Luxuty Yacht Charter In France – What Itinerary?

What a great idea to rent a luxury yacht charter in France with family or friends to spend a memorable vacation without worrying about anything at all.

A luxury yacht is quite similar to a hotel; the only difference is that you fleet on your private hotel while enjoying exploring beautiful islands.


What to Expect From a Luxury Yacht Charter?

Being on a luxury yacht charter is going to change forever the way you look at vacationing, the service is fantastic, you don’t have to raise a finger, just enjoy your trip! Generally there are not less than eight members to operate a luxury yacht, depending on the length of the boat, but usually include a captain, chefs, stewardess, deckhand, first mate, officer, engineer and consist of three floors with cabins that can welcome about 10 to 12 guests.

There is a wide range of accommodation, amenities, and water toys, such as a swimming pool, suite bath, living room, private kitchen, spa, theater.  The salon is on the first deck, the galley on the second and the third deck usually are the Jacuzzi and sports center.

The Most Popular Destinations

France is one of the most popular destinations during the summer and welcomes a large amount of superyacht each year from all over the world. Usually, yacht charter companies have their own itinerary, but many of them will sail to the finest destination of France, such as,


There, you’ll enjoy the beautiful private beaches mainly made of the major flat stones, and filled with great bars and restaurants.


From Nice, you’ll sail up to St Tropez which is frequented by wealthy and celebrities; there you can have a pleasant stroll in the town to explore historical structure, many fascinating studios, cafes, shops and beautiful extravagance yachts.


Next step is in Porquerolles which is located in the Iles d’Hyeres; this island is fantastic with plenty of hidden areas, renowned for its exceptional wine, and for its solid round tower situated on a rock. This is the perfect spot to relax.

Lerins Islands

From Porquerolle you’ll continue to the Lerins Islands which is stunning, there are many beautiful white sandy beaches with clear blue water filled with coral reefs, surrounded by small shrubs and impressive mountains.

Ville France

The next destination will be in Ville France, one of the most famous regions to sail and to practice many traditional activities, such as fishing, deep-sea diving, and cruising. Don’t miss to explore the small medieval town with slender cobblestone, and her little church with bell tower just in the center of the city.


You will surely anchor in one of the most beautiful ports of Monaco named Port Hercules, it’s a nice place to unwind, and admire spectacular superyachts from one of Monaco’s terrace cafes. If you like casino, then Monaco is the right place to be!

If you go for a trip on a luxury yacht in France, and you wish to change the itinerary, you can always speak with the captain and see if it’s possible to sail somewhere else depending on the weather.

Have you already been on a luxury yacht for a trip to France? Let me know in the comments below.

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