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Towable for the beachvideo

Sportsstuff Bandwagon Towable Review – Is It Really a Fun Toy?

Inflatable towables have become a popular choice among beachgoers who enjoy the thrill of being towed around and experiencing the water splash firsthand. The good...
how to choose flip flops

How to Choose the Best Flip Flops – What is Best for Your Feet?

Flip-flops are everyone’s all-time favorite when going out on summer hiking, beach strolls or urban walks. That ’s, because of the comfort and convenience...

Sportsstuff Super Mable Towable Review – The Fun Tube Ever!

Sailing is one of the most fun-filled water sports activities you can enjoy on a typical weekend outing or summer holiday. And there’s even...
Best restaurants in the Exumasvideo

Best Restaurants in the Exumas – 9 Inspired Bahama Delicacies!

Exuma is a top tourist destination in the Bahamas not only because of its beautifully charming cays and sapphire-blue Waters but also because of...

YETI Hopper Flip 12 Review – Is it Truly a Good Cooler?

When going out on the water on a typical hot summer day, all you need is a portable cooler that will help you enjoy...

Why Wear Water Shoes – 6 Best Reasons & Guide

Having the right shoes on when venturing into the waters is as important as wearing the right outfit. Whether you’re going boating, snorkeling or just taking...
The best full face masks reviewsvideo

4 Best Full Face Snorkel Mask Reviews-Top Quality Masks

Many people find difficulties to use snorkeling gear in the water. They usually end up being more busy clearing the mask or purging the...
Oceanis 60 Beneteauvideo

Beneteau Oceanis 60 Review – The Powerful Cruising Boat

For sailors who are big on the performance and sailing characteristics of a boat, monohulls continue to be the holy grail. Even among monohulls, sailors are partial towards boats with