What is a Sailing Vacation? – The Ultimate Answers!

While some vacationers prefer relaxation and the peacefulness that comes with time off from work, others want adventure and excitement. With a chartered yacht, you can have it both ways.

Sailing yachts were designed with the adventurer in mind. These yachts are equipped for extreme boating, perfectly capable of exploration of remote locations or destinations away from overcrowded, mundane tourist spots.

A yacht charter allows sailors to find their own patch of water to lounge around or engage in heart-pounding water activities in relative privacy, away from jammed ports and docks and overpriced tourist traps.

A whole new world is readily available to the yacht sailor that is closed off to vessels that are more traditional. Distance and power are not issues for an expedition yacht!

What a Sailing Vacations Offers

A sedate and relaxed sailing vacation can be one person’s dream, while the fast-paced exploration aboard a yacht is another’s. The type of vacation depends on the individual.


A yacht can move when it needs to, but an expedition yacht is a different beast altogether. Sailors seeking power, more speed, and better mobility in poor weather conditions, may decide an expedition yacht is a better fit for the vacation they seek. Expedition yachts also have deeper hulls for storing numerous water sports equipment and toys to keep guests engaged and entertained.

Greater Distances

An expedition yacht allows sailors to venture out well beyond the conventional tourist hot spots. Some popular expedition yacht destinations include Alaska, Greece, and the Caribbean.

The Sights

Sailing further out and to more remote locations means that sailors can experience firsthand nature, wildlife, and landscapes that not many other human beings can easily witness. These sailing trips aboard an expedition are full of once-in-a-lifetime photographic opportunities.


Further, out at sea, more difficult waters, and less visited destinations are all possible with a chartered expedition yacht. Conventional sailing yachts are often limited by distance and the performance of the vessel, which may suit certain sailors just fine. However, sailors with an appetite for new adventures would enjoy an expedition yacht.


  • An expedition yacht has a wider range due to its need for less frequent refueling.
  • More exotic locations are available for expedition yachts
  • Greater power, better durability, more stable, and improved mobility versus a traditional sailing yacht
  • Accommodations are as comfortable and luxurious as a regular yacht
  • The design of the yacht makes it one of the safest charter vessels
  • Extra water activity equipment and wider options for different kinds of gear are available on an expedition yacht


  • Space can be a concern. Expedition yachts are designed for efficiency and power with space for storage and guests to move around, but rooms can feel cramped or overcrowded with too many guests occupying the space
  • Sailors may be further away from help in the case of an emergency due to the yacht’s capabilities
  • In a strictly aesthetic sense, expedition yachts were not designed to present a luxurious facade from the outside.

In Conclusion

Sailing vacations create memories and experiences that stick with guests for a lifetime. A sailing vacation aboard an expedition yacht ramps up the adventure tenfold. Chartering an adventurous vacation can work well for couples, families, and groups of friends.

Strengthened bonds, lasting memories, and a shared enterprise of enjoyment and excitement will make a sailing vacation cherished and talked about for years to come.


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12 thoughts on “What is a Sailing Vacation? – The Ultimate Answers!”

  1. Hello Daniella,
    Beatiful site with beautiful pictures. I have never before had a vacation on a yacht, but perhaps it’s time 😉
    Keep informing us about the adventures of a vacation on a yacht.
    BTW. I’m from the Carabbean so i loved that part.


    • Hi Gregory,

      If you are from the Caribbean, you should consider start sailing just to explore these beautiful isolated islands which are only accessible by boat. If you do so, then I may suggest you a catamaran. It will be a great choice especially for the first charter.

      Which you the best

  2. Great idea for vacation which is undeniable. I love sea trip but all were done on a big cruise but I hope to have a yacht sailing charter once. Just need a friend or relative with the same interest to join the charter – and share the cost. A good good place to explore in my country is Andaman sea, left side of Thailand’s ocean. Thanks for reminding me of my interest so I still keep up with the plan to make it happens.

    • Hi Tinnakon,

      Thank you for the suggestion. The Andaman Sea is an extremely popular sailing region! People love this beautiful place, no wonder. You can find a great article about Thailand and the Andaman Sea in the destination page on my website.
      Thank you for passing by and which you to sail soon!

  3. Hi,

    Great article, the best form of vacation.
    For our honeymoon we did a sailing safari in Fiji. Best memories ever. We got totally spoiled and the beauty we saw was amazing. Can`t wait to do that again.
    Sailing is so fun!


    • Hi Viky,

      Wouaw Fiji, this is one of my favorite place!I love it, it’s so beautiful.
      I am planning my next sailing holiday in Fiji island,I am sure we will enjoy it!
      I wish you the best

  4. hi Daniella!
    Wow those yachts are gorgeous! They seem like very good vessels to have a vacation on. Even those expedition yachts might be slightly more cramped space wise, they do seem luxurious. I could see a vacation on the coast of Greece for example. Just relaxing and enjoying the sun. And if it is a very safe vessels on top of it, that is just an added plus

    • Hi Emily,

      If you want some great information about Greece, you can find them on my website in destination page.
      Thank you for passing by and which you an awesome day

  5. Your page is really beautyful. I have never been on a sailing vacation myself but has a friend that has and for me would be a dream come true. I find your page really informative and made me dream myself away on a vacation to an exotic place far away.

    • I am happy that my article makes you dream, this is what is all about:) Dreams are very powerful and it can take you very far away!

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment!

  6. Nice site. Love all the info. A sailing yacht charter vacation would be a dream for many people. You’ve covered the facts well. Under destinations and the caribbean the last two destinations jumbled all together each time I tried to access them. The pics are well done and high quality. I’m assuming you could probably hire a charter with a captain right? if you don’t have the expertise to do it yourself. Nice job.

    • Hi Houstoer,

      Yes, if you don’t have any sailing skill, then you’ll definitely need to hire a skipper, which is awesome! You can enjoy without worrying about the navigation:)

      Thank you for the compliment and wish you a wonderful day!


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