Lagoon 620 Catamaran Review – Is She Comes Up to Your Expectations?

The Lagoon 620 Catamaran was designed for the ultimate luxury experience. The vessel is simply big, with an emphasis on space and comfort.

The comfort extends far beyond the interior and makes itself known in how the boat sails. For a catamaran of such an impressive scale, the vessel was engineered to remain stable and perform well in any sea conditions.

This Lagoon 620 Catamaran Review will focus on each aspect of the 620 and how it measures up to the expectations of a sailor.


The main draw of the 620 is its incredible capacity for everything. The vessel was built on a large scale that can house all passengers in comfort.

If you charter the Lagoon 620, you will definitely feel like a luxury floating hotel. The cockpit galley and the saloon are designed with the intention of making you and your guests have a comfortable and unforgettable sailing holiday.

There isn’t a single section of this boat that could be described as cramped or crowded, which is often the case in smaller vessels.

The Lagoon can accommodate up to eight guests in unparalleled comfort!


A vessel of this size can be intimidating. It is 62 feet long and 31 feet wide, making it decidedly bigger than your traditional catamaran.

The size shouldn’t fool you, however. The vessel is stable and the size probably works in its favor in this capacity. The motion of the boat is not as obvious as with a smaller vessel, creating a smoother ride.

Weather conditions also have a lesser impact on board the 620, so controlling the vessel is practically unaffected by moderate seas or rain.

Under Sail

The advantage of a vessel of this size is that it is more difficult to displace by waves and weather.

The design is solid and massive, so the boat is almost like a boulder in the water in relation to the seas. The 620 can cut a swath through the water cleanly and efficiently with almost no effort.

The vessel creates the illusion that you are in command of not only the vessel but the sea as well. This boat certainly makes you feel like royalty!


Luxuriousness bordering on opulence is the best way to describe the interior of the 620. The cabins are huge and can accommodate more people without piling everyone on top of each other.

The saloon and galley have enough space to allow passengers to spread out and relax or entertain each other.

The cook can also communicate with passengers due to the open design that increases the space and lends itself to socializing.

Storage space is ample, and there is no worry that comfort or personal items will need to be sacrificed to make room for necessities.


The spaciousness of the interior of the 620 extends to the exterior of the vessel. Moving around the wide decks gives passengers a sense of freedom and ease of movement.

The cockpit invites passengers to lounge and converses with the captain without concern that it would be overcrowded with guests.

Aesthetically, the 620 was built to impress. The size fills the casual observer with awe, but its sleek look illustrates the sophistication of the design.

Why Sail the Lagoon 620

  • Spacious and luxurious accommodations
  • Very stable but still agile
  • Plenty of room for socializing and entertaining or space for a bit of privacy if needed
  • The vast amount of storage space

The twin-engine design provides advantages such as a backup engine, power capabilities, and maneuverability.


The appearance of the 620 is grand, but appearances are not all this vessel has to offer. The boat is powerful and safe and makes the pleasure of sailing even more so with the extra space on board. Smaller vessels serve their purpose, but if you want to go big, charter a 620!


  • Length overall: 18.90m/62′
  • Beam: 10.00m/32’10”
  • Draft: 1.55m/5’1”
  • Full-batten mainsail: 140m²/1506 sq ft
  • Furling genoa: 91m²/979 sq ft
  • Furling staysail: 48m²/516 sq ft
  • Engine (std): 2 x 110 CV / 2 x 110 HP
  • Fuel capacity: 2 x 650l/2 x 172 US Gal
  • Freshwater capacity: 4 x 240l/4 x 63 US Gal
  • Cabins: 4

Did you sail the Lagoon 620? If so, feel free to share your experience in the comment below

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