Southern New England Itinerary


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Day 1 – New Port Rhode

Newport is a delightful shoreline on Rhode Island renowned for its festivals, and beautiful sceneries. In the downtown, there is an area upscale visitor with many shops, art galleries and excellent restaurants that are situated on the waterfront. Newport contains some awesome beaches with rough bluffs, and an old fort to explore.Newport Bridge

Day 2 – Padanaram

Padanaram is an affluent coastal village in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts in the United States. The village of Padanaram has many sorts of local stores, boutiques, restaurants, art galleries, fantastic sculptures, and more.View on Padanaram

Day 3 – Cape Cod

Some of Cape Cod beaches are the best in the world with lovely sand rises and fabulous bluffs. These vacation areas attract plenty of visitors from all over the world due to its lovely shorelines, natural attractions, famous locales, art galleries and a lot of great restaurants. There are so many activities to do on Cape Cod, such as golf, fishing, sailing, water sport, and many other outdoor activities.People doing water sport in Cape Cod

Continuation of Day 3 – Province town

Province town is at the very tip of the peninsular Cape Cod locale in Massachusetts. Province town is a mixture of beautiful scenes, and for a long time has attracted all sorts of many artists. In the center of the old town, you will discover abundant galleries of different varieties, nice old cottages, excellent restaurants, and souvenir shops.View on Provincetown street

Day 4 – Wood Hole

Wood Hole has a nice natural Harbor and was once a fishing village. Today, extremely famous for its fantastic shorelines, fishing sports, quaint shops, and marine research facilities. It’s so pleasant to stroll around Woods Hole; you will find many incredible places to eat, little shops, art galleries, museums, lovely gardens, beautiful vistas and some artists studio.Port in Wood hole

Day 5 – Nantucket Sound

This Island has so much to offer, dramatic cliffs, quiet harbors, sandy shorelines, beautiful old mansions, wonderful old castles, and gorgeous gardens. You can make a short walk from the town center and see the first structure that was built in 1746 and the second lighthouse built in America.Houses on the water in Nantucket Sound

Day 6 – Martha’s Vineyard

Martha’s Vineyard is an island in the south of Cape Cod of Massachusetts,  renowned for being a rich summer settlement, that is only accessible by vessel. There are a lot to see in this lovely Island, for example, flawless sandy shorelines, sailboats, the brilliantly painted gingerbread houses, the lighthouses, farmer’s markets, and the magical flying horses.Port in Marthas Vineyard

Day 7 – Elizabeth Islands

Most parts of the islands are privately owned and can be reached only by boat. Two of the Elizabeth Islands called Cuttyhunk and Penikese are open for vacationers. Cuttyhunk Island is the most well-known and Penikese which was before a leper colony, today turned into a reform school.View on Elizabeth islands

Continuation of Day 7 – Cuttyhunk

Cuttyhunk Island has lovely tiny sandy shorelines, extremely pleasant harbor, a couple of dozen houses, and some awesome climbing trails. It’s an isolated Island, quiet, with lovely nature, the ideal place to invest time fishing and to unwind.View on Cuttyhunk