Neel 45 Trimaran Review – What to Expect?

Neel 45

French sailor Eric Bruneel worked for a catamaran company overseeing the building of sailing vessels for years before starting his own sailboat-building venture. Brunell is the innovative force behind the tri-hulled sailboat dubbed a trimaran.

This Neel 45 Trimaran review, along with others, has discovered that this design is considered too futuristic or bizarre for some sailors, while others embrace the multihulled vessel with open arms and the passionate eagerness of a sailor waiting to set out on a voyage.


The Neel 45 Trimaran was designed to look and feel modern. The furnishings are comfortable but serviceable and made from a lightweight material that won’t bog down the vessel.

Cabins feature double beds and large windows that offer a spectacular view from any angle. The boat is stripped down to bare essentials without compromising comfort. The spare accommodations allow for the boat to reach higher speeds.

One of the highlights below deck is the galley which gives you lots of counter space for cooking and is located in a central area that keeps you part of the action on board.


The advantage of having a champion sailor design a boat is that he has a deep understanding of what is needed to keep a vessel and her passengers safe.

The three hulls provide the boat with greater stability and balance, making sailing a smoother experience no matter what your destination.

Even down to the choice of furnishings, the Neel 45 has kept one eye on safety. The entire boat was kept to a minimum weight to keep it light, fast, and responsive.

Under Sail

Averaging 10 knots, the Neel 45 reaches speeds that would otherwise require a crew to run about to perform adjustments. This isn’t so on the 45, where controlling and maneuvering the vessel is kept on an even keel.

The power of the 45 is enough to take even experienced sailors aback in surprise. Under sail, the Neel 45 packs a punch that is nearly unmatched by its contemporaries.


The modernized look of the boat extends into the interior of the boat. Below deck is lined with a laminate that gives the interior a decidedly futuristic look that may or may not appeal to your particular tastes.

Sticklers for a boat to look like a boat inside, or to have the wood and snowy white paneling throughout the interior, will probably dislike the appearance below deck.

On the plus side, the headroom accommodates tall people easily, there is plenty of space for lounging, and there are numerous windows to let in natural light.


A three-hulled boat can still garner double-takes by unsuspecting passers-by and can be something the sailor will have to become used to over time.

The boat’s look has been compared to a spaceship and, much like the interior, the appeal is debatable and largely left to individual tastes.

Why Sail the Neel 45

  • The three-hulled design allows for greater control, power, and speed
  • Furnishings are minimalistic and lightweight
  • The three-hull design makes the vessel safer and more stable
  • Easy to control and sail
  • Very fast
  • Modern design makes it stand out
  • Comfortable living spaces

In Conclusion

The Neel 45 Trimaran is a new experience for many sailors devoted to a single or double-hulled sailboat. The difference in designs, however, is worth the learning curve required for sailing this spaceship of the water.

The sheer speed and power are magnificent and exhilarating! If the aesthetics are displeasing to you, just bring a few colorful throws to toss around to add a splash of color. The performance strongly outweighs any offense to your inner decorator!


  • Overall length: 44 ft
  • Overall width: 28 ft
  • Draft: 4 ft
  • Air draft: 63 ft
  • Displacement: 8.5 T
  • Furling genoa: 495 sqft
  • Inboard engine: Volvo 55 hp sail drive
  • Freshwater: 160 us gallons
  • Diesel: 80 us gallons
  • Cabins: 4
  • Berths: 8
  • Bathroom: 2