Many people have a hard time to leave their dogs in pensions to be able to go on vacation in complete tranquility and finally make the decision to take their best friends with them on a sailing trip.

That could be very fun for you and for the dog!

But there are some rules to know about this before you begin this beautiful journey together.

 USA rules

The first important thing to know is if your dog is from the USA, you must be aware that you have to put him in quarantine in the UK for a six month period before traveling anywhere. The dog is going to be kept for observation to make sure that he doesn’t have any disease. There is nothing to worry about this because they properly looked after the dog, they give him all the needs and you can visit him whenever you’ll feel like.

Important documents

Even if you plan to sail in your home country, it is very important that you have your dog microchipped, and that you carry with you, your dog’s health report as well as the Rabies vaccination. Anyway, make sure that you get the right documents for your lovely dog if you want to enter in any country worldwide. For this you can contact your veterinarian who will help you with all the documents required. Each country has their own rules and are very strict about the animal health, so it is also recommended to contact the country embassy of your interest before you start traveling.

Take your precautions

When you take a dog with you on a boat, it’s like taking a child with you, the only difference is that the dog can’t speak. You would be very sad if your dog gets lost, get sick, get burned or be poisoned. So you need to think about these important little details, it is not my aim to put you under stress, but it is always reassuring to take your precautions.

Let start by saying that you need to put an ID tag which include

  • your telephone number
  • phone mobile
  • friend’s phone number
  • address
  • the dog name
  • owner name
  • Boat name

Life jacket

Although, dogs are good swimmer in their nature and maybe it will seem to you funny, but it is much more prudent to make him wear a life jacket. When you’ll choose a jacket try to take one with a handle on top, that way it will be easier for you to take him out of the water.



First time on board?

If your dog has never been on a boat, then you’ll have to play a little bit around to make him comfortable. Be patient, try to go easy with him, sail for one or two hours for the first day and see how his behavior. You can also bring with you a blanket that he was used to lie on it, the smell will make him feel like home. Although, he will follow you everywhere, but don’t forget that he has to get familiar to the boat.


How to deal with seasickness?

Maybe your dog will suffer from seasickness during the sailing trip, and if it’s the case you have to detect the signs which is characterized by vomiting, over salivation, and in extreme case, some even have diarrhea. Before you go, ask your veterinarian what medications you should take with you to deal with the seasickness.


Spend some energie

Some dogs do their needs two to three times a day, so, make some stop ashore and let him spend some energy. When you are in a public place, make sure to keep him short leash. Also don’t let him eat from the ground in, some places are dangerous and could be empoisoned.


Did you think about the ticks?

Do treatments against ticks before you go, if you sail for a longer period, then I recommend you to apply it every single month. If you don’t want to do the treatment, there are very effective collars and adaptable to water against the ticks which is usually valid for a period of six months. The care of the ticks is very important; they can be deadly to dogs as well as people, so take this advice very seriously.


The sun while sailing

What about the sun? When sailing, we don’t always feel the heat because of the wind and that is what we need to be careful the most.  Protect your dog from the sun; there will always be a place in the shade for your dog. Anyway, if you see any trace of burning, then you can put on him aloe Vera, it is very effective!

Sailing with a dog could be a wonderful  experience, and one thing is sure , you will have at your side a faithful friend who will keep you company along your beautiful journey . He will play with you, he will promenade with you, he will swim with you and maybe even will help you in some missions on the boat depending on how he was educated.



Have you already sail with your dog? Let me know in the comments below.


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