Lagoon 450 Catamaran Review – Lagoon 450 Key Features!

This Lagoon 450 catamaran review introduces a boat based on designs few cruising catamaran enthusiasts thought needed changing.

The changes made produced a comfortable cruising catamaran. This boat is stable when anchored and offers wonderful visibility, space, and great comfort. The features incorporated make the Lagoon 450 a near-perfect cruising boat at an affordable price.

The  Flybridge 

One of the best key features of this cat 450 is the raised flybridge, located 15 feet above the waterline, over the interior cabin.

This gives the 450 great visibility and acts as the main cockpit except during inclement weather. The flybridge provides access to all power and sail systems, increasing passenger space for relaxation.

Stairway for a Safe Operation!

The 450 incorporates changes that increase safe operation for crew and visitors. The inclusion of a stairway leading from the aft saloon to the flybridge allows the crew to stay within cockpit protection.

No movement to the outboard hulls occurs to access the flybridge area. Transom modification allows safer boarding from a dinghy placed between the two hulls.

Fittings and equipment for subsystems use major brands, reducing maintenance and repair time.

 The Key Features of the Lagoon 450

The Lagoon 450 is a large, comfortable boat, making it an excellent choice for charter. The boat is well constructed and fits out.

Everything needed to ensure the safe, efficient operation is in place at an excellent price. The 450 is available in three or four cabin designs.

There is room for a family or group of friends. The two cabin options make the Lagoon 450 available to a wide of charter customers.

There are more distinct and separate living areas on this cruising catamaran than in any other design.


  • forward deck
  • flybridge and cushions
  • forward deck-benches
  • foredeck netting and bow
  • aft cockpit
  • separate galley and interior navigation station
  • private hull accommodations

Wuy Sail the Lagoon 450

  •  A special bridge deck undercarriage mitigates a problem most catamaran vessels have in swells.
  • The designers have provided natural lighting and ventilation flow to all areas.
  • The choice of creature comforts, important for boats offered for charter, is well done and in line with the modern design of the Lagoon 450.
  • A well-thought-out addition was the interior placement of the remote navigation station. This allows complete operation of the boat while protected from inclement weather.
  • The technical sailing aspects of the 450 please sailing catamaran purists. This boat moves well, even in light air but is at home in 20-knot trade wind-type breezes as well.
  • Despite boat size, the power and maneuverability offered by twin screws make handling easier than expected. Top that off with a sales price that should allow for more affordable charter rates.
  • A factor appreciated by charter customers is the living space on this boat, comparable to boats of a larger size.

In Conclusion

The Lagoon 450 is a catamaran of the highest quality for the price asked. It has space and fits well enough to allow distance cruising or handling family-sized crews. The Lagoon 450 is a good balance of cost, comfort, and performance, making it an excellent choice for chartered operation.

  • Type: Cat
  • Beam: 25.10
  • Feet Draft: 4.3
  • YearBuilt: 2019
  • Builder: Lagoon

Have you chartered the Lagoon 450? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comments below. 

6 thoughts on “Lagoon 450 Catamaran Review – Lagoon 450 Key Features!”

  1. Hi Daniella, this looks almost perfect for a cruise with friends. How does it perform in bad weather as I know the Mediterranean can be quite spooky at times? And in general, how safe is it? Cheers, Jerry

    • Hy Jerry,

      To answer to your question, any catamarans will be much slower in bad weather condition as it is written in this review.
      Yes, the Mediterranean can be agitated, but this will depend on where and when you plan to sail. There is plenty of information about this subject on my website. For example, here is one of my blogs about Bareboating in Croatia , weather and places to sail for any level of sailing skills.

      I hope this helped!

      Have a nice day

  2. IAwesome write-up Daniella! I’ve never had nor seen any yatchs real life besides from TV and I’ve always had this perception that it’s only for the rich. I didn’t know that we can actually rent them! Definitely going to rent one on my next vacat, bookmarking your site!

    • HI Riaz,

      Fortunately it’s not only for rich people, it can even be cheaper than a hotel! Of course it depends on the chosen type of boat , but prices are reasonable for what these beautiful catamarans offers.

      Thank you for passing by and hope to see you soon on board for your next vacation!
      Have an awesome day


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