Lagoon 400 Catamaran Review – Focus on What Really Matters!

Any Lagoon 400 Catamaran Review will inevitably focus on the comfort and luxury of the sailing vessel. This focus is entirely warranted, as the 400 was specifically designed for sailors looking for a home out on the water.

It’s not much of a vacation if the boat is too cramped or passengers are falling over each other, but at the same time, the 400 invites social activity and conversation, almost creating the illusion that the entire vessel is a floating family rec room.


The 400’s purpose is to provide passengers with an easy, anti-stress environment. The cabins and lounge area are spacious and adorned with comfortable furnishings, while the galley is fully equipped for cooking requirements.

Plenty of storage space is available, so there is no need to worry about those important items or things that are solely for pleasure that would need to be left behind.


Continuing with the anti-stress theme, the Lagoon 400 has designed a vessel that is very simple to sail. Powering the vessel up or down is a task that can be undertaken by even the most inexperienced skipper.

From the controls to the sails, the 400 makes skippering this vessel a pleasure rather than a chore. The sails are rigged with a unique line system that makes lowering and raising them a piece of cake.


The interior of the 400 is all whitewashed walls and light-colored wood, both of which amplify the light from the fixtures and the natural light streaming in from the windows, making the below-deck areas bright and airy.

Available in 4 different layouts, the 400 can accommodate any family or group size seeking to sail in a comfortable vessel.


The Lagoon 400 has taken measures to create more headroom and freedom of movement for passengers on deck. The cockpit is designed for the skipper’s safety, comfort, and access to other passengers, with a sliding glass door that slides open to reveal the saloon. The bridge deck saloon is shaded due to the design of the vertical wraparound ports.

Lagoon 400 VS Lagoon 380

At first glance, the 400 and the 380 look identical unless they are side by side. The 400 is significantly larger than the 380, with additional space added to everything on the 400. This extra room also includes headroom, as opposed to the decidedly less height-friendly 380. Essentially, the 400 is a widened and expanded version of the 380, as almost every other aspect is the same on both vessels except the sizing.

Lagoon 400 VS Lagoon 400 S2

The 400s2 is basically the 400 with minor changes that improve comfort and enlarge certain aspects of the vessel. The most obvious changes are that the types of beds have been changed to make them bigger, and extra cabinetry was installed in the galley to solve the storage problem presented in the original 400 design.

Why Sail the Lagoon 400

  • Easy vessel to control
  • Sails are easily raised, lowered, and stored
  • Spacious interior and above-deck areas
  • Powerful and catches wind satisfactorily for a vessel designed mainly for comfort
  • The well-lit interior also lets in plenty of sunlight
  • Numerous safety considerations were made in the design of the cockpit to keep the skipper safe
  • Ample storage space in the cabins
  • Lots of headroom for tall sailors


The 400 has the advantage of being comfortable and big in size. If feeling confined while out on a boat, this vessel is the best choice to remedy that feeling. Tall or short, any passenger will appreciate the freedom of movement allowed by the design of this boat. The 400 may be a bit intimidating, but it has been engineered to be easy to control, so a short adjustment period is really all that is needed before you completely relax and be swept away on the sailing voyage of a lifetime!


  • LOA: 39′ 3″ (11.96 m.)
  • LWL: 37′ 7″ (11.46 m.)
  • Beam: 23′ 9″ (7.24 m.)
  • Draft: 4′ 0″ (1.22 m.)
  • Sail Area: (main, jib) 952 sq. ft. (88.4 sq. m.)
  • Water: 79 gal. (299 l.)
  • Fuel: 106 gal. (401 l.)
  • Holding: (two heads) 44 gal. (85 l.)
  • Mast Height: 66′ 7″ (20.29 m.)
  • Engine Two: 30-hp. Yanmars
  • Cabins: 3 to 6
  • Berths: 5 to 12

Have you sailed the Lagoon 400? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

16 thoughts on “Lagoon 400 Catamaran Review – Focus on What Really Matters!”

  1. Hi Daniella ,

    The first thing that came to my mind, when I saw this yacht is WOW! It’s so beautiful and amazing, Thanks for sharing all the pros and cons, I loved the yacht its beautiful, spacious, Royal, I can go on and on. Hope to sail it one day.


  2. Wow, that looks like a cool boat to relax and have fun on! If I ever succeed in my online business I would love to be working my business from this boat. So uh what’s the price tag on this thing? Oh and maintenance costs, since I heard that these can be quite high on such large boats? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Jurgen,

      The price varies and depends on many factors, for example ; cruising area, skipper, hostess, etc..

      I can tell you that the cost start from 2970 Euro for a period of 7 day. I hope it helped

      Have a nice day

  3. Well I don’t know much about yacht as well as sailing. But I think I like your site and the theme.
    The Cataraman Lagoon 400 displayed in your article looks very good and from your description, it provides both comfort and luxury. No wonder it is a home out on the water. The cabins and lounge area are spacious and well decorated with comfortable furnishings while the galley is fully equipped for cooking requirements. What else can one be looking for on the water while sailing. With this you make sailing look appealing.
    Thanks for the information.

  4. Oh my gosh that catamaran is beautiful! It looks really spacious inside too which is surprising when you look at the size of it. You don’t show the sleeping areas which I would be very interested in seeing too.
    The interiors are stunning.
    This makes me want to take a holiday and take up sailing.

    • Hi Lynne,

      You can see the sleeping area on one of the pictures in the review and on the layout .

      Thank you for your comment and wish you a nice day

  5. The Yacht is such a beauty! I have always wanted to go on sailing but never got a chance till now. Guess I have to do it right away 🙂

    • Hi Demi,

      You are very welcome! If you need any help please contact me and I will be more than happy to make you have wonderful sailing vacation!
      See you soon

      Have a great day

  6. Hello, Daniella.
    I love this boat! There are no words to describe how amazed I was while reading your article.
    I am not really into sailing, as I get sea sick and I never imagined that there are such beautiful boats.
    But this boat is so luxurious and I am definitely reconsidering spending some of my summer vacation on one of these!

    • Hi Lina,

      Yes, it’s a beautiful trimaran, I am glad you liked it.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day

  7. Another great review – I am spoilt for choice in regards to which type of charter I am going to go on – they all look so beautiful!

    One question that I haven’t posed though in my comments thus far is; when I was on a cruise the first few days made me feel dizzy… so on a charter how bad is it to adjust being so close to the water?

  8. Hey Daniella. I’ve always loved sailing. I used to live in Hawaii, so I had the chance to go on some of my friends sail boats, a yacht and some lower level fishing boats. I absolutely loved it. I’ve never been on one that looked quite like this. I really love the look both inside and out. It also seems to have a more homey type feel to it, which makes a huge difference. comfort is really big when it comes to sailing the high seas! 2200 euros really isn’t a bad price at all, especially for a 7 day charter. Living in Hawaii, I also got to see some of the billionaires yachts, like the owner of oracle software, a Russian billionaire that was always in town and some Swiss pharmaceutical billionaire. Their yachts were massive. To rent one that size is easily a couple hundred thousand. to see that you can still have luxury and an amazing time without something massive and for a great price is amazing! I would much rather spend 2200 euros over 200,000, even if i could afford 200,000.

    • Hi Ryan,

      I’ve never been to Hawaii, but I am pretty sure that it is a beautiful country to visit, especially by boat:)

      Indeed, the Lagoon 400 is a beautiful yacht, in fact, you can compare it to a luxury apartment, but on the water.

      You would be very surprised as the super yachts are extremely demanded and popular. These owners usually rent out their vessel all along the year and they enjoy their yachts, from time to time when it is not hired.

      To be honest I don’t know how I would have felt if I would have been a billionaire, maybe I would have bought a mega-yacht as well? Why not finally, we live only once lol:)

      Thank you for the comment and I wish you a wonderful day!


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