How To Charter A Yacht For Vacation? – The Perfect Guide!

The first questions that come to mind when planning a sailing holiday with friends or family are where to find a good and reliable yacht charter company? What to check? And how to make the booking? This article offers useful information to help you find out easily how to charter a yacht for vacation.

How to Find a Reliable Yacht Charter Company?


Forums are one of the best places to find good information on charter companies. Members speak especially about their lived experiences with several charter agencies as well as places they went to and many other interesting subjects. I highly recommend you to do so as it will help you in your research.


Using the Internet today is a very popular way to find reviews, articles, and great tips, not only for yacht charters but anything else. There are many great companies online to choose from but to be certain about it, see if the company in question has the sign (MYBA) on their site.

Maybe you have never heard about this, and you are indeed wondering what the heck means MYBA? An MYBA is a first contract provided by the company to assure a high quality of the yacht charter.


Sailing club

Being part of a sailing club is a great way to find reliable charter agencies because most of them work together.

If it’s a popular club, then you won’t have to worry about finding the right company and even some friends in order to go sailing together.

Group of people on a sailing tripWhat are the Procedures to Charter a Yacht?

Each agency has their own rules regarding fees, services, and quality, but generally, they all operate the same way. Let assume that you found the company of your interest. What exactly are the procedures?

Select the yacht

The first thing you need to do is to select the type of yacht on the request and send it back, usually, you will receive an answer within 24 hours.

Confirm by Email
After sending the request you will have to confirm it by Email with all the requirements, such as your address, phone number, certificates if you have, etc.

Charter agreement

Once they have received your confirmation, they will send you the charter agreement. See if you are happy with it and then you can decide whether you want to sing up or not.


As I’ve mentioned above, each company has their own rules, but generally, almost all of them will require half of the sum upon reservation and the rest will have to be versed, few weeks before the date of the fleet vacation.

Boarding pass & Invoice

The payment is usually done by credit card, or by bank transfer, once the payment has been made, you will receive the boarding pass and the invoice.

A getaway on a yacht charter is an experience not to miss. Be aware that you must book at least few months in advance and most importantly, don’t make any reservation before receiving the final confirmation.

Have you already charter a yacht for holidays? You may want to add something ? Please let me know in the comments below.

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  1. Immensely helpful! I’m a member of my local yacht club already but thanks to your info, I now know the right questions to ask to get my yacht cruise happening – THANKS!

  2. Hi Daniella,

    This yachting looks like so much fun and your guide How To Charter A Yacht For Vacation really give some good information for any of us that plans a yachting vacation. One of these days I’ll make one of those trips you’ve been showing us. Cheers 🙂

    • Hi Ed
      Thank you for passing by. I am glad you like the article. Any time you want , I am here to help you to have unforgettable vacations.


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