Top Sailing Destinations Around the Globe – 4 Best Places to Sail!

Sailing allows you the freedom to enjoy traveling to various destinations. If you are looking for new destinations to visit while sailing, the following information will excite you as you review some of the top sailing destinations around the globe.

New Zealand

The first top sailing destination around the globe is the Bay of Islands, located in New Zealand. With over 100 islands situated in azure clear waters to explore, take your time experiencing the native culture.

Just some attractions found in the Bay of Islands are a natural waterfall in the middle of town on KeriKeri Island, and if you are a nature lover, then Parrot Place is the place to visit.

Hand feed and allow parrots to perch on your hand while visiting this tourist destination on Keri Island.

If you are eager to learn of the New Zealand culture, sail over to Paihia Island and visit the Waitangi Treaty grounds, where you can see a tribal carved meeting house and war canoe and experience the true local culture with its vast history.

Australian Whitsunday Islands

Sailing from New Zealand, the next stop is the Australian Whitsunday Islands, located on the Great Barrier Reef.

Just the mention of the Great Barrier Reef brings thoughts of underwater sightseeing. Dropping anchor in the Whitsunday Islands invites scuba diving, or at least snorkeling, allowing you to become one with the vast array of spectacularly colored fish and corals that await your visit.

This sailing destination will always be included in the top sailing destinations around the globe.


Traveling north, our next top sailing destination around the globe is Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay. With islets and islands totaling well over 1500, make time to enjoy the different land formations each have to offer.

Castaway Island is highly recommended when sailing since it provides a scenic view of Vietnam’s many islands.

Also, while visiting Ha Long Bay, take a moment to go on the mainland to explore one of many underground wonders located in Vietnam, like the cavernous Dau Go Cave.

To visit this tourist destination, instead of traveling down to enter the cave, you go in the opposite direction. Travel up the stairs to the entranceway and view well-lighted artistic formations sculpted from the passing of time.

You will satisfy your adventurous spirit with this top sailing destination around the globe.

Greek Islands

The Greek Islands are a splendid sailing destination when choosing a top sailing destination around the globe.

Filled with tradition, culture, history, and wonderful cuisine, enjoy your nautical visit sunbathing, snorkeling, or playing in the water at one of the white sand-covered beaches.

Hike mountain trails to visit historical artifacts from civilizations past while docking at the islands of Corfu, Crete, or Mykonos, to just name of few of the over 1000 islands in the Aegean Sea.

Mentioned are just a few top sailing destinations around the globe to experience, with plenty of activities and sights to see once you arrive. Taking a sailing vacation to an exotic location is worth investigating, especially if it is one of these top sailing destinations from around the globe.

Do you know what are the best sailing destinations around the globe? Please let me know in the comments below.

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