Yacht Charter in the Bahamas – From Nassau to Warderick Wells!

If your interest is enjoying a voyage while exploring various destinations and getting lifetime memories, taking a yacht charter in the Bahamas would be the best choice to make. Having a floating villa catering to your demands of comfort and privacy is quite a fantasy to many.

Chartering a yacht will give you the option of viewing almost every feature during your vacation making it a lifetime experience. From square to square of beautiful beaches to warm water which brings out sea life, this place has just a lot to offer.

You will never run out of activities. The sun, amazing views and the silent sounds you’ll experience while on your sailing in the Bahamas will leave you to mind refreshed and renewed for years to come.

The Bahamas

Many islands constitute the Bahamas, with each island in various ways different from the other. With a wide curve chain combine of approximately 700 uninhabited islands, over 2400 Cays & outcroppings that stretch from 55 East of Miami up to 60 Miles offshore of Cuba, the Bahamas remains one of the most visited places in the world. Whether you prefer a power yacht or sail, there is supreme to enjoy. Many people, however, choose to spend their vacations on a yacht charter because of the flexibility one has as compared to a cruise ship or a land-based type of vacation!

What to Do in the Bahamas

The Bahamas has gained its popularity since it offers a lot in terms of activities. You will find ports, clean waters, small towns and fishing villages. One can swim, snorkel or even scuba dive in the waters to explore marine life.

For lovers of nightlife, there are enough of clubs, bars, and cafes. If you are out for a quiet vacation, there are several deserted islands and virgin beaches. An excellent way to explore all these is without a doubt by boat.  You visit the islands of your choice and are sure to stumble upon some of the breathtaking beaches during your beach hopping.

7 Days Itinerary in the Bahamas

The truth is, no one can have enough of the Bahamas unless you choose to live there! You have chosen Nassau in a Bahamas, & you will be staying for seven days, below is a guide on how to make of gorgeous your visit. To get to Nassau, you can either use a plane or a cruise from Miami, Florida. Remember to use the many hours each day exploring the beaches, reefs and the different places the beautiful Bahamas has to offer.

  • Day 1-   Depart Nassau to Exumas Island
  • Day 2 –  Exumas Island
  • Day 3 – Paradise Islands
  • Day 4 –  Eleuthera
  • Day 5-   Shroud Cay
  • Day 6 –  Crystal Cay
  • Day 7-   Wardrick Wells to Nassau
Day 1 – Nassau

This island is so alive and vibrant and will probably boost your moods even more. You will find colorful markets, several shopping destinations, amazing architecture and some of the most beautiful beaches you will probably come across in your lifetime.

View on beach in Nassau

Day 2 – Exumas Islands

The Exumas Islands consists of a string of natural Harbor and Cays in the middle of clear waters and secluded beaches. Activities you can indulge in here include snorkeling, kayaking, diving, windsurfing or just choose to relax on the beach and watch the movement of waves on the shore.

Bareboat charter in BAHAMAS EXUMAS

Day 3 – Paradise Island

Just as the name suggests, this is pure paradise. The Island is known for The Atlantis Resort that has several restaurants, a casino, artificial lagoons, and private beaches. The Marina Village is also a charming shopping district and a pleasant place to stroll.

Boats in the paradise island

Day 4 – Eleuthera

Eleuthera has some of the greatest isolated beaches in a Bahamas, so if you are out for privacy, this is just it. Another feature of the Eleuthera is the current cut, a fast-moving gully that carries you on a current flowing underwater for 10 minutes.Beach on Eleuthera island

Day 5 – Shroud Cay

The Shroud Cay is a series of several smaller cays joined by creeks. The cays are surrounded by waterways which one can only explore fully through a yacht charter.Bareboat charter in Bahamas

Day 6 – Crystal Cay

The Crystal Cay is an aquarium & a zoo, quite amazing for lovers of animals. You can look the attractive animals either by moving up the recognition tower or go down an access for an image of the sponges, corals, tropical fishes and other aquatic life.Snorkeling in the Bahamas

Day 7 – Warderick Wells

The Warderick Wells is ideal for nature lovers. The Island is rich in local flora and fauna and has plenty of hiking trails. The waters here are very clear, ideal for snorkeling.View on Warderick wells sea

Bahamas Cuisine

There are enough good things about traveling to new places. You get to learn the way of life of the people you interact with. One of the things that never go unnoticed is the food. The Bahamas has a great tradition of very delicious local dishes, prepared the American way.

The Bahamian cuisine, therefore, has considerable variations of food which include; seafood, mainly conch, lobster, crab, shellfish and fish, side dishes which include rice, macaroni and cheese, potato salad and even Cole slaw and drinks suck as Sky juice and rum just to name but a few.

For those afraid to try the meals and for vegetarians, almost any international food is available in the islands only that fish remains the primary ingredient for any typical Bahamian meal.

When is the Best Time to Visit the Bahamas?

The climate is generally agreeable all year round in the Bahamas, but the most popular periods runs from mid-December to mid-April, and the prices are relatively high at that time of the year. Check one of the useful links at the end of the article to read more about the weather in the Bahamas.

How to Get There?

There are three National Airports, which are Nassau, Treasure Cay, and Marsh Harbour.
The best way to get there is to fly into one of the National Airports stated above. From there, you can either take a taxi, rent a car or take a Fast Ferry Service.

Nassau,  Do You Need a Visa?

If you are a Citizen of the US you do need to have a valid passport, but no visa is required. Before you enter the Bahamas, you will have to complete an immigration arrival card as well as an immigration departure before your depart.

How Much Does it Cost?

Prices vary depending on different factors such as the type of charter (crewed, bareboat), the kind of boat ( Monohull, Motor Boat, Catamaran) boat length, the number of guests, extra equipment, etc..

You may also, want to hire a skipper or just navigate the yacht yourself, whatever your choice is, you will always have a wide selection of possibilities regarding a sailing trip to the Bahamas. However, the best way to know the exact price is by sending a request, then you will receive a free charter quote for your next sailing holidays in the Bahamas.

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In Conclusion

The Bahamas can only be described as the idyllic coastal paradise. With so many islands, virgin beaches and hidden treasures this place will enchant and capture your heart. Are you looking for places to spend your vacation? The Bahamas will be the most carefree escapes the globe can offer. Take that trip, to the Bahamas and carry the beautiful memories with you for years to come!

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6 thoughts on “Yacht Charter in the Bahamas – From Nassau to Warderick Wells!”

  1. Chartering a boat in the Bahamas sounds like a dream. Do you know approximately how many guests you would need to split the cost with to get it to around $1,500-$2000 per person.

    Also, do you need to be an experienced sea man to be able to sail the boat yourself? Do some of the companies do a training to novice sailors so you can take it out yourself?

    • Hi Dustin,

      Indeed it is a dream and a real one:)
      If you don’t have any experience in sailing, then you should look for a crewed yacht and the most popular boats to cruise the Bahamas are catamarans because of the shallow water there. To give you an example, a catamaran with three cabins and crew will cost between $7300 to $10000 depending on the season, and that’s the lower price. If you opt for a monohull with three cabins, then the price would be between $7900 to $9900, again, depending on the season. So in my opinion, you will need about four to five guests, which is readily realizable. It frequently includes a cook and a skipper. As for the food and the fuel, it is also comprised in the price. What is not included is crew gratuities, premium alcohols, dockage, taxes, mooring, etc.. Again, there are many other things that you will have to consider such as extra equipment on board, travel insurance and so on. You need to check all these details with your chosen company!

      Concerning sailing courses, yes, you can get a skipper license while on vacation. What I would recommend, though, is to extend your sailing trip so that you have the time to learn. A course usually last about five days, and you can learn the theory at home.

      I hope it helped and if you need to know further info, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I’ll be more than happy to assist!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a lovely day!

  2. We have all our yearly trip ready and organized, but you defiantly inspired me for the next season. That kind of activity I have always dreamed of but never got the chance to actually doing so. Your post gave me some good ideas. What about cost fares offseason? can you give us some information regarding that? thanks.

    • Hi Manor,

      I am glad that this article has inspired you, that’s the purpose of it:) 
      Organized trips are totally different from yacht charters. Travel agencies usually sell packages, and everything is already included in the price. As I’ve mentioned in the article, there are many things to consider when booking a yacht. It would be too long to explain it in this comment. But just to give you an idea. Prices always vary from season to season and will depend on many factors such as the type of boat, the destination, not all itineraries are the same. Also, there are many types of charter. For example, there are crewed yachts which can comprise a hostess, a skipper, a cook and even a hairdresser or a masseur depending on your requirements. There are also possibilities to bareboat charter or just rent a cabin on a yacht. I would love to give a price, but I am not in a position to do it if I don’t know all the details.
      If an organized sailing trip is what you seek, then you should check the travel tour companies such as Gadventure or Intrepid Travel, these are fantastic and reliable tour companies, and they sail to the Bahamas as well.The only downsides with these businesses are that you don’t have the freedom and the privacy like you have on a yacht charter. And of course, you don’t have the option to chose your boat! If these are not a concern to you, then great and you should try:)
      I hope it helped and, please feel free to contact me if you need more info, I am always happy to help:)
      Thank you for the comment and wish you a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Daniella!

    Yachting through the Bahamas… and I’m reading this in my office in the middle of the city LOL

    Sounds great! Nassau and paradise island are two places where I’ve always wanted to go and spend some days forgeting about everything.

    Thanks for sharing this! I’ll definitely consider it for my next getaway 😉

    Cheers and yacht!

    • Hi Israel, 

      A lot of people dreams of traveling to the Bahamas, no wonder because it is a dream place to visit:)
      Indeed, Nassau and Paradise Island and all the surrounding is a real beauty. Everyone should sail there at least once in their lifetime. If not, dreaming is also a great thing to do and can be even more powerful than the reality!

      Thank you for the comment and wish you a fantastic day!


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