How To Attach A Snorkel to A Mask – Simple And Easy Way!

When going snorkeling, you want to focus and enjoy your underwater excursion thoroughly, right? You certainly don’t want to spend your time fixing your snorkel, especially if the sea is choppy and you need your hands free to swim. So you would agree that the snorkel must be well connected to the mask.

In this article, you’ll find out how to attach a snorkel to a mask. But you’ll also discover what clips to use, how to angle your snorkel, and many other things. Sounds good to you? If so, read on!

What is a Snorkel Keeper?

A snorkel keeper is a small device that serves to secure the snorkel to the mask. There are two types, which are figure 8 rings and clips. The ring is either in silicone or neoprene and the clip is in hard plastic. 

These supplied attachments, once secured on the mask, help hold the snorkel in a vertical position when you are face down in the water. They are inexpensive but really useful, as they allow you to have a far better snorkeling experience. So always have some in your pocket!

What’s the Difference Between a Ring and a Clip Keeper?

Although both keepers do the same job in keeping the snorkel and mask connected, yet they are different. So let’s see what differentiates them from one another.

The clip consists of two assembly pieces; one part is fixed on the mask and the other on the snorkel. Both parts need to be clipped together to secure the snorkel to the mask. Some masks have an attachment where the strap passes through and a clip around the snorkel. 

The ring figure 8 style keepers are generally made of silicone or neoprene material. These are really handy in case the plastic clip breaks on your snorkel. They are stretchy and easy to handle. There is a hole at each end. The first hole goes over the snorkel top, then the middle of the 8 folds around the strap, and then the second hole slides over the snorkel top. It may sound a little complicated, but it’s simple.

Clip or Ring, Which is Best?

Both snorkel keepers are practical and easy to use. However, since the clip is hard plastic, it’s more fragile and can break faster than silicone. Plus, long hairs can get stuck in the clip when snorkeling, which also can happen with a silicone figure 8 style, but more rarely.

On the other hand, the silicone ring is more durable but may not remain in place if it’s not set correctly. However, many divers and snorkelers prefer the silicone figure 8 ring over the clip, as far as I know.

Can You Replace a Clip Keeper?

Over time, clip keepers age, crack, dry out, and break. If this happens with your snorkel, you can get a replacement – there is no need to buy a new whole set. However, know that snorkels come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so I suggest you take yours with you to the store so that you can choose a clip that suits your snorkel.

Some clips slide over the top of the snorkel, while others pop onto the tube. With a pop-on style clip, you need to spread it over the tube to fix it on the snorkel.

With an oval clip style, you may have to take off the middle silicone tube and slide the clip up over the opening. Once done, you can reinstall the middle part. Another alternative would be to use the silicone ring, as I explained above.

Which Side to Attach the Snorkel to?

If it’s for snorkeling, then you can attach your snorkel on either side, but you might not always be able to do so. Many snorkel mouthpieces will only work if you set them on the left side; otherwise, the mouthpiece won’t be at the right angle. However, for scuba diving, the snorkel must be on the left side to avoid interfering with the regulator’s air hose placed on the right side.

How to Position Your Snorkel?

If your snorkel is positioned too far forward, it will go underwater when you face down, and of course, water will enter inside the tube. You see the picture. To avoid this, make sure your snorkel is angled downward at about 45 degrees angle. When you look down, the top of your snorkel should be in a vertical position. 

Tip: To keep the snorkel straight up, attach your snorkel about 2 inches from the top. And then, attach the keeper to the center of the back of your mask strap. It will be easier to do this with a figure 8 silicone keeper. This way, you are sure your tube won’t get in the water when you are face down.

How to Attach a Snorkel to a Tusa Mask?

It’s very simple. Press on the button side and pull the strap smoothly. Then take off the clip from the built-in keeper on the snorkel and slide the strap through it. Insert the strap back in the button, adjust, and secure it. After that, attach the snorkel to the mask, and you are good to go!

Other Alternative?

Yes, there are quick-release velcro snorkel keepers. It’s practical and easy to use. Like the clip keepers, one part stays on the snorkel, and the other part stays on the mask strap. They stick firmly together by the strength of the velcro.

Usually, most velcro has a piece of fabric on one side. On those keepers, both sides are velcro, so you can rest assured it won’t open in the middle of your snorkeling excursion. They are a little more expensive than the figure 8 silicone rings and plastic clips, but well worth it.

Final Words!

That’s it for now; these are the main ways you can attach your snorkel to your mask. With all the new technologies, who knows, maybe there will be better methods in the future. However, if you want a calm and easy snorkeling excursion without bothering to put your snorkel on and off, a full face mask could be a great alternative. If you opt for this option, make sure to use them only in shallow water or in a small pool where you don’t need to make a lot of effort to swim. If you want to know more about full face masks, read this article.

Have a wonderful snorkeling trip!

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