Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask Review-Is It Truly The Best?

With so many full face masks out there, choosing the one that suits you best can be difficult! The Seaview 180 is remarkable and is one of the best you can find on the market along with the Tribord Eaysbreath. The Seaview offers a 180-degree field of view and plenty of great features. With this mask, one thing is for sure is that you will be able to see the underwater world like you’ve never seen it before! So if you are looking for a high-quality full face mask, you should take a look at the Seaview 180 snorkel mask review, I am quite confident that you will love it!


The Seaview 180 is an excellent full face mask that enables you to breathe normally like you usually do while snorkeling. You won’t swallow salt water anymore or bother with the technical stuff like clearing the tube and the mask of water. In one word, you will spend more time enjoying your snorkeling excursion with the Seaview than with any traditional mask.





Like all full face masks, the lens is made of polycarbonate. This stiff material is resistant to shock and also protect from the UV. The lenses are coated with a scratch-resistant layer for better protection. Although polycarbonate is solid, it is very susceptible to scratching. The lens is flat, which provides a much better vision in the water than a curved lens.




The mask itself is made of polypropylene, which is also a high-quality and durable plastic named thermoplastic. The skirt is made of soft silicone, making the seal of the mask extremely comfortable against the face.



Anti Fog Design

The Seaview feature a separate breathing chamber that circulates the inhale and exhaled air with the help of a fan. This will not only prevent the mask from fogging, but it will also let you snorkel longer distances without getting out of breath.




The Seaview feature adjustable elasticated straps that you can fix to the size you want. These straps are large, thus comfortable to wear while snorkeling and are very easy to put on and take off.



Dry Snorkel

The snorkel is made of the same material as the lens (polycarbonate) and features a small valve on the top of the snorkel that closes each time water gets into the tube. This feature is fantastic because it allows you to swim long distances without swallowing salt water while you snorkel. Also, you don’t need to purge the water out of the tube like you would with a traditional snorkel.



Purge Valve

If water gets into the mask, which can happen, there is a small valve placed in the bottom of the mask that drains the water out when you raise up your head. There is no need to clear your mask of water. This feature does the job done!




The Seaview comes in variety of colors, allowing you to match it to any swimsuit:) The colors available are Navy blue/Gray – Plum/Gray – Panoramic teal – Panoramic White/Blue – Panoramic white/Pink – Panoramic white/Teal



It is available in two sizes. S/M and L/XL




The Seaview 180 weighs 862Gr. It is not the lightest mask on the market but is not the heaviest one either. However, the weight is something you may consider more for packing and less for snorkeling as it floats on the water.



Wildhorn offers one year warranty and money back guaranty if the mask does not meet your expectations.

How to Use the Seaview

First, you will need to pull off a film from the lens. Without touching the lens with your fingers, slip the snorkel on the top of the mask and close it firmly till you feel the tube is well attached to the mask. Then, put the mask on your head and with the help of the straps, adjust the mask until you get the perfect seal and you are good to go!

The Dos and Don’t of Snorkeling With the Seaview

A full face mask is very convenient in the water, and it will undoubtedly allow you to snorkel comfortably. However, bear in mind that there are certain things that you should not do with the mask if you want your underwater trip to be pleasant!



1. Since a full face mask has a high volume of air inside and it covers the whole face, it is not possible to reach your nose to equalize the pressure in your ears. You cannot use a full face mask for free diving or fast swimming or spearfishing. This type of mask is designed only for snorkeling on the surface of the water. If you go down a few meters underwater, the mask will squeeze your face, and it will lose its effectiveness.



2. Sand is the biggest enemy of the mask since the lens is made of polycarbonate. As I’ve mentioned above, this material is very susceptible to scratching. So if you want a good suggestion, keep your mask away from the sand! Also, if sand gets inside the tube, it could prevent from the valve to work properly. If this happens, make sure to rinse the inside and outside of the tube with clear water.



Pretreat the Mask

3. Don’t ever use abrasive products such as toothpaste on polycarbonate lens. It will scratch it. To pretreat or clean your mask, you better use liquid soap and water or gentle anti fog solution.

Wearing Glasses Inside the Mask

4. Many people ask if it is allowed to wear prescription glasses inside the full face mask. It is possible, but not with regular prescription glasses for the simple reason that the arm will break the seal and will cause leakage problem. There is a solution, though. Ocean Reef company has created optical glasses support without arms that fit well inside the mask. These glasses can be used in any full face mask. Otherwise, soft contact lenses will be a great option too.



Beard & Hair

5. Beard and facial hair can cause the mask leaks if it sits between the skirt and the skin. Hair should always be attached, and the part of the beard that touches the skirt should be shaved. As for the mustache, there shouldn’t be any problem because it usually doesn’t reach the skirt.

How to Choose the Right Size

You just need to measures from the bridge of your nose to the end of your chin with your mouth closed.

  • If the measurement is under 4.7 inches, then you should opt for the S/M size.
  • If the measurement is more than 4.7 inches, then you should opt for the L/XL.

Where Can You Use The Seaview?

You can snorkel with the Seaview anywhere as long as you feel comfortable with it. Some people will even use it in a swimming pool or a lake. Children usually love swimming with the full face masks in shallow water or pool as well. Most snorkelers use it in the sea to explore the underwater world.

Seaview 180 in the sea

How The Seaview Mask Work?

As you have certainly noticed in the article, with a regular snorkel mask, you need to breathe through your mouth, which is not natural and quite annoying!
This is the reason why many people don’t even bother to go snorkeling anymore.

However, A full face mask possesses a separated breathing chamber that allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth most naturally and also reduce fogging problem. There is a fan placed in the breathing chamber that circulates the expelled air in the mask.

The small valve on the top of the tube also helps you to breathe comfortably. Additionally, in the bottom of the mask, there is a one-way chin valve to drain the water out if water gets inside.

Who Is the Seaview For?

The Seaview 180 if for anyone who wants to enjoy their snorkeling adventure. Beginners, as well as advanced snorkelers and children, can use this mask to explore the underwater world. With the Seaview, you will be able to focus on your snorkeling trip without always worrying about swallowing water or breathing.

Why Should You Buy the Seaview 180

The Seaview is truly one of the best snorkel full face masks on the market. There are several reasons why you should get it!

1. Thanks to its dry snorkel system, you don’t need to remove water from the tube anymore or bite on the mouthpiece of the snorkel to keep it in a vertical position.

2. The separated breathing chamber allows you to breathe through your nose and mouth naturally and calmly for long distances.

3. The flat lens is easy on the eyes and offers you clear vision in the water. You won’t struggle with magnification effect, meaning, You will perceive things in the water as they are.

4. The snorkel tube is detachable, making packing easy

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  • Comes with a GoPro
  • Exceptional field of view
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Allow breathing normally



  • Comes only in Two sizes
  • Not designed for free diving, swimming and spear fishing.


  • Anti-Fog Design
  • 180° Full Face Design
  • Dry Snorkel Technology
  • Anti-Leak Design
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • GoPro Mount

In Conclusion

Overall, the Seaview is a fantastic and comfortable full face mask that features a GoPro to take great pictures from the underwater world. So if you have an upcoming snorkeling trip, don’t forget to bring your Seaview 180 with you, you’ll be glad you did!


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What about you? Did you already use the Seaview? If so, you are welcome to share your experience in the comment below.



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10 thoughts on “Seaview 180 Snorkel Mask Review-Is It Truly The Best?”

  1. Hi, Daniella!

    The mask seems great for snorkelling. I like the fact that it comes with a GoPro as well as an Action Camera Mount – to mount your GoPro on 🙂

    Full face mask with 180-degree full face design, must be a snorkeler’s paradise. Especially in places where there is a lot to see. Will definitely check this one out! 🙂

    • Hi Marios,

      Yes, among all the masks listed in the article, the Seaview is the only one that features a GoPro mount.  It is possible to add this feature to the other masks, if you buy it separately. 

      These masks are exceptional for snorkeling and very comfortable! You should definitely try it!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  2. I haven’t been snorkeling before and would love to try it, I didn’t know that there were so many considerations to consider when it come to snorkel masks.
    This one really stood out for me due to its Go Pro ability as I love to take photos and if I go snorkeling I would want to take photos underwater:)

    • Hi there,

      If you’ve never snorkeled before, then you should definitely consider trying a full face mask! You’ll love it. 

      Beginners only swear by them as they are comfy and practical! And yes, if you want to take pictures, then Seaview is the one you should opt for!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a  lovely day!

  3. Hey Daniella!

    Great job and thank you for the amazing post! I have been thinking of snorkeling as soon as I have free time this coming weekend. As a beginner myself, I have never thought that there are so many factors to consider when it comes to choosing the right snorkel mask!!! Your post has certainly enlightened me. Just got myself a GoPro few days ago. So…. I am really looking forward to purchasing a Seaview 180 myself soon!

    Can’t wait to start snorkeling! Thanks again Daniella.

    Kenny Wong

    • Hi Kenny,

      You are very welcome there! I am glad that you’ve found this article useful! As you said, there are few important factors to consider when buying a full face mask. But once you know them, you make a better decision! 

      Congratulation for the GoPro and I hope you’ll have fun with it:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a great day!

  4. I saw this type of mask before but I wasn’t sure how it works. Good thing I came across your review. I am kinda tired of always getting salt water through the snorkel (not the best swimmer here) I like the Dry Snorkel Technology. and finally a mask with GoPro! great review.

    • Hi Javier,

      Yes, many snorkelers wear the full face masks today as they are very handy and comfortable!

      If you fed up of swallowing water and you want to enjoy your snorkeling experience, then you should get a full face mask! It really helps!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day:)


    • Hi Bonnie,

      It depends on what lens you use! Also, do you wear prescription glasses? This could be the reason why you see things smaller.

      There are two sorts of lenses, flat and curved. There is a little difference in visibility between the two of them. The curved lens tends to distort images in the water. As for the flat lens, the visibility is clearer when you look straight at the front, but if you look on the sides, which you usually don’t do, things will appear a bit different.

      What is the best, the flat or the curved lens? I have both. My children use the flat lens and my husband, and I use a curved lens. We are pleased with both of them. I don’t see a big difference between them. But again, It depends on the person!

      I hope it helped and please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more info.I am always happy to assist!

      Thank you for your comment!


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