Sailing In The Chausey Islands – A Unique Place to Sail!

Are you looking for a fun, authentic and memorable destination for your next vacation? Consider adding sailing in the Chausey Islands to the top of your list. With an endless list of activities for you to enjoy, sailing is only one of many options to begin creating memories while on this vacation. Located 17 kilometers from Granville, 15 kilometers from Normandy, and 45 kilometers from Jersey, the French Islands of Chausey is an ideal location for a relaxed destination vacation while still providing timely access to mainstream Europe. Utilizing the Port de Plaisance de Herel has allocated 150 places for visitors to moor their boats and explore the Islands.

Places to Visit on the French Islands of Chausey

The Towers of Baudry and Lambert

These two towers catch the eye thanks to their 19th-century build. The pathway to the lighthouse these have been constructed specifically to separate the areas of the bay to end a controversy between the inhabitants of Granville (Normandy) and Bretons (Cancale).

The Semaphore

Built-in 1867, another historical and interesting stop to add to your list is to check out the Semaphore. Located on the Grande Île, this is the biggest island and is the only one that is permanently inhabited. The Semaphore is actually located 31 meters above sea level, at the top of the Gros-Mont hill. It closed in 1939, but it is still a great location for sightseeing.

The Chapel

Also located on the Grande Île, the chapel was also built around 1850. It is continually noted for its beautiful stained-glass windows.

The Lighthouse

The operation began on October 15, 1847, shining a light out over the sea at 39 meters above sea level. The Lighthouse is an iconic destination stop for visitors to view the history and snap gorgeous photos.

The Fort

Built in 1866, this fort was specifically used to shelter over 300 Austrian and German prisoners during WWI. The Fort was also “home” to a small Garrison of the Third Reich in the second world war. In the present day, it’s the home of a fisherman and his family. Full of history, this is definitely a stop on the Islands to add to your list!

The Castle

The Castle was formally an authentic castle; built in 1559. Louis Renault restored the castle in 1923. With areas close by to enjoy landscapes, cliffs and beaches this is a stop that absolutely must be added to your list.

The Main Landing Slip

The Main Landing Slip was built by the prisoners of the Fort during World War I. The Slip is primarily reserved for fishermen and passenger boats arriving from the main continent of Europe.

A fort in Chausey Islands

Activities to Do in the Chausey Islands

Foot Fishing

With a variety of sandbanks and islets found throughout the Islands, foot fishing is a popular activity. Famous finds are seashells, lobsters, and crabs.

Oyster and Mussel Farms

Live life like the locals and learn how to farm shellfish and livestock.

Shoreline Trail

If you and your vacation party enjoy being active, the Shoreline Trail is a great activity to add to your schedule. This is a marked trail around the island with a costal-based path that will provide you with incredible views of the island. There are plenty of opportunities to see the native islands’ wildlife and fantastic views of the archipelago. Many visitors also use this trail as a chance for meditation and self-reflection.

The Granvillaise

For traditional navigation around the Island with an authentic, historic fishing boat, Bisquine of the Bay of Mont Saint Michael is an excellent choice. Many visitors appreciate being able to hop on board a boat that can paint the history of the island through the experience.

The Beaches

When visiting any island, visitors are typically interested in what beaches the island has to offer. Chausey has six beaches, three of which are particularly large. For those traveling with children, these beaches are a hot spot. Parents can enjoy the views and the sun while children can build castles in the sand and jump in the water. As with most vacation beaches, the beaches of Chausey truly cater to all visitors.

The Islands Mail Boat

Mathieu will take groups of up to 15 people for a unique sailing experience around the Islands. This is a boat tour based on a discovery of the Island’s secrets. An activity like this provides entertainment to all ages while providing fantastic photo opportunities and unforgettable memories.

Sea Kayaking

Ideal for those with common kayaking experience, sea kayaking off the Chausey Islands is an excellent way to get to know the Islands more personally. Allowing kayakers to become one with nature, sea kayaking leaves participants with a new appreciation for the Islands.

Discovery Walking

With a guide and a group, you will have the opportunity to walk the island or the foreshore. You will have the opportunity to discover the island culture and heritage or the most valued secrets of foot fishing while on this guided walk.

Archipelago Tour

This tour departs each day in the early afternoon. Boarding this boat will provide you with a seasonal tour full of information about the archipelago.

There are many, many other boat tours and activities for you and your group to try. Each promise to provide a different experience than the other, giving you an interactive way to experience the Island. As mentioned above, the Port de Plaisance de Herel has spaces set aside specifically for visitors to moor their yachts. You can leave your boat there while shopping, touring the island, eating in local restaurants, or staying at your hotel. While the French Islands of Chausey seem to be small, they have endless possibilities, activities, and views waiting for you to experience.


Best Time to Sail the Chausey Islands

If you are looking into sailing the Chausey Islands, the best time to sail and visit is mid-April through June each year. While there is no terrible time to visit, October and November fall in the heart of hurricane season. Mid-March through May will typically have colder water temperatures, and June through August will typically have warmer temperatures and be more crowded.

With beautiful views, numerous activities and places to visit, and easy access to sailing opportunities, the French Islands of Chausey are a great destination for your next vacation. Bring your friends and family, your camera, and an adventurous mind to create memories for years to come.

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  1. The Chausey Islands look like a great vacation spot! I spent some time in Paris and Nantes but have not heard of these islands before. They look very charming! I would be interested in doing the sea kayak tour. Is there a place to rent kayaks? Also, what exactly is foot fishing?

    • Hi Jason,

      Yes, I totally agree with you, the Chausey is a perfect place for holiday and activities like sailing and kayaking are very popular there. I am sure you’ll find easily a place to rent a kayak along the coast. I love Paris it is full of museums and art galleries. I’ve spent a lot of time in Montmartre, what a fantastic place! You can smell the art in the air:)

      However, foot fishing as it sounds, you fish with your feet:) Just put a bait between your fingers and catch the fish.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  2. Wow, what a beautiful place to visit. I love any vacation that is on the water. The pictures are fantastic. It looks like I I need to add the Chausey Islands to my bucket list. I would love to travel here. There is so much history.

    I did see that you outlined when hurricane season occurs, so I would think that might not be a great time to visit. Summers must be awesome. I am really surprised that June-August are slower times. Do you know why that is? I would think the warmer water, and summer time would be really busy.

    I also really like the idea of foot fishing. Sounds fun.

    • Hi Steve,

      July and August are the hotest months, and most of the places get crowded. September is also a good month as the water is still relatively warm and the crowds are gone. I don’t see anywhere in the article that June and August are the slower times:(

      However, thank you very much for the comment!

      I wish you a fantastic day!


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