How to Rent a Yacht for Greece? – Useful Advices!

One of the best vacation values today involves sailing in the lovely Mediterranean Sea. It is not difficult to learn how to rent a yacht in Greece. This excursion provides many hours of fun outdoor recreation.

Greece and its nearby islands remain one of the prettiest sailing destinations on Earth. Miles of interesting coastal beaches and many charming villages make Greece a popular vacation spot.


Corfu Coast

Planning Your Journey

The first step involved in renting a yacht for this trip involves reviewing your own individual situation. You can decide who will accompany you on your journey, or whether you plan to sail alone.

Also, determine your available vacation dates. Decide approximately how much time you would like to spend during your visit.

For How Long Will Be Your Sailing Excursion?

Many Greek companies rent boats to visitors for day trips, or for longer sailing excursions. Often, the charter fee will include the services of a trained guide.

The guide usually knows a great deal about the local area. This type of assistance can help you locate excellent sites for sailing, picnics, romantic walks, and sightseeing.


Lefkadas islandFrom Where to Book?

You can locate companies that rent yachts easily online using a computer. This method may save time for you. Most sailing excursions do require advanced booking.

However, if you have a lot of free time during your vacation, you can also travel to Greece and rent your boat in person.

Friends who have traveled to Greece may recommend rental companies to you. Often, they enjoyed a very good experience sailing using a favorite yacht rental company.

Listening to their recommendations can offer you great assistance.


How to Check the Companies?

Before sending money to a rental company you have not done business with before, make sure you check the firm’s business credentials.

Today, the online commerce world sometimes suffers from bogus internet sites. Since renting a yacht often involves spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, you need to exercise good judgment.

You can order background checks for online security companies.

Some other places that may help you verify the good business reputation and history of rental companies in Greece include chamber of commerce sites.

There are several that deal with Greek and U.S. businesses.

Here are three sites that may assist you in this process:

  1. The Hellenic-American Chamber of Commerce has existed for 70 years (
  2. Another Greek-based company is the American-Hellenic Chamber of Commerce (
  3. And a U. S. based company that has existed since 1984 is the Greece Chamber of Commerce (

What After Booking?

When you have located a rental firm you feel comfortable doing business with, the owners should be able to assist you in finalizing your travel itinerary, if that is your wish.

Many charter companies specialize in particular regions of Greece. They may offer useful advice about sailing conditions, local accommodations and must-see attractions in their area.


View on Santorini seaTip

You will want to keep a permanent copy of your signed rental agreement. You can show a copy to your insurance agent to determine if additional coverage is a wise idea.

Sailing on a yacht in magnificent Greece provides a wonderful holiday!

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