What to wear for a yacht party is a concern for anyone who has never been invited to one before, and for the more seasoned sailors who are not as fashion forward as their fellow yachters.

The occasion, the guests, and the time of day the party is held all play a part in dictating how to dress. Avoiding fashion mistakes and looking your best can be as simple as knowing what is acceptable and what is not.

Surprisingly, when it comes to yacht parties, the trends can be quite different from what you will find on land.

What to Wear for a Party at Night

In short, a night party will generally be more highbrow than a party held during daylight hours, but, because the party takes place on a yacht, the fashion is going to be a bit different regardless of the purpose of the event.

In comparison with a high-class event on dry land and one on a boat, the yacht party will usually be a tad more casual, but there are still standards that should be adhered to in order to fit in among the other guests.


A nighttime yacht party can range from casual to classy, but there is always an element of looseness about the clothing choices. Tight or form fitting dresses and clothing are almost taboo aboard a yacht, and parties are no exception.

Flowing gowns, skirts with flounces, and princess-waist dresses are the norm. The classier the event, the less romantic the outfit should be.

Adding a sequin jacket or a color-coordinated wrap can be the right accent piece for these types of events. Make the outfit dressy without being too formal.

Bear in mind that, unless the invitation specifies that the event is formal, you should have an element of fun to your outfit.


This is another case where, unless formal is stated in the invitation, the dress should lean toward casual. Men should stick with comfortable, not form fitting slacks, a dress shirt, and, depending on the type of party, a jacket. No tie should be required in most cases.

The more casual the event, the less buttoned up a man should dress. A party that is casual could even warrant a polo shirt, but keep in mind that evening parties can get chilly, so bring a nice jacket that isn’t too casual.

What to Wear for a Party During the Day

Casual parties are typically held during the day, but there still sometimes parties that require a little more effort in the fashion department. Pick out an outfit or dress that is comfortable, stylish, and appropriate for the event, but don’t overthink your choice.


Light, loose, and flowing are the keywords for unlocking the mysteries of what to wear to a daytime yacht party. At casual get-togethers, you can get away with classy shorts, or a short skirt, while affairs that are more formal like charity parties, may require more sophistication.

A shift dress that stops at mid-thigh is perfectly acceptable for these types of events. As for footwear, choose wedges for classy events or flats for casual parties. Spiked heels are not appropriate on a yacht!


Steer clear, no matter how tempted you may be, of nautical themed designs and fashions. This just makes you look like the novice sailor you are playing dress up.

Loose sailing pants and shirts, light colors, and a loose jacket when needed are more than appropriate attire for men during the day.

Shorts at a party are generally a bad idea, no matter how hot it is out in the sun.

What Not to Wear!

Style choices can change depending on the type of party you’re invited to attend. Simple birthday parties are different from a formal charity event, but some rules are universal.

  • No nautical wear!
  • Form-fitting and tight clothing is inappropriate (unless it’s swimwear)
  • High heels are out of place, even for formal wear on a yacht
  • Beach colors consisting of pastels and neutrals work in daytime, but bolder colors are more appropriate for the evening
  • Clothes that are too casual or in disrepair, even for a casual party, are not recommended


In Conclusion

Finding the right yacht outfit boils down to what looks good, feels comfortable, and fits the reason for the event. Go shopping and get a few outfits that are appropriate for the different occasion and you’ll be ready for anything!


Want to Know More about Dress Code?


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Have you already been on a yacht party? Would you like to share your experience leaving a comment below, I would love to hear your feedback!


  1. You mentioned in your article that you shouldn’t wear nautical wear. Why not? You are on a yacht, it would seem appropriate to wear something nautical.

    I agree that whatever the occasion you should not wear anything too casual. Then again, some women will wear high heals everywhere. I can imagine them falling over and ending up in the water. Very embarrassing.

    • Hi Christine

      You can wear what ever you feel like .

      I personally think It depends on the occasion 🙂 if it’s a simple dance party,then your can wear swimsuits, but if it’s a casual, then it’s not really appropriate. This is my personal opinion.

      Some big luxury yachts are extremely stable , so it is possible to wear high heals comfortably , but most parties are on smaller yachts. So, yes be careful with high heals!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day

    • Hi Christine,

      Yes , it’s not just embarrassing , you can get really hurt!

      Thank you for passing by and for the comment
      Have a great day

  2. Oh, how much I love the boat/ferry/jetcat/ship …. I’ve tried all of them and love all of them.

    One of my most memorable experience has to be on a tall ship – a replica of the original ship sailed by Capitan Cook when he “discovered” Australia.

    At the time, I was not only on my high heels but with an injured leg (I fell at a park before coaxed into the boat). So I went barefoot (actually everyone was ordered to take off their shoes so as to pretend to be the captain’s sailors). We pulled the strings to the sails and would be whipped (with the sound in the air but without really touching anyone physically) by staff if we got lazy, then we were treated with homemade (boat-made) coffee and toast and butter. I’d never had such great tea break in my entire life …. It was a fantastic boat party.

    Love boat party, always!

    • Hi there,

      I am glad you had such great experience on the ship, Sorry for your leg!

      Yes the best to enjoy is to go barefoot, but for your security, it is much better to wear flat shoes. I have a nice article about what shoes to wear on a sailboat , it could be interesting for your next yacht party 🙂

      Yes the service is awesome and this one of the reasons I always charter a crewed yacht.

      Thank you for your kind comment and wish you a wonderful day

  3. Hi Daniella, this was a fun and interesting article to read. I’ve only seen yacht parties on tv. I’m not really known in the yacht society 🙂 Still I didn’t know there was such a difference in dress code between day and night parties. And no ties. Never thought about that! Thanks for the interesting read!

    • Hi Jurgen

      Yes there is a difference between day and night party, but the most important is that you dress according to the kind of party you are going to:)

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a nice day

  4. Hi,

    I never really have given much thought about what to wear on a Yacht or a Yacht party.

    Reading through your article and how you even divide it in Day and Night party and what to wear, is really amazing.

    I too wonder tough why you shouldn’t wear any nautical wardrobe? having a theme party though comes into my mind could certainly be the right spot to wear something like this. 🙂

    I never would really wear any high heels on any boat, yacht etc. but, some people I assume still like to try it out. good luck with that.


  5. I have personally never been to yacht party before, but now know what to wear if I ever do. Lol I would been trying to walk in high heels (which I have never been able to do) then I would have been clumsy and out of place. I am going to have to keep a list somewhere so I will not ever forget what to wear if I got go to a Yacht party one day.

  6. So, there’s a difference in dress code between night party and daylight party. That’s quite interesting.

    It seems that everyone must be aware of what to wear when it comes to attending yacht party. In my opinion, the dress code is quite specific.

    I’ll remind myself not wear shorts if I get an invitation to attend one next time. Is Leonardo Di Caprio an exception by the way?

    • Hi Tar,

      How great to see you again on my website:)

      Decaprio is always an exception:) No matter where he goes!! This is one of my favorite actors:)

      Yes, there is different between the day and night. You won’t wear day clothes for an evening party. It’s totally different.

      You can wear whatever you feel like there are no rules, but I personally think that wearing a short in the evening is not really appropriate. But again, it really depends on the kind of party.

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!


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