How to charter a private yacht – Advices!

Chartering a private yacht is definitely the perfect vacation for who wants to unwind and enjoy their vacation thoroughly.
A private yacht is definitely a floating 5 stars hotel with first class services that possess a wide range of amenities.

With a private a yacht you will be able to access to many areas only reachable by yacht and will give you the possibility to explore beautiful uninhabited islands while the chef prepares you a delicious dinner at the end of the day with a romantic table already set up.

Much easier than you think!

Booking a private yacht is not a difficult task, but it is very important to get good advice from a good broker company to choose the right yacht with a devoted crew.


 Steps to charter a private yacht?

  1. The first thing to do is, to contact your broker company and if you don’t know any, then I would recommend you check on the internet or forums, or get some advice from friends that already have experienced a sailing holiday on a private yacht charter in the past.

2. Make sure that your broker belongs to the worldwide trade organisations, like the AYCA and the MYBA, since they always have recent information about worldwide yacht charter.

3. You will have to fill up a contact form and send it back to the yacht broker company with much as possible information, that way your broker will have the possibility to give you the most appropriate offer.

4. Your broker will be in touch with you to know what are your requirements and your wishes; you will finally receive a proper list with all the options of yacht charter.

5. When you are ready, then choose your favourite boat and the destination from the list options that you’ve received from your broker. If you don’t have any idea where to sail and what kind of yacht to pick, then speak with your agent to choose the right vessel and plan the itinerary together.

6. Lastly, the only thing left to do is to book your private yacht charter; you will have to pay 50% of the price in advance depending on the yacht brokerage company.

7. An important detail not to overlook is to book at list few months in advance to make sure boats will still be available for your next fleet vacation.

8. You can, if you wish to speak with the crew about your favourite food, beverages and where you would like to visit.



The best way to cherish your friends, family or loved one, while discovering the most beautiful parts of the world is definitely with a private yacht charter.


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