How to fish with lures – Great tips!

Fishing is a wonderful activity to practice with friends or with family while being on vacation, so usually traveler rents a fishing boat for a few days or for several hours to experience one of the most popular water sports in the world.

But before you go for a fishing trip, you must know that lures have an important role to have a successful fishing adventure.
There are many sorts of artificial lures, in different type, sizes and colors to attract and make the fish bite the hook.

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The most popular lures!

As I said, there is a wide variety of lures and in so many different types.
Here are several different popular lures.


  • Fishing_lure_jigThe Jig is generally the most utilized lure because they can be used in saltwater as well in fresh water and some of them can be fished up to a depth of 300 meters under the water. Generally, the jig has the form of crawfish, worm, or minnow, which are made of plastic and some of them has a large metallic weight, for those that are used in deep water.




Top water lures

  • The surface lures as you can hear it, floats and waddles on the top of the water to trap their prey, this lure is generally made of wood or plastic and attracts small fishes, such as frogs, lizards, and many other sorts of small fish.




  • Spoon-bait_2008_G1The Spoon lures are usually made of metal or shell and has the form of a bowl of a spoon. Fisherman loves to use the spoon lures because it’s very easy to use, there is no need to stop the boat, with the spoon lure you can fish while the boat is moving very slowly and will allow you to cover a greater amount of ground.




  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe plugs lures are renowned to be the most popular bass fishing lures , they are usually very light, made of plastic or balsa, and painted in different colors. Plug lures are called differently depending on the country, such as crank bait, minnow, deep-diver and shallow-diver.


Some awesome techniques to use!


Walking the dog technique is one of the most preferred lure techniques for bass fishing. The rod is very important and it is preferable to take a medium and heavy one, and if you can, take the longer one. Choose for the monofilament line, which is much more flexible and will allow the lure to move and to float on the top of the water with more flexibility. Once you are ready, throw the surface lure as far as you can on the water, and manipulate the rod from side to side slowly like the movement of a snake
Once you have done this manipulation, then you can accelerate the speed, until you will find the right cadence.


The Dead-sticking technique
Choose a good jigging rod and a spoon lure for the dead-sticking technique. Drop the lure spoon in the water, wait a few seconds, pull it back and drop it again like a yo-yo game. After few manipulations let the spoon lure sit in the water until you see the fish come closer to your lure, then reel the lure away from the fish. Usually, fishes are curious in nature, and will probably follow the spoon lure to catch it.


Trolling technique is very agreeable and easy to manipulate, the only thing you’ll have to do is navigate the boat very slowly
For the trolling technique you can use a spoon or a plug lure, which will be just perfect!

How to succeed?

Fishing is not only a sport but also a game, you’ll need a lot of patience and calm, so to have a successful fishing lure, you must make slow movements, change often the areas because fishes have good memory and won’t come back if they remember that you’ve tried to catch them, take care of your equipment and keep them clean to avoid any rustiness

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