to charter a yacht for a week is perhaps the first thought that comes to mind following the idea that a vacation aboard a yacht would be fun.

The cost of such a trip is probably assumed to be too expensive and dismissed before any real information is gathered.

Before you make a hasty decision, learn about the real costs to charter a yacht, what is included, what isn’t included, and the possible extra charges.

Always take the time to browse prices and additional costs and calculate the available discounts to find the best deal for your next charter adventure!


High Season

The basic cost of a yacht charter varies according to the season that you want to travel. Busy months are more expensive due to the high demand of other sailors for yachts.

High season or busy season typically runs from May to September and charter weeks begin on a Saturday and end the following Saturday. There is little wiggle room in the schedules and the rigidity is necessary due to the amount of customers during this period of time.



Off Season

Flexible months have a lot more leeway with scheduling than high season. Flexibility is at its peak during the off-season.

Between October and April, there is less demand for charters and shorter (or longer) charter periods can be arranged during this time.

Busy or flexible month, charter costs will change depending on the size of the vessel you choose, the number of cabins, and additional perks that are normally excluded in the base fee.Peter_island


What is Included in the Vessel?

As a rule, basic necessities are included in the vessel, but you should always double check to be absolutely sure what will be onboard. A dinghy is commonly found with a yacht, along with its paddles.

Linens for the beds are often aboard, as well as cooking utensils in the galley. Literature and paperwork will be aboard like nautical maps, pilot books, brochures featuring local eateries and points of interests, and checklists of items that are suggested you pack for your trip.

Safety equipment is stored on the yacht, but the charter company must be informed if special equipment is needed for children.

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Extra Obligatory Cost

Some fees are added to the cost of the charter known as obligatory costs.


Final Cleaning

A cleaning fee is often assessed, either according to the size of the vessel or by the number of passengers on the boat. The fees are typically 50-120 Euros ($52.96-127.11) per boat or 10-15 Euros ($10.59-15.89) per guest onboard the yacht. The fee is for the final cleaning once the yacht is returned to the charter company.


Transit Log

A transit log fee is usually included in the cost of the charter. This fee is 70-150 Euros ($74.15-158.89) and is due along with the rest of the basic fees at the time of check-in.


Marine Fuel

Marine fuel costs can fluctuate depending on how much gas has been used. 3-10 liters (up to 2.6 gallons) of fuel can be used every hour that a vessel is out on the water. It is suggested that you fill up the tank before returning the vessel to the charter company.


Refundable Insurance Deposit

A refundable insurance deposit of 1500-5000 Euros ($1588.88-5296.25) must be paid upon arrival to cover possible damages, loss of equipment, and other possible issues.

If the vessel is returned to the charter company without loss or damage, the deposit will be refunded to you in full. The cost of the deposit depends largely on the size of the boat chartered and the type of boat it is.


Mooring Fees

Mooring fees run from 50-300 ($52.96-317.78) to berth a vessel per day. The fees change marina to marina and it is suggested that you moor your boat overnight only.


Extras Cost On Request



A skipper is an extra charge that will cost between 80-150 Euros ($84.74-158.89) per day plus the cost of meals. This could mean you buy enough food to prepare onboard, give the skipper money to eat out, or bring him along if you go out to eat.



A hostess can perform domestic duties like cleaning, shopping, and babysitting. The fee for a hostess is 90-110 Euros ($95.33-116.52) per day and the cost of meals or food.



A cook can also be hired to prepare meals at a fee of 100-150 Euros ($105.93-158.89) per day and the cost of food that will be prepared. You should contact the charter company for more details.


Booking Discount


2 Week Charter

A 2-week charter will often come with a 5% discount associated with booking this extra time for your vessel.


From 3 Weeks or More

3 or more weeks for a charter will discount your total price 7.5-10% for the additional time.


Early Booking

Early booking discounts are available for 5-10% if they are booked the year before the actual time of your trip (up to and including December 31st.)


Last Minute Booking

5-10% last minute discounts can be used if you book a charter only a week or 2 before your arrival. Be warned that yacht selection is limited during last minute bookings.




Understanding the costs upfront helps you get a better picture of what you can afford within your budget, what extras you may want, and which fees are not included in the initial cost, but a necessary all the same.

This guide will help you plan the perfect charter vacation for you and your family and keep you informed, so there won’t be any surprise charges later on.

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  1. Hey great article! Really interesting and informative. Never realized the exact pricing model revolving around yachting before. I was looking at holiday prices and maybe doing something different and exciting next year and this is the exact kind of thing I wanted to know. Now all I need to do is start saving my spending money!

    Thanks again much appreciated.


    • Hi Rich,

      I am happy you like the article. This is a nice step, saving money is alway a good thing:)

      I hope to see you next year onboard!

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a great day!

  2. Hello, Daniella

    I find your article interesting as it tells me something I am not aware especially the low season is between Oct to April.

    The rest of the info is very informative.
    Allow me to give some comments:

    1. I assume that chartering for yacht in your article refers to Europe as you have indicated Euros. Maybe it is best to inform readers like us which are the countries you are targeting.

    2. It is also beneficial if you can give a overall indicative pricing with a few examples so that we can have an overall idea how much we need to budget for this kind of activity. Though you have break it down to individual items but it will be great if we can look at the pricing without much calculation.
    Hope this helps,

    • Hi Stanley,

      I am glad you found this article helpful and interesting.

      I have written this article for readers to use it as a guideline and if you would like to know the exact price, you can contact Yacht Sailing Charter at any time. Our team will be more than happy to help you.

      Here is the answer to your comments:)

      1. Please take a look at the article again and you’ll see the prices are indicated in Euros as well as in Dollars

      2. As it is specified in the article, the prices will depend on many important factors. You’ll need to submit all the information needed about the date, the length of the boat, how many people will be part of the trip, the destination, etc,…to your charter company in order to plan your sailing holiday correctly.

      Thank you for the comments and I wish you to sail soon!

  3. Hi! As I am skipper and carry unlimited licence, couple of times I was asked to sail on chartered boat. Maybe I do not know every detail, no one knows, tricks and hidden expenses. The best way to avoid unwanted surprises is tray to find someone in real life or check forums. No just first good or not so good review, check more.

    • Hi Andrey,

      As I have mentioned on the precedent comment, this article has been written for readers to use it as a guideline. However, it is recommended to check further and, of course, forums is a wonderful way to know the good and the bad points in anything. Thank you for mentioning this important detail.

      Thank you for the comment

      Have a wonderful day!

  4. Hi Daniella,

    Thanks for your sailing tips. With this informative article, it can be convinced people to choose your service offered, since I’m believed that your price is competitive as compared to other competitors in that area.

    Through this article also, I have seen that your place is very beautiful and this is an asset to your business. Therefore with your unbeatable service and good management, I’m sure that your business will be succeed.



    • Hi Hasmiza,

      There will always be competitors in all areas, but as long as you receive what you are paying for, then it’s fair:)

      Thank you for the comment and for the compliment.

      I wish you a wonderful day!

  5. Having being on two cruises myself I know what it is like to sail through the blue waters of the South Pacific. I found your page interesting but you might want take a quick look at your word codes. There are a couple of jumbled sentences, descriptions, if think relating to your images.

    • Hi Tracy,

      The South Pacific is absolutely beautiful! I am sure you had a good time:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!


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