Lagoon 420 Review – The Taste of Sailing!

A catamaran for experienced and new sailors alike is the Lagoon 420. This two-hulled, approximately 42-foot sailboat-propelled charter yacht is perfect for a small family sailing vacation or if you want to take off sailing all alone. With its ease of maneuvering across the water, you will find true enjoyment chartering on a Lagoon 420.

Build your Sailing Confidence!

As your first charter yacht, the Lagoon 420 is a good choice to build up your sailing confidence. When traveling by sails, the two-hull design resists heeling.

If you choose to use the twin engines, this will allow the vessel to make tighter turns. With the sail and stout beam layout, you will have the ability to pick up and begin your voyage without fuss.

The Lagoon 420 handles easily with 1 person controlling the lines at the helm, so there is no need for a crew.

Sailing In comfort

However, the catamaran is not only easy to sail but is also a luxurious yacht to enjoy comfort while you sail. The Lagoon 420 has dual hulls with symmetrical cabins housing 2 cabins each and provides sleeping accommodations for 8 guests.

Designed with oversize hull windows for scenic viewing and a comfortably sized shower with a separate washroom to use after sunbathing. This catamaran is also designed with substantial lockers to store your gear and personal items.

The spacious galley and dining /lounge area are amply lit for nighttime dining and entertainment. And you will experience quiet sailing during overnight traveling with the Lagoon 420 design with the engines away from the sleeping quarters.

Designed for Pleasure

Designed with not only your comfort but also your entertaining pleasure in mind, the Lagoon 420 has a deck table surrounded by a U-shaped bench-style seating and columns of stainless steel to support a shelter from the beams of the sun.

For your convenience while entertaining, the yacht is supplied with a BBQ, stereo system with a CD player, and FM/AM stations and speakers built into the cockpit.

The vessel is also equipped with a large generator allowing you to keep all of your electrical devices well-charged while you enjoy your sailing holidays.

Unfortunately, the generator is a bit loud, but compared to the sound of running engines during the night, it is tolerable.

How Easy is it for the Sailor?

The deckhouse for the captain on the vessel is built on the bulkhead, and the platform is raised for clear viewing.

Upon entering the cockpit, you will find a GPS, chartering destination screens, and other systems designed to make nautical driving effortless.

Seventeen-inch propellers combined with an 8-kilowatt motor provide thrust allowing for steady travel across water.

The propeller system has an added feature, so its job is not only propelling the boat across the water. They are also used to charge the vessels’ batteries generating electricity while they spin.

All systems and controls are electronically activated, allowing the captain of the Lagoon 420 to work the controls for the sails with ease and little effort.

Keeping in mind the comfort of all on board, the captain can also enjoy the trip by selecting the option available to control the vessel with a remote control autopilot system for worry-free travel.

With the sails connected to electronic heeling, the Lagoon 420 can sail across the water, allowing for smooth and fast travel to your island destination.

Perfect for a Family holiday

The vessel is perfect for a family holiday of sailing relaxation. When at a port or your favorite beach, the catamaran is also equipped with a dinghy for going ashore.

The electronic controls make navigation simple and as well as furling and unfurling the masts, making hiring a crew unnecessary for even the first-time sailor.

Choosing to charter the Lagoon 420 is, without a doubt, one of the best options to fulfill all of the sailing adventures!


  • Manufacturer: Lagoon
  • Boat type: Catamaran
  • Length Overall:12.61 m
  • Beam:7.50 m
  • Draft Min:1.26 m
  • Water Capacity:350 L
  • Fuel Capacity: 300 L
  • Number of engines: 2
  • Power:40 hp
  • Cabins: 4 to 6
  • Berths: 8 to 10

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  1. This is really cool! I would love to learn how to captain one of these beauties. What an amazing way to spend a vacation!

    • Hi Kevin,

      You can start by an online theory course and then take some practices on a catamaran.
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