Private Yacht Charters Greece – All You Need To Know!

Planning a family vacation or reunion with distant relatives? Or maybe you are planning to celebrate a milestone anniversary. Consider the convenience and luxury of a private yacht charter in Greece.


The Advantages of Private Yacht Charter

Sailing the Greek islands in an all-inclusive chartered private yacht is more affordable and adventurous than vacationing at an island resort. How so?
Well, if you wanted to visit four or more islands on a week vacation you would have to make a reservation for each island.

So more than likely, you would just stay on the original island.


However, when charting a private yacht, you will enjoy sailing from one island to another not worrying about hotel accommodations, check-out times, or missing transportation to the next island.


Sail in leisure and take your time to explore, swim and dine at a pace you can enjoy.

You have your choice of chartering a sail or motor yacht, and also a catamaran yacht, to accommodate you and your family or group.

With or Without a Crew?

Having touched on the convenience of charting a private yacht, let’s discuss the luxury involved with traveling by private charter yacht.

If you are an experienced sailor, there is the option of charting a bareboat. This is a boat without a crew.

But if a true luxury vacation is your goal, then charter a yacht with a captain and crew. You will be able to sail in comfort knowing you have a crew to handle the daily chores on the boat, knowledgeable in sailing and rescue, and educated in the finest of culinary experiences.


All that is left for you to do on your sailing vacation is sit back and enjoy the top-of-the-line amenities on board the watercraft.

How Equipped a Private Yacht Is?

Private charter yachts are equipped to accommodate three or more travelers comfortable depending on the size of the yacht.

Snacks, meals, and assorted non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages are available to enjoy, professionally served by the crew’s hostess.


Select from menus featuring West Indian cuisine, local standards, or entrees found in five-star restaurants. Private yachts are even equipped to prepare an old fashion barbecue if you so desire.


What Activities With a Private Yacht?

For your vacation activities, there is never a need to worry regarding what to do on a chartered yacht.
Depending on the yacht you chose, you have your choice from fishing gear to watercraft, and if you don’t like the beach you are at then sail to another location.
A Greek sailing adventure offers you the advantage of visiting tourist attractions and shopping found on most islands and serene locations such as the Ionian Islands where you can experience pristine conditions to snorkel or scuba.

When considering your next vacation, chartering a private yacht can provide you with a host of experiences to share with your friends.

The fully staffed yacht, equipped with the latest flat screen tv and wifi connections will allow you to feel at home sailing in luxury while you visit the Greek Islands sunning and having fun. Why not investigate the option of a yacht charter for your next sailing holiday in Greece!
Have you already sailed on a private yacht charter in Greece? Please, share your experience in the comments below

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