Scuba diving from a boat-Which boat?

Many travelers really enjoy scuba diving during their vacations, with friends, family, or even alone. But usually divers are accompanied with other divers because it is much more agreeable and safety.

Everyone can participate in this great experience, beginners, advanced divers, and also teenagers, as long as you are qualified and possess a diver certification.

Things you should know before

If you want to practice scuba diving from a boat, then it is preferable to know few important things before you begin to explore the beautiful aqua life where ever you choose to be.

If you join a group of divers on an organized boat, then you won’t have to worry about all the features and the safety.

But if you decide to organize everything along with your friends or family on a private boat, then you will have to pick the right boat and take care of all the requested equipment to make the boat suitable for an unforgettable scuba diving.

Some good recommendations

Here are some recommendations for having a successful scuba diving experience.

The space and the stability of the boat have an important role because you will need enough places to carry the equipments, enough space for the divers and a fairly spacious entrance to be able to enter and go out easily.

If you choose a boat with a high freeboard which can be too high to climb when the diver want to climb back on board without help, then it is recommended to provide a ladder or other boarding aids.


Which boat to choose?

There are many types of boat that can be used for scuba diving, for example:

  • The open boats which are usually utilized for a short distance to almost no amenities, but only a few places to sit and some storage for the equipments.
  • The Rigid-hulled inflatable boats are able to carry twelve divers, basic safety equipment, and usually divers don’t spend more than a few hours on this boat.
  • The open rigid hulled boats are similar to the Rigid-hulled inflatable boats, they are more durable but less stable which make it less easy to climb back on board.
  • The day boats are usually used for divers who plan to have a long sojourn on the boat.

This will depend on the choice of the boat, but usually it has to be enough spacious.


You will need safety equipment

You will need to have some requested safety equipments which include:

  • Diving shot, marine VHF radio
  • life jackets
  • Flares
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Oxygen first aid
  • Signal flag


Some extra equipment

In the event you’ve chosen a bigger boat, then you will have to add some extra equipment such as:

  • Gas blending
  • Recompression chamber
  • Diving air compressor.

No matter where you choose to do scuba diving, one thing is sure; there is nothing better than having the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking aqua life in the open Ocean.


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