How to Sail in the BVI? – Your BVI Guide

The British Virgin Islands are a prime location for sailing, but there are many questions about how to sail in the BVI.

It would be fantastic if weather and sea conditions remained uniform all year round, but even paradise has fluctuations.

This raises the question of when the best time is to sail. You will also need to know what qualifications are needed for sailing, which islands are worth the journey, and which yacht should be sailed in the BVI.

Developing a game plan before venturing out is always a good strategy and saves you from any unexpected last-minute preparations.

The Best Times to Sail in the BVI

The best time to visit the BVI depends on what you’re seeking to avoid. Some people want to avoid crowds, while others simply want to stay safe and wait out hurricane season.

It is better to avoid hurricane season, even if that is not your main concern, so that leaves before and after season sailing.

Hurricane season runs from June-November, but many sailors will not begrudge themselves a few weeks in the beginning and the end of the season, though a threat still exists.

When it comes to crowds, summer months enjoy lighter tourism due to the heat, which is ideal for a sailor looking to get away from the logjam of people descending on the islands.

The best of both worlds (few tourists and calm weather) occurs from April to June. You will also find everything is cheaper that time of year.

Boat on the water in the BVIRequired Qualifications to Sail in the BVI

The BVI requires sailors to fill out a sort of questionnaire that is designed to determine their level of expertise before deciding if they are qualified to captain their charter.

If you lack experience, there are licensing schools in the BVI that can get you up to speed within a week.

3 Beautiful Islands to Explore

it’s difficult to narrow down the best islands in the BVI, but there are certainly a few standouts.

Marina Cay

This little white sand island is a getaway from your getaway. The island is nestled within a lagoon surrounded by coral and green water.

A perfect, family-friendly spot where you can snorkel, windsurf, or kayak in peace, Marina Cay is a hidden jewel among the jewel-hued waters in which it is surrounded.

Marina Cay island

Peter Island

The largest island in the BVI, Peter Island, is home to a more festive scene. In addition to pristine white sand beaches and a vast marina, Peter Island has performances by Caribbean musicians and dancers and serves some of the best local cuisines to be found in the BVI.

Dancer in the Caribbean

Virgin Gorda

Nearly as large as Peter Island, Virgin Gorda is home to many grottoes and beaches that are strewn with enormous boulders (always fun for a photo!) This is a fun island to explore in and out of the water.

The Baths in Virgin Gorda


Recommended Yacht to Sail in the BVI

Bareboat sailing is probably the most pleasurable way to sail in the BVI, but if you are a novice or not up to par, a crewed sailing yacht may be a better choice for charter.

Any sailing yacht would be perfect as long as you are comfortably skippering it. For crewed vessels, just be sure whatever you choose meets all of your needs for the duration of your trip.


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