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Best Boat Bimini Tops – Enjoy Boating All Seasons!

Best Bimini Tops for Boats

Wearing a good hat and some sunblock is great when going out boating in the summer, but will this be enough to protect you from the sun? I doubt it! If you still haven't decided to get a bimini top until now, I highly recommend you give it some serious thought. With a bimini top, you'll be able to...

Full-Day Capri Island Cruise From Sorrento – A Personalized Tour

Full-Day Capri Island Cruise From Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento and want to visit Capri in a day? If so, the Full-Day Capri Island Cruise from Sorrento is a trip you shouldn't miss at all costs! While cruising through Capri's most beautiful gems, your crew will pamper you and your loved ones with delicious snacks, drinks, and delicious limoncello. Sounds good to you? Let's get started! Duration...

The Best Things to Do in Capri Italy – Top Activities!

Best things to do in Capri Italy

Capri is a beautiful island that lies just in the south of Naples Bay and is also a few kilometers from the Sorrentino peninsula. It takes only 30 minutes to go to Capri from Sorrento by boat. Although Capri is relatively small, don't underestimate it, there are plenty of activities to indulge in here. You might even need a...

Boat Excursion to Capri Island: Small Group from Sorrento

Boat Excursion to Capri Island Small Group from Sorrento

Staying in Sorrento and want to explore the beauty of Capri too? If so, it's a fantastic idea because both islands are very close to each other. There are several options to visit Capri. You can take a ferry, but know that it's often crowded with trippers in the summer. You could also rent a private boat, which is...

How To Boat Camp – All You Need to Know

How to Boat Camp

Boat camping is a great way to enjoy nature with friends and family. It's a lot of fun, and anyone can do it. But like any other trip, it requires some planning. If it's well organized, you and your loved ones will have unforgettable moments. In this article, you'll find everything you need to know on how to boat...

How To Attach A Snorkel to A Mask – Simple And Easy Way!

How to attach a snorkel to a mask

When going snorkeling, you want to focus and enjoy your underwater excursion thoroughly, right? You certainly don't want to spend your time fixing your snorkel, especially if the sea is choppy and you need your hands free to swim. So you would agree that the snorkel must be well connected to the mask. In this article, you'll find out how...