South Pacific

Marina in the South pacificSouth Pacific

The South Pacific Islands inspire dreams of heaven with the warm azure blue waters, white sandy shorelines, impressive ocean life, stunning turquoise coral, terrific rainforests, and palm trees along the shorelines. It’s a genuine dream to do scuba dive in these beautiful blue waters filled with coral reefs, and fantastic marine life. Enjoy all the fascinating charms of these stunning and crucial places.

Fiji Island

Fiji Island belongs to the Melanesian in the south of Pacific Ocean. It contains impressive volcanic mountains and the tropical water of this delightful ocean is constantly warm. There are beautiful coral reefs that attract such a variety of travelers from everywhere throughout the world. Fiji is a mixed land of tropical forests, phenomenal shorelines, exquisite slopes, and coconut plantations. There are diverse sorts of food and many restaurants offer Chinese cuisine. There is a popular beverage named “Yangon” made of pepper plants. This Drink has some unwinding impacts from the moment you drink it as it desensitizes your tongue and lips for around ten minutes, so it’s desirable to drink this exceptional beverage, before or after the kiss!


Tioman is a little Island in the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. It is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. This Island contains large outstanding isolated places with few unique inhabitants, and the Sea is surrounded by diverse fantastic white coral reefs, a genuine haven for scuba divers. You can walk through the jungle all along the Kampongs, simply follow the power lines or take a guide with you to show you the way.View on TIOMAN island


Batam is a little active Island in Indonesia close to Singapore. There are many attractions and activities to do on this island, such as water sport, fishing, jet ski, Parasailing, as well as visiting the famous Vietnam refugees that have been restored. Another popular place to visit is a colony of macaque, which keeps on inspiring many explorers around the world.Bridge in BATAM


Singapore is a little island, with several cultures which seventy-five percent of the populations are Chinese, and twenty-five are foreigners. This Island contains more than five million people and it is also the most populated after Monaco. A part of its region is covered by lovely greenery and the other part of awesome parks with several wonderful nature reserves. However, this island is definitely a mind-blowing and an extraordinary island to explore. Singapore offers a mixed of cuisine, for example, the popular mix of Malay, Chinese, Indian and Western. The most popular place to eat is the hawker center where many restaurants offer a wide assortment of tasty food.View on Singapore town


Tahiti has two volcanic mountains structured in turtle form and surrounded by two fantastic islands with dazzling black beaches. The people are exceptionally generous, respectful and truly pleasant. They say, “Aita pea” which means don’t worry, they think like this, they live that way and will smile to you most of the time. They say, hi to any strangers who are passing by, which is extremely pleasant and make you feel welcome. Tahiti has a tropical atmosphere hot, humid, yet you won’t feel the humidity during the day because most of your time you will be swimming in the delightful light blue ocean. A pleasant way to explore all the inhabited islands and Tahiti is by boat. There are a lot of snack shops on wheels especially on Friday nights that offer a mixture of delicious Chinese food, French cuisine, including crepes for dessert.View on Tahiti at the sun set