Lagoon 570 Catamaran Review – Sailing in Comfort!

The Lagoon 570 was one of the first sailing yachts I was fortunate enough to experience. The 570 is one of the first models of Lagoon catamarans and is one of my favorite boats.

It’s true when it’s said that you never forget your first love, and I have hardly forgotten my affection for these yachts.

Lagoon Cats have remained my go-to sailing vessel, and this Lagoon 570 Catamaran review will explain why I have been a loyal follower of these boats since I first stepped foot aboard the 570.


The purpose of the 570 was to allow passengers to sail in luxury, but I doubt that the vessel intended for passengers to spread out and not move a muscle for a solid week.

I can’t say that is what I did, but I was tempted. That is how comfortable and spacious the 570 was. I could sleep anywhere on this boat without feeling cramped or in an odd position.

Under Sail

The 570 displays considerable power and handles well in moderate winds. I was surprised that the controls only took a light hand and were very easy to get the hang of before I felt completely comfortable at the helm.

The vessel remains strong and steady as it slices through the wind. The 570 isn’t a speedboat, but it is still an impressive boat.


Teak wood paneling and floors give the boat a homey feel while the lines are kept clean and rounded.

The galley is accessible from the welcoming saloon, which has plenty of room for all the comforts of home.

I enjoyed kicking my feet up for a meal below deck as I gazed out of the windows and took in the view and the sunshine without being out in the elements.


Above the deck, the teak wood makes an appearance, leading to the attractive appearance of the boat.

There is a lounge area that quickly became a much sought-after spot for all the passengers.

I appreciated the overall width of the boat that made moving from one end of the boat to the other convenient and without all the twisting and turning required to navigate narrower above-deck walkways.

Comparison with the Lagoon 560

The 570 isn’t exactly what I would call “intimate”, but the Lagoon 560 is a massive vessel.

I like space and room to move, but the 560 can be a bit overkill. If you have a lot of guests and need the space, the 560 is probably your best bet, but I suggest the 570 for a smaller group.

You will still have plenty of room, but you won’t feel as isolated on a boat full of people as you might on the 560.

The 560 is basically an enlarged version of the 570, but it is slow due to being bogged down from its increased size.

Why Sail the Lagoon 570

  • Spacious above and below deck
  • Windows offer incredible views and natural sunlight
  • Attractive interior and exterior designs are tastefully done
  • Luxurious lounge, saloon, and cabins
  • The cockpit is protected from the weather and the sun beating down
  • Lots of storage space
  • Deck and cockpit are easily accessible
  • Powerful under sail and performs well in choppy seas

In Conclusion

If you have a family or a group of friends looking for a yacht charter, you can end the search right now!

The 570 is the perfect vessel for a vacation with loved ones. I can testify to the appeal of the 570, and I will guarantee that you will enjoy every minute onboard!


  • Length overall: 17,06 m
  • Beam: 9,15 m
  • Draft: 1,4 m
  • Engine: NEW 2 x 75 HP Volvo D2-75
  • Fuel tank: 750
  • Water tank: 1000
  • Mainsail: Standard
  • Genoa: furling
  • Cabins: 4
  • Berths: 9
  • Heads: 4

Have you sailed the Lagoon 570? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below.

6 thoughts on “Lagoon 570 Catamaran Review – Sailing in Comfort!”

  1. Amazing pics. It would be fun to have great days on board. The design is amazing and spacious.
    These like-stairs-rear look great. I will have this kind of vacation some day. It is out of budget now, so will do it in the future.
    How safe is this lagoon? I have a little fear from seas and want to feel safe 🙂

    • Hi Mahmood,

      Catamarans are very stable, comfortable and safe due to their two hulls. I understand your fear especially when sailing is unknown to you, but once you get onboard fears slowly disappear and you good to go:)

      Thank you for your comment and wish you to sail soon!

  2. I have a brother who likes to sail with me. He is handicapped and partially confined to a walker. You said the Lagoon 570 Catamaran is very spacious. Would there be enough space to accommodate someone who is physically challenged? He can get around on his own with proper space.

    • Hi Merceadez,

      The 570 is a wide boat and I am sure your brother won’t have any problem onboard:)

      There is a cockpit protected from the sun where he can sit and enjoy spectacular views .The cabins, salon, deck, and bridge are easily accessible. I really recommend this boat!

      I hope it helped and please feel free to contact me if you need any help.

      Have a great day!

  3. Great article Daniella. I wanted to book for that yacht. I will tell all my friends about your blog so I can have a companion when we do the booking. It looks attractive, spacious, relaxing, and very luxurious. That would be a nice way to spend a vacation. Thanks Daniella

    • Hi Karl,

      Yes, it is a special way to spend a nice getaway:)

      When ever you feel like Karl, I am here to help you find the right yacht for you and your guests!

      Thank you for passing by and wish you an awesome day


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