What shoes to wear on a sailboat – What to choose!

When you go sailing, you want to make sure that you bring with you the most suitable equipment to have an agreeable sojourn on your sailing boat without regretting not taking a good pair of shoes to avoid hurting your feet or slipping on the deck!

There are some people who never wear shoes and prefer to go barefoot on the boat because they think it’s much more comfortable, but probably unconsciously they don’t realize how much they can get hurt.

Be concentrated!

If you are the captain on board, then you’ll want to be able to handle the boat without being distracted by your feet.

By not wearing shoes, you’ll have to be more aware when you’ll walk on the deck, and you’ll feel that your feet are like real radiators.

Even if you don’t like to wear shoes, make a little effort and choose a good decent pair of shoes, not just for your own protection, but also for the hygiene and to enjoy fully your sailing trip.

So, what shoes to wear on a sailboat?

There are many kinds of decent boating shoes on the commercial market, in different colors and in different materials.

The sport sailing shoes are very comfortable and provide good flexibility for the foot, they possess soles and outsoles, which will maximize your tractions, and will allow you to grip over a wide surface area. Good sports sailing shoes will keep your feet dry with maximum comfort.

The deck shoes are designed to resist water, very comfortable, and durable, while the sole is much less pronounced
The deck shoes are perfect to avoid any injuries and awesome for boaters.

The sailing boots are generally heavier than any other sailing shoes, mainly made of waterproof and with non-slip soles.
However, there are two categories of boots (Offshore boots & Dinghy boots).

The offshore boot is designed to keep the feet dry in a wet area, generally, go up to the calf, and keep warm.

The hiking boots are much more flexible, designed to keep the sailor comfortable during the journey on the boat.

The sailing sandal is designed to avoid slippage on a boat in calm water, it is a good option if you don’t want to take off your shoes each time you’ll want to swim, and they also dry faster.

As I’ve mentioned above, there are many kinds of sailing shoes, and maybe you’ll be interested to know what sailing shoes are the most demanded on the market.

Here is a list of great shoes to wear on a sailboat.

  • Keen Newport
  • Fila Skele-Toes Bay Runner
  • Vibram five fingers
  • Dubarry
  • Sperry
  • Musto Ocean

Today, sailing shoes are well developed, very comfortable, lightweight, and suit well to the feet. So there won’t be a problem to have fun on your fleet trip while wearing sailing shoes

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