Sailing With A Baby – Things to know!

You have certainly many questions about sailing with a baby, and surely, you feel overwhelmed which is understandable because taking a baby on a boat is a big responsibility and it is not always suitable to everyone.

Each parent thinks and lives differently, it really depends on how you have been educated. So it is really a question of personal opinion. Like everything in life, there are advantages as well as disadvantages.



Sailing with a newborn is totally different than sailing with a toddler. If it is a few weeks old babies, then it could be easier for you to sail because most of the time he will be eating and sleeping.

They still don’t walk, seat and speak, so you won’t need to bring a lot of things with you or run after him because he was climbing and jumping all over the boat.

The only thing to be careful with a few weeks old babies is not to be in the sun, only in the late afternoon when the sun does not hit so much which mean after 17; 00. Also, avoid too much wind, there are still very fragile at that age.


Have you thought about the mosquitoes? It can wake him up and can really be disturbing. Try to protect your baby from these irritable insects with some secret oil, which is a mixture of oil and lemon plant, you can find small bottles in a natural pharmacy. It is very effective and awesome for the skin.

Enjoy with a Couple of Friends

Remember that you have come not only to relax and to rest but also to have fun and to enjoy doing some snorkeling in the warm clear blue water with your spouse, then maybe it will be reasonable to hire a nanny or sail with other young moms, this way, you can help each other to hold the baby while enjoying.

Sailing with a baby is very easy, but when they grow up and they get to be toddlers, then it is another story, things are going to be different!

However, don’t think that it’s going to be too hard, if you think positively, then it will be much easier for you and for the baby. Contrary to what many people think, children are very adaptable and they will love to be part of the crew.

As I said above, it would be great to sail with some friends.I f you don’t have the possibility to sail with couples of friends or family, think about what you are going to do with your baby while handling the boat.

There are a lot of different opinions about this subject, but most of the people that sail would have used a high chair or a car seat, it is really helpful when both parents need to take care of the boat.

Why a Catamaran?

The size of the boat is an important factor when planning sailing with a baby, you will need a lot of space for your baby to run and play around with its toys.  Catamaran yachts are very spacious, safe and comfortable. It’s the perfect choice for a family trip.


How Many Toys?

Bring some toys with you, but not too much because most of the time you’ll be spending a lot of energy swimming and playing with your baby. There are so many things to do when we are on vacation and the time is passing very fast.

Not to forget that babies love to play with things that are not especially toys, they will enjoy playing with simple things, and they will get tired very quickly. Babies love water in their nature; they will enjoy swimming with mom and dad. Try to spend some time ashore to make some beautiful castles, beaches are very relaxing.


The sun!

No matter where you will be sailing, but be aware that the sun’s rays are very powerful in the summer as well as in the winter. Bring with you some hats, plenty of sunscreens (only from 6 months old), and sun suits with long sleeves.

Life Jacket

It is not required by the US guard coast for babies under 1 year old to wear a life jacket on board, so it won’t be necessary if your baby is under this age. If it’s a toddler there are nice life jackets that are approved by the US guard coast and very suitable for baby’s that are 5 kg to 10 kg.


Family Assurance

The biggest parent concern is the care of the baby in case of an emergency, which is why it is indispensable to take your family assurance trip. Before you start your sailing fleet, it is preferable to plan the itinerary and see if there a hospital or Clinic center in the region of your interest, that way you’ll be more secure.

Keep Him Busy for a While

You might want to have some comfort when sailing with your baby, sometimes it can be very helpful to have a television or a DVD, the weather can change suddenly, and finally, it is an agreeable way to keep him busy for few moments.

Bed Protection

Sleeping is very important especially for baby and at that age,e they need bed protection, think about this important detail and bring one with you that folds, there are plenty of them on the market.

Charter boats have usually all the amenities and comfort for the charterer, but it is preferable to check with your charter company if they possess bed protections or any other suitable bed for your baby before you travel.


Sailing with a baby may seem a little frustrating and perhaps dangerous to you, but let me reassure you that sailing with your baby will be an unforgettable experience. As I have mentioned above, if you think positively, automatically your baby will feel your positive waves and that will be the key of a wonderful and successful family sailing trip.

Have you already experienced sailing with your baby? Let me know in the comments below

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