Sak Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag Review-Built to Endure!

What is your principal goal when going sailing?  Have fun, right?

What is the last thing you want? Worrying, right?

To enjoy your adventure thoroughly on the water, you want to be certain that all your belongings are well-protected and safe!

This is why you need to use a waterproof dry bag. Not only it will keep all your belongings dry, but it will also make your life so much easier!

You won’t have to worry about your stuff getting wet anymore, even if the bag accidentally falls overboard!

There are many good waterproof dry bags on the market. Of them I have already reviewed such as the Earth Pack bag and the Friendly Swede bags.

However, Here is another one that I like very much. Check out the Sak Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag Review so that you can find out if this is the one you want to protect all your belongings!



The Sak Gear bag is made of a stiff fabric called 500-denier polyester. What is the 500-D? It is a material that has a pigment back coating in polyurethane, meaning it’s 100% water-repellent and UV- UV-resistant as well! If this material does not keep all your stuff dry, then no other material in the world will! With the Sak Gear Premium, you can sleep on both ears!


What is nice about the Sak Gear is that you can use it for different purposes, but it can also be carried out easily. The material of this bag is so thick that you can even use it as a cooler. Ok, it won’t keep your beverages cold for days, but certainly for a few hours if you close it properly. If you have valuable electronic items such as a phone, camera, tablet, etc.. this bag will save you a whole bunch of worries!


The Sak Gear comes with an adjustable strap that can be adapted to any length. You also can throw the strap over your shoulder and carry the Sak where ever you want. There is an extra detachable strap, allowing you to attach it to your motorcycle, kayak, boat, or even to a bicycle, which is very convenient!

Outer Zip Pocket

Another great feature is the exterior pocket placed on the front of the bag to organize small items. No need to rummage through the bag to find your phone anymore. Plus, it has a reflective trim around the zipper as a bonus, making the bag visible under night conditions. This option will come in handy if you want to be spotted from a distance. Or just find your bag quickly in the dark!

Closure System

The closure system is simple. There are two buckles placed at each extremity of the bag and a strap that is attached vertically to the side. It is a roll-down bag. Meaning, you need to roll down the top of the bag until it compresses itself to the size you wish it to be. And then close it with the help of the two buckles.


What I like about the Sak Gear is that it comes in several colors. You have the possibility to choose one of the following colors: Yellow, Black, Grey, Pink, Digi Camo, Army Green, and Navy Blue.


The Sak Gear comes in two sizes, 10L or 20L.

  • When the 10L is empty, its size is 18.5 tall and 12 wide
  • When the 20L is empty, its size is 23 tall and 4.75 wide
Storage Capability
  • The 20L allows you to store two beach towels and add some other items, such as a wallet, phone, a pair of shoes and a short.
  • The 10L allows you to store two beach towels, but there won’t be extra space left for other things.
    Sak Gear Premium Waterproof dry bag

How to Use the Sak Gear?

It is simple! You just need to fill it up, roll down the top three to four times and close it using the buckles on the sides. The Sak Gear allows you to pack and unpack easily due to its wide mouth opening, Which is an advantage! Once the Sak is closed, no water, no sand, and no dirt will enter into the bag. Even, though the Sak Gear Premium is not meant to be submerged, if by accident it falls in the water, you can be certain that all your stuff will remain dry!

How to Care For the Sak Gear?

The material of the bag is quite slick, making it easy to clean. If the Sak gets dirty, just use lukewarm water with a bit of vinegar, and, hey presto, it’s done.

Is it Worth the Price?

This bag is well worth the investment! Why? Because it is easy to use, the material is of high quality! It features a strap to carry it comfortably and an external zip pocket with reflective trim around. Without exaggerating, the price is relatively low for what you get. It seems that many customer reviewers on Amazon have the same opinion as mine!

What About the Warranty?

90-Day Money Back Guarantee! Well, you are fully covered!

What Not to Do With the Sak Gear?

Even though this bag is waterproof and can float on the surface of the water, it is not recommended to submerge it. As a matter of fact, it is writing in the directions. Simply follow the advice, and your bag will work like a charm!

Who is the Sak Gear Premium For?

It is for everyone who needs a high-quality waterproof bag to keep all the stuff safe and dry no matter where. This bag is designed for sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, hiking, camping, or any other outdoor activities. It will protect your belongings from the water as well as from the sun, the sand, and the dirt! Even children can use it to go to the beach or the pool or wherever. As mentioned above, you can use it as a cooler or a storage bag!

What are the Pros and Cons?

You will hardly find the perfect product on any market. There will always be pluses and minuses in anything. Whether we like or not, it’s a fact! And by the way… this applies to anything in life:) So let’s see what are the advantages and what can be ameliorated.


  • Foldable, thus easy to pack in a suitcase.
  • High-quality material
  • Inexpensive and worth the price!
  • Keep everything dry!
  • Lightweight and comfortable


  • The zipper pocket is not waterproof
  • There is only one unpadded strap, thus may be uncomfortable if walking long distances.

My Final World!

The Sack Gear Premium is a bag that everyone should have because it comes in handy wherever you are. It is easy to carry, and it protects all valuables from the water. Plus, it can be easily folded in a suitcase, which makes it convenient for you to bring it everywhere.

What about you? Do you own a Sack Gear Premium? If so, you are welcome to share your opinion in the comments below.


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8 thoughts on “Sak Gear Premium Waterproof Dry Bag Review-Built to Endure!”

  1. Hi Daniella!

    I usually carry the same backpack to the beach than anywhere else, and I need to be careful with what I put inside so it doesn’t get wet.

    I didn’t know this one, but it looks perfect for the summer! 😉 My wife is going to love it! But I guess we’ll have to get two, you know… the colors lol

    Thanks for the thorough review!

    • Hi Israel, 

      Great to see again!

      Indeed, that would be nice to get these bags for your wife and yourself! Just bear in mind that the Sac Grea Premium isn’t a backpack. It features a strap that allows you to carry it on your shoulder. What you can, though is to throw the strap on the other shoulder. That way you can wear it as a backpack:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!

  2. This bag seems pretty handy.

    When my wife and I travel, it seems like we usually end up on some sort of excursion where I’m worried about my belongings getting wet.

    I’d love to have something like this to take away my worries. I’ll have to check back and grab one before our next trip.

    • Hi Dustin,

      Yes, you are not the only one who ends up like this when going on excursion:) That’s why many adventurers buy these waterproof dry bags as they are so helpful!
      I personally think that everyone enjoying outdoor activities should have a waterproof dry bag. 
      Thank you for the comment and wish you an unforgettable trip!

  3. In my younger days this would have been a great bag to have on a camping trip. I like the exterior zip pocket that gives you a very convenient place to put things you may need to find quickly. Sometimes trying to find something inside a big bag can be frustrating.
    I also like the available colours. This bag would be good for any fashionista. Also the price is very reasonable. This would fit into anyone’s budget.

    • Hi Maureen,

      This bag can be used for any outdoor activities, it not only for camping!
      You would be amazed by how many things you can do with this bag:) Some of my friends use this bag for a day beach or pool. Some even use it to go to the gym! No restriction at all!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  4. This is a very informative article. You have done a great job convincing me that this dry bag will be a great fit for my wife. She recently took up kayaking and is looking at accessories and a dry bag is one of the things she is interested in buying.
    Thanks for giving so much info on your post. I will recommend this bag to my wife.

    • Hi Dave,

      I am glad you’ve found this article useful, it’s always good to hear positive comments:)
      Yes, this is the perfect bag for kayaking, your wife won’t be disappointed!
      If you buy the bag, it would be very sweet of you if could share your experience. Readers and I would really appreciate!

      Thank you for the kind comment and wish you a lovely day!


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