How to Charter a Yacht in Greece – What to Expect?

You consider doing à nice fleet vacation for a few days in Greece with a couple of friends or with family, and you are still wondering where you are going to book the boat. Or…which type of charter you are going to choose, where you are going to sail, and maybe, where in Greece you are going to land?

View on the Ionian islandMake it Easy for You!

You certainly would not like to be surprised when you’ll arrive in Greece and finally end up with a boat that you didn’t wish to have and strangers that you didn’t expect to be with!

There are so many charters available, and it’s not always as easy as we think to find some information in one place like we can for a hotel.

The first thing you have to do is find a good charter company, and for this, I suggest you do some research on the Internet. With a bit of patience, you’ll find a good one, but you have to make sure that MYBA (the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association) can be seen on their website. That will assure you that the company can provide you with a good contract and can assure good professionalism in yacht charter worldwide.


Where to Land?

Greece is bordered by Turkey in the east, Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, and Bulgaria in the north, and contains about one thousand and four hundred beautiful islands, of which only two hundred and twenty-seven are inhabited, so maybe this could be a reason for being uncertain where to land, but the most popular and the biggest airport in Greece is the Athens international airport located in Sparta. From this airport, you’ll have greater access to fast trains, buses, and taxis.



Do You Plan a One-Way Trip?

You have to know that most of the charters are a minimum of a 7-day trip. You’ll step on board on Saturday, and you’ll come back the following Saturday. Of course, there are longer charters available if you plan to stay more than a week.
Take into consideration that if you’ve planned to do only a one-way trip, then the yacht company will charge you for it.


Where to Start?

If you don’t know where to start and end your sailing trip, then I can suggest you a nice itinerary that many travelers usually like to do. You can start by the Western Cyclades by picking up a boat in Athens and sailing up to Kitano’s and Kea; after that, you have enjoyed visiting these beautiful islands, you can continue sailing to Serifos and Sifnos, and if you have enough time, then you can also visit Milos and Folegandros. Your next step could be in Santorini; you’ll be enchanted to explore this incredible island and finally come back to Athens.


Charter Options!

  • There are many types of yachts to choose from on the market, and that will depend on your personal choice. Maybe you’ll want to handle the boat and be completely independent; then, it is preferable to charter a bareboat. Keep in mind that you’ll have to show a license and your competencies to the charter company.
  • If you do not experiment sailor, you would rather hire a boat with a skipper, which is a great option if you don’t wish to be the captain on board but still want to have some responsibility on the boat.
  • The last option is a crew yacht charter; you won’t have to do anything, the team will take care of everything, and they will spoil you from the moment you’ll step on board up to your disembarkation.
  • Some travelers prefer to rent a motor yacht because it looks more attractive and romantic, and it is faster than any other boat, which generally gives the possibility to explore more islands in less time.
  • The Catamarans are also very demanded because of their living spaces and comfort. It’s a great boat if you plan to have a sailing trip with your family and children.

Greece offers thousands of miles of fantastic coastlines with magnificent scenery, small bohemian villages, historic sites, warm, clear blue water, and plenty of small marinas. It could take a long time to explore one of the greatest sailing grounds in the world, so take your time and be well-organized.

Have you ever experimented a sailing trip in Greece? Let me know in the comments below.

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