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Best Waterproof Dry Bags for Sailing- Reviews & Buying Guide!

Best waterproof dry bags for sailing

If you want to enjoy your water adventure without worrying about your stuff getting wet, then a waterproof dry bag is a must! It will keep all your valuables completely dry. And the good thing is that a dry bag is not only designed for boating but also for kayaking, hiking, diving, snorkeling and even for motorcycling. Here are the...

Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour From Naples or Sorrento – A Must Do Trip?

Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples or Sorrento

Are you staying in Sorrento or Naples for a few days and would love to explore Capri before leaving out of Italy? If so, great! You came to the right place. A Capri and Blue Grotto Day Tour from Naples or Sorrento will be the perfect activity for you. No need to plan an itinerary, or spend hours in...

Best Venice Guide & Boat Tours – Know Everything!

Best guide to Venice

Although Venice is expensive and overcrowded, it is, without a doubt, one of the most romantic places in the world. Its Charming historical rippling canals encompass the city of Venice. There are many palaces, sites, and museums to visit. Couples, individuals, and families come here all year round. This town is truly magical, and it's the perfect escape from a...

The Complete Guide to Public Transportation in Venice – A Quick Way to Get Around Venice!

Public transportation in Venice

Planning a trip to city can be a bit overwhelming. Imagine trying to get around a city you have never been to before, and the city does not always have paved roads, or solid roads at all for that matter. This is the case with Venice. The city beloved for it canal system which gives the city a romantic...

The Ultimate Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade – A Must Do!

Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade

The city of Venice, Italy is a world treasure. It's unique maze of bridges and canals make it like no other place on Earth. Venice is a "must-see" when visiting Italy. And no trip to Venice would be complete without a gondola ride. Riding through the ancient canals in a gondola with a traditionally dressed gondolier is the perfect...

Best Sunglasses for Sailing – Top Eyes Protection!

Sunglasses for sailing

It is important to wear sunglasses in the sun as it protects the eyes from UV radiation and the glare. However, By not wearing the right sunglasses, you may irritate and fatigue your eyes which can cause headaches and visual discomfort, especially on a boat. Why in particular on a boat? Well, simply because the sunlight is much more dazzling...

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